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  1. Wow... I'm speechless. First talk from Teal I don't agree with, at least not entirely. So, when you are bedridden with depression you should just keep telling yourself you are fine and that is a normal reaction to life? Even when all the bad things happened many years ago and you did not start out in bed, you just overexhausted your burdened systems over the years, until only preparing to open your eyes makes your heart beat 160 in a minute? Depression is not just 'bad mood', it is very bad on your body and intelligence as well. You are also so much nastier and so much more stupid than you can be. Before medication, when I spilled my food or drink i was like "FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK, I HATE MYSELF, I HATE THIS LIFE, I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF, I'M RUNNING AWAY AND WON'T COME BACK UNTIL SOMEONE HAS CLEANED THIS MESS UP, I CANT LOOK AT IT, I HATE F'ING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE MILLON TIMES IN ONE SECOND". When i spill my food or drink when I'm on medication it's just - "Ouch, this was not how I planned it!" And I just clean it up. I may laugh at myself. I feel like a normal grown up would feel in this (and in any other) situation. Without meds i feel my emotions are so overexagerated they throw me against the walls and I have no control over myself. With my meds I feel there is no need to 'control myself'. I'm normal. I'm me! I say what i mean to say, I do what I mean to do, I am what I want to be. So 'which me' would you have to raise my child? I do agree, though, that children should not be shamed for their feelings and forced to participate in things they don't want to participate, and that people should be able to live the way they can enjoy living.
  2. Beautiful blog post! It makes me happy to read something written so beautifully! <3
  3. Hehe, I've always said that of course wheelchair bound people are happy - they are the only people who can rest when they feel tired. We all would be happy if we could rest as much as we please.
  4. I love your writing style, Teal. It's so clear and pure, it gives me peace and joy. Thank you!
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