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  1. I'm not sure what to think of using menstrual blood to create art, but I respect your decision to do so, and to share it with the world. I've hated my periods and have even thought about getting a hysterectomy because I have such painful menses, but since I've started your 365 Days of Self-Love process, I am learning to love and accept all parts of myself including my body. I have mixed emotions about this subject, and I must say that I do feel a little uncomfortable about the idea of a painting done with someone's menstrual blood; I believe I would feel the same way about a painting done in any kind of bodily fluid. However, I am suspending judgment, and I have decided to learn more about my cycle and my endocrine system and menstrual blood. Thank you for inspiring me to revise my idea of menstruation, and to see it in a different light.
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