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    This is the first time I talk about it...I have a friend who told me she was molested and I felt so triggered, that was about the first time I faced the fact that I had been molested too. it was awful to realize that for a long time my relationship to any man was the byproduct of me seducing them. I never felt capable of having a relationship if the guy wasn't sexually interested in me, I used to sleep around a lot sometimes with guys I wasn't into at all just to get them to like me even if it was only for a night... I am so thankful to teal for everything but still can't stop blaming myself even to the point that I want to kill myself for letting these other kids from my block abuse me (like if I could have prevented something like that) I wish I could have a friend to talk about this , but even to tell anyone makes me feel like they are going to reject me and maybe not believe me.