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  1. JuliaKing

    @WildSage Thank you for sharing this information. I'm very familiar with narcissistic abuse. I watch Lisa A Romano's videos regularly. She's one of my favorite youtubers.
  2. Which books worked for you?
  3. JuliaKing

    Thank you @Pastor George, @WildSage, @PROFIT, @elegamtiarum I no longer wish to hurt them or myself. I'm deciding to continue with life. I'm feeling great actually. It's probably because the ginseng and the rhodiola but that's a different story. It's nice to know that I'm not alone and that it's possible to heal from trauma. Teal inspires me, and I'm inspired by the stories of other people who went through lots of trauma but were able to heal. And now hearing your stories, I don't feel soo alone. @WildSage I'm 20, and I know that a job is what I need right now to get out of here. I'm struggling with that though I have attempted two jobs but managed to quit them both after 2 days of working. My social anxiety is really bad that keeping a job is hard. I truly believe that my trauma disabled me. I don't know what to do. I'm going to pre-order Teal's Completion Process to see if that helps. I'm hoping that it'll really help me. But I don't want to get my hopes too high. I have this fear that my situation is the worst case ever on the face of this earth and close to unfixable. We'll see. Is there any other books that you guys recommend for someone like me? I'd love to hear. I think I'm actually going to make a new thread for this. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it.
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    they get on my fucking nerves
  5. JuliaKing

    I need help
  6. JuliaKing

    I am. I'm a prisoner of my own mind.
  7. JuliaKing

    It would give me a reason to continue working hard everyday. Sometimes I wonder, what's the point of all of this pain and effort? I haven't been out of the house much to know what I enjoy. But I do enjoy watching Korean dramas . I love watching shows where people find their soul mate. I use to love doing yoga but I don't do that anymore. I love dogs because they make me happy. I love food as well. And dancing and singing .
  8. JuliaKing

    My motivation and purpose
  9. Hey I'm feeling alot of troubles