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  1. Jeff Mathieson

    Self Love Course

    OK, maybe point out in the book where Teal says that may help. Otherwise I'd say that to "try" is saying you are not really invested in doing it. Instead of trying, just do instead. Here I think the trick is to use baby steps so that you don't subconsciously reject yourself when you do something for yourself that another part of you that is used to you abandoning, distracting and disowning yourself will be waiting for the moment you fall and judge you saying "There, I told you so!" This just leads to more rejection. Instead, change that part you consider negative by accepting it for being part of you (as opposed to trying to fix it), so that you take it in as a part of you. Then find a way of transforming the unhealthy way that part of you is expressing itself and look for the greater good use instead - what Teal calls "the highest exalted state" of what the negative trait could be. Example" shame and self-hate is strong in me. I could use that feeling to know what others are going through and become a life coach or a teacher with a Youtube following because I can talk about what others can relate to. Self-hate is being opposed to something without necessarily being aware of why. CP may be a better choice to find the unconscious reasons behind these layers and in being more aware, then learning new values you can apply to yourself rather than self-hate, acceptance that you simply had a victim mentality (suggestion) and can now make more informed choices based on you values not someone else's. Example: someone who is manipulative and a bully, I push people, so I could look for the greater good and healthy use of manipulation and bullying to push people to be their best; a coach a fitness trainer or a leader, become someone who can take groups of people and inspire them by leading from the front. Check out Teal's https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=302&v=ZqB8aVpCwLE Light and Love
  2. WILSON, forgive me! That was a Teal t-shirt quote... Wilson was a shit, she left as soon as she could find a way out. All she ever did was mock and have that stupid grin on her face. I’m glad the current swept her away from m ... uh, from him! Darling if you ever return please do not feel bad that you were slightly flat and not fully round and shiny like when we first met! Time has its way of flattening out the round we first had. Please forgive me for ever doubting you and that you had to follow your own Joy and not mine. A Friend. (Thought: “Hmm, that t-shirt quote may be a little long...”)
  3. In New Zealand our light switches work the opposite way. No, not turn on blackness silly - the 'On' position is down and the 'Off' position is up. Try it. Also try walking around your environment so practised, you can do it with your eyes closed! Like your bedroom at night without lights (shut eyes for best effect), then bedroom and another room/hall... etc etc extending this to all round your house. This is called "intentional blindness'. Most of us go around with our eyes closed day to day (un-intentional blindness), so doing what Teal suggests is one way of becoming more aware of what we react to and how we feel. And if we intentionally go towards something we want (Joy was suggested) it helps. Otherwise yes, what's the point. On the fox, it does not look at us because the snow covered the rabbit tracks. We waited for fox to pass then steps in fox's footprints. Covered in snow and hopping ever so slowly, rabbit freezes still when fox looks behind. @garnet nice! Also try mixing it up so not every day is habitual pattern. I understand the pattern energy moving upwards, but when you can, mix it up. Light
  4. Jeff Mathieson

    False Humility

    Imagine if every psychology professor had Teal's abilities to find stuff like childhood trauma out. They'd have to do it the hard way of course like Teal did; real-life experience - like all CPCPers who are best at helping people because that's what they have been immersed in from their lives and so are best qualified to help with the same. Teal would have to write the course structure worldwide - she's started though, and it will be interesting to see how long it takes and where it goes: Schools with CPCPers that can be stepping stones for children who have better lives because they interact and socialise rather than become maudlin, self-centred and insular. CP parents at home helping their kids learn how to be emotionally in touch with themselves. Changing prisons, academic institutes, the medical society... Go Teal!
  5. Jeff Mathieson

