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    What's Ending?

    This is so what I needed to hear this morning. We did a ceremony last night with the full moon energy to release endings and harvest new beginnings, specifically with relationships including the shadow patriarch within. It was so beautiful. Then last night I had crazy dreams of my ex. Woke up to a post of the view of the redwoods off the deck of my old sanctuary, from a friend who visited just once. She posted a story with the picture and it was about impermanence. I cried and cried those kind of sweet tears that feel so good to let flow. Then up comes this update. Wow. Much love Tealy and Tribe
  2. Abbs

    Awaken Love

    Winter made the right choice choosing you as his mama. Love you both so much!! And I remember the day this pic was taken...fucking magical. I cherish my time there with all of you. Sending hugs!
  3. Abbs

    Extrasensory Problems

    I hate cotton balls too!! Ewwwwww!!!
  4. Abbs

    The Current

    Beautifully written. This evokes such vivid memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for welcoming me to belong somewhere. Missing this magical land and all of you. Sending my love.
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