    False Humility

    You are exactly where you are meant to be - Healer, heal Thyself. Good on you @csuthu@gmail.com but also change this around and realise that this could be the greatest teacher for you at this time - this professor and ultimately the mental health system - that maybe one day you have done all this and received the degree, to then help tear that outdated structure down. And @Ryuraven - you are correct. Understanding is a dialogue not a monologue. Light
  6. Thankyou Teal, I know what you mean that you are attacked for putting it out there like that. I questioned myself when it came about with me and I came up with the similar answer - that there are people not ready for knowing it is within them and their unconscious that these things happen. Interesting on the human scale though and it kinda makes you wonder what's coming next... On a brighter note, one day I hope to partake of your mashed potato and your bell peppers when in next level of training you just mentioned - one day. And rhubarb - don't get me started... Love and Light to you Teal
  7. Just lovely. Thank you Teal, I feel there will be some people who will be more pleased now you have posted this compared to how they felt from your previous analysis Blog. I have never visited Hawaii but now feel that there is a reason to go there - a part of America not tainted, not overly sedated. And a reason, even if it is merely to walk the trails and see what Teal saw, go where Teal went. I will never feel what you can but in reading how you feel - it allows me... freedom to be OK with that. May you forever tread before me that I may have some pre-knowledge to allow my own senses freedom to feel what they will, without my usual 'needing to know'. Light and Love
  8. Then the sadness is benefiting you in some way - maybe you get sympathy for it from others and so sympathy has become a method of getting attention..? And that numbness is a sign that you are wanting distraction from seeing what is actually going on - your ego or a fractured part of you that is simply trying to keep you from feeling because that's where the pain is. But as I heard it explained the other day, the coward dies a 100 deaths beforehand. While the brain traps us from our feelings we will never get past that trauma, sadness or whatever it is that we don't face. Have you ever been on Teal Tribe Facebook and seen all the people complaining about this and complaining about that - they don't want to change, (in fact they even say it strongly that they just want to be 'seen') - they don't want someone to give them ways of dealing with whatever their story is, they want sympathetic reactions from people: "Oh dear, there there" and "Poor you" all the time and want to wallow in the small stuff. The way you can tell those who want to wallow is that they come up with another story similar to the first one, then repeat and recycle. "Don't try to change me, I just want to be seen...." is their common catch-cry. Some even do live videos of themselves and as they're talking, they flick their eyes down to the comments coming in to see what people are saying in sympathy and how many they have hooked into commenting. Yes, there are genuine people who want help but the TT Regulars who come back time after time... give me a break! When people are really at the end and need help then they will seek advice and be open about receiving it. The ones that don't want change - as Teal says, they will be told something which they can work on and they'll react by saying "I just don't get it." That's resistance. There are ways to deal with that (watch Day 3 Sydney Mirror workshop June 2018 for a better understanding) but it comes down to choosing to change. You can lead a horse to water... the rest is resistance to change if you're not moving on. So you have to ask yourself why don't you want to move on? And sometimes, just sometimes, it takes getting your A into G and do something else to pull you through it - or concentrate elsewhere - rather than go over and over the same old same old; which is simply lending energy to what already is. Correct - if you 'think it' rather than 'feel it' then yes, you are. But resisting sadness is not what to do - go into sadness and sit with it. Teal's message is to sit with where you are and by fully focusing without trying to change it, it naturally eases by itself. It may pay to also do Parts Work on that part that resists sadness. If you have been taught sadness is not part of the way your family deals with events, then you will not be able to move on naturally - and as said in the video, it causes a disruption in the natural flow towards healing. Missing steps or rungs on the ladder (natural progression to healing) happens because you have been taught things like "don't cry" or "pull yourself together" or "act your age" or "have a sweetie to make yourself feel better" are all signs that you have been taught at a young age, not to feel and to be distracted, disowned and dissuaded so that you have suppressed it - so it's not anything you would automatically think of as being the causation. CP helps here to expose those things that have been a part of you since a young age. Practicing CP also helps in that you get better at sitting with your feelings. Light
  9. Jeff Mathieson

    Peak Narcissism

    Right on sister. I echo the many who have commented before me, who find you Teal, an inspiration and a joy to behold. The overwhelming swell of awakened people will outweigh those against - this is the whole idea of how humanity will be able to raise vibration to achieve the next level in our evolution; if not this particular humanity, then the next or the next or the next - this 3D experience is proving worthwhile and will one day pay dividends. We will keep on trying, keep facing the current and keep walking step by step upstream against the current of what's against us. Not going to be easy though folks as there's a human condition as part of our Law in this reality that's put there smack-dab in our way; and that is our Singularity. We came into this reality as separate individuals, awareness blocked from experiencing the synchronistic consciousness where we came from to get here to experience what we each chose to have put in our way, to experience for our soul's evolution, in the hope of finding our own answers and the separate inspiration. This is of course, was Source's way of getting as much feedback as possible, from billions and billions of constant thought processes we each have in the hope that now and then, that there is some inspired new thoughts arising that can add to Source's awareness. From the many inspirations builds the intertwining thread of mankind's Hope. The mission is to work together towards this homecoming and fight that which is opposed to it and wishes us kept separate; like the royal fawners and aspirants you encountered. Like some politicians and their shadow masters that keep us separate than, as opposed to the same as. But in fighting, we must realise that our enemy is ourselves not some external force. The fight lies within each of us to then share and co-join with connection in aid of all humanity. Keep inspiring us Teal to get us back to basics where the gold is to be found and, if things go right this time, to help guide us home. Light and, Love to you Teal
  10. Jeff Mathieson

    Toxic Masculinity

    Yay Teal likes men like me! Sorry, had to get that one out of the way... So many good responses from TT members - so well done! Me, I thought the ad was great - and, to whoever asked if it was a marketing ploy - yes it was; women have two long legs and men just one face; ergo more women buy and use Gilette than men do, who have moved to electric razors, or now grow full beards. Well that's my take. On Teal saying what she did, no problem there. Just like the ad and the comments on that website - I believe another TT member before got it right when they said the responses were not that bad. Only men being men before awareness and empathy, in various degrees... And to that note, Society, and mothers of young males have their part to play as well. Emasculating men so that when they grow up they don't abuse women like they (the mother) had been treated is one thing, and a mother of a young male who helps her son have a divine masculine approach is another thing entirely. We're getting there people - slowly, but we're getting there. Light
  11. Thankyou Blake and Teal, authentic onscreen as in real life. I knew most of what you two talked about hooking up all those years ago, but I loved the interaction on exact circumstances! Blake, keep on being the crazy one - Teal needs that from you and you wouldn't be You without your avoidance strategies! Maybe one day we'll have a beer together. Light, Rob
  12. Jeff Mathieson

    Scariest Movie

    beautiful Teal said in her Loneliness book that someone who has been/is an energy vampire can turn that around into helping people because they know what taking energy is like; so turn it around and the same technique can be used to reshape energy from bad into good and give it back to a person. I like that idea as it means that anything we experience in the negative can actually be used in the positive. I'm thinking the same technique is used by judo and martial arts; the force used against you can be used to help you. I guess her "lemons to lemonade" applies here equally. @Angelica Minguez, nice to see a post from you - I have been far too busy on 'social media' Facebook since training in May/June - so looking forward to spending more time back here; there's some powerless, helpless and stuck people out there on TT Facebook ...
  13. Jeff Mathieson

    Beauty Queen

    Witt, you made me interested enough to spend the time watching that NY workshop segment with that beautiful blonde ex-model... Teal's about authenticity so don't be disappointed in Teal herself. I think you misunderstood why Teal mentioned that what that beautiful blonde should do - which was go for the group of females either end of the spectrum not the middle group that found her so threatening - she maybe OK at the time with any female in her company and acting non-threatening; that is until the moment a man walks in the room and then the blonde's unconscious coping strategy (so that she can feel safe in a man's presence) was to unconsciously act sexy, show her beauty, push out her chest and play with her hair - so that she can have every man under her control so that she could feel safe; so her posture and her sexiness would come out making any other female immediately her enemy because they didn't understand the WHY the blonde was doing this - they'd think it was to take their male partner from them whereas Teal said that was not the case - it was just an unconscious coping strategy to control to feel safe. Teal took the blonde through that exact-same feeling she makes other feel when Teal gave a scenario of two women and Teal shrunk and became passive, then got the blonde to imagine a man walking in the room and then Teal became the super-sexy one through her body actions - then asked the blonde how did she feel when Teal was sexier than she was - who responded she felt sick in the stomach. Teal said "That's how you make every other woman feel." and the blonde finally understood what her sexiness coping strategy felt like to other women and what made them instant enemies. That's all that was about. After that Teal gave her tips on how to find a female friend that was based on genuine friendship. Teal specifically mentioned the 'ugly' women end of the spectrum as they were more super-safe than the super-attractive ones. So the idea for the blonde onstage was to do with finding friendship with someone totally non-competitive in the beauty stakes - there if she was genuinely interested in a woman like that, that a true friendship could develop. Garnet mentioned a "gap" in friendship if the beautiful one wasn't genuine but without Garnet watching the workshop, she doesn't know (and you never explained) that Teal took it further and told the blonde she needed to be careful to be genuinely interested in who the ugly one was and what she did as a person and also Teal told the blonde to make sure she picked the right group of women who were damn sure they were not competitive in the beauty stakes and were totally aware within themselves that they never would be competitive and were OK with that. That was the point of 'ugly' and beauty wasn't. In that way there would be no 'gap' Garnet mentioned. By the way, at other times Teal has talked about how her beauty and her experience as a model (as well as every other experience she's ever had), allows her to appeal and hold interest when on Ask Teal videos, Premium content and at workshops; has mentioned in the Stockholm Mirror intro that she manipulated everyone when she walked onstage in that tight, gold dress. She did it though, consciously, for audience reaction. Then Teal went on (as well in the NY workshop) to mention that everyone manipulates all the time - they're just not aware of it. I have found there's another term for this called your "Winning Formula"; being an unconscious way of appealing to people so that they will like you. Everyone has their particular Winning Formula they use and maybe there's even several winning formulas depending on which unconscious strategy works so you are liked as a reaction. Saying "I love you" is a winning formula especially if you say it to make the other person repeat it back to you; it's a Need you have, is all. Interestingly enough, people also have exit strategies - things they automatically and unconsciously do to make people leave them alone. I know I do. Other things Teal said to the blonde were that she figured out how to have true female friendship herself - that was what worked for her - so she was passing on an experienced tip. Having met Graciela and seeing her interaction with Teal their friendship is beautiful and true. They are inseparable and need each other and have a true friendship bond and teal could not be without Graci. Teal wanted the onstage blonde to have the same experience. Graci is beautiful within herself but definitely not beauty stakes competition; nor would she want to be. She would be the first to understand and agree to why Teal said what she said. And, Graci is one of the funniest people which Teal also mentioned is a definite Plus in any friendship the blonde should seek out. The other main thing Teal mentioned was for the blonde onstage to make it a conscious choice when she was being sexy, flirty or whatever rather than it being her usual unconscious coping strategy - that she should be able to walk down the road in a mini skirt and high heels because that was a conscious choice to create that reaction. Teal has nothing against anyone beautiful or not beautiful as she takes anyone as they come. As far a genetics, Teal admits it plays its part in beauty but also for the Celtic line of witches she comes from; (often they went hand in hand anyway - females condemned to death for their beauty that beguiled Men). Teal's last marriage (I'm aware of) was Ale and he couldn't handle Teal in the end. Teal admits to being super-controlling in lots of ways as that's how she copes with everything she does and because she made a choice to dedicate herself to her personal goal of improving human relations with each other - but she is conscious why she does it and anyone in a relationship with, or living around Teal becomes aware of it soon enough and puts up because they dedicate themselves to Teal and the cause as well, or they eventually end up leaving. I hope this helps.
  14. Jeff Mathieson

    Ted Bundy

    Heartily agree with Maia Love. Deniz, you obviously have encountered these types. My answer is question the motives of everyone. Rahul, understanding is a major part of also understanding ourselves. Teal has said before that she fully forgives and accepts her perpetrator. I look at Jonathan Whelan's story with sadness - as long as you have this "agenda" Jonathan, not much is going to change for you as your state of resistance is strong in this one, I think. Yes, question people's motives but don't judge them. Jonanthan D Manson, I commend you on your work writing to an inmate. The line we need to cross to be on the other side of the jailbars is minuscule for a lot of us. Light
  15. I tend to agree with Angelica. It also depends on what they need to learn - walking in snow was an easy step into consequences. Every lesson would be based on the degree of difficulty and level of consequence, as Teal said about teenager and fast cars. There's a difference between what you want a child to do and what you don't want a child to do and how you go about helping them. There's a way to help the child learn and mistakes are part of that freedom of choice a child needs, but in a supportive way not in a " I told you so" way. It's not too far between those differences though, and very easy to slip up - as we're all human and kids do tend to try us out on boundaries... but so long as the safety net is always in place, we parents are allowed our little moments of exasperation! One of the stupidest things I see these days is the politically-correct child safety that the education system and local by-laws put in place where there is no experimenting and total over-protection - basically a form of control, methinks. The schools stopped scoring points because some children felt they were losers and stop having a winning team in a game (everyone won!), have stopped school prize-giving ceremonies because a child who didn't get a prize may feel victimised. They cushion playground areas, prevent tree climbing. One day they'll have a Rule to prevent kids walking around in groups of more than two, because the third person may feel picked on if two talk together more than with the third! So that's the public school system here, yet Montessori schools and Rudolph Steiner believe a child grows at their own pace and they cater for that. How the hell are we raising kids? My daughter was looking at which school to send her first daughter to and checked out a Montessori pre-school in her area. Told us they have cooking lessons and let the kids use knives to cut food up. I was shocked at first but after discussion it seems they have confidence in the child and teach them the methods and safety is paramount. Interesting difference. Vive les Difference!
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