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  1. NB: posted before spotting mai-da's replies and Vincent's reply - so to keep authentic, I have not edited anything below - just adde this header to explain the sequence of reading and posting: Hey @vincent - sorry about the above posts directed at you. We all try our best and I guess the subject of this Forum post went out the window a while ago... Not holding a mirror up at all but when people get abusive I guess that is enough sign to go elsewhere. There are plenty of people who like a general discussion and other's perspectives without a tirade. I could well imagine Mai-da shouting at the screen. Do I feel got at - of course but then I'm guessing I'm not alone - the feeling coming out of those words - ugh >.< but then hey, the sun still shines on us all. @deniz I thank you for your post topic and the only thing I didn't add before, was that energy healing other than what you and Mai-da were discussing public/group work by those people is that one on one energy healing held between two people in a state of protection - so that the channeller of energy and the receiver are kept apart from one energy field affecting the other's (unlike above demonstration) and the Reiki channeller then steps back and allows intuitive energy to flow. Basically they act like a hosepipe to the energy flow. Shadow work - that's full-on immersion into your feelings and being able to sit with them. So does energy healing work on people having to be in a positive attitude: no just an allowing one. The idea is to rebalance out of alignment chakra points especially say, if one like the Sacral is over-active because it blocks the energy flow to the heart; which can then shut down even more than before. Also could be an over-stimulus to the heart; so works both ways. But let's say the heart is out of balance by a blockage (lack of love), that then affects energy flow to the Sacral which can then over-compensate and become even more active and cause anxiousness and fear. So if you treat energy healing like a re-balance you will get the idea. Same thing with an over-active or under-active throat chakra - or any chakra. And, on a positive attitude versus negative one, being in a positive frame of mind doesn't necessarily mean resistance to sitting with feelings or with suppressing anything - for example, Teal's Positive CP meditation. As Teal Premium Members we get to download it. Oh, there I go again, mentioning Teal... Hope this all helps. Well, end of the working day here and so signing off to go walk the puppies. Light and Love crystal Rob PS: Mai-da, I will one day look up other stuff you post. Keep sincerely honest like you have been and thank you for at least posting back and being authentic in doing so; feedback is always appreciated and, better than being ignored like some members' posts and, it all helps my own journey. Rob
  2. Hey Vincent - There is out there somewhere a refinement of the Principles; because from when Dr Usui first developed those Principles from many many years of going through all religions looking for the ultimate truths, he used his Japanese thought process. These days we prefer to take the "do not" out of the Principles and it seems like a negative and therefore resistance. So for instance, "For today only, do not Anger" becomes something like "For today only, I realise my thoughts of Anger" Also, there are expanded reasoning behind each short Principle. It's good to reflect on say one principle for the day - that's after Ghasso or the ritual of dong the Principles exercise twice daily... so it's very much Mindfulness of each major principle. Like an alcoholic AAA meeting, saying "Just for toady" is taking baby steps rather than feel like you have to do this rest of your life following the principles religiously, if you 'stray' and do become angry, you feel like you have failed - so the point of taking it daily is to be kind to yourself and do what you can - just for that one day. So similar to Teal's story on getting herself out of her addictive cutting and suicidal thought pattern. "If I kill myself tomorrow, what would I do today to make myself feel happy?" I'm paraphrasing of course, but you get the picture. Appreciate @vincent your input - have a great day. Light crystal Rob
  3. Hey @Mai-da Only wanting the best for you and obviously some triggers happening both sides. I do not need to defend energy healing or Shadow work as both are entirely valid ways of re-integration. I do not want to add to your anger - but I am glad you know your own mind while I am sad you do not have faith in other people at this stage in your life. Connection with other people is the key. There is an ultimate reason for things you have brought up in this conversation. Not looking at any one-upmanship here, but yes, you are correct in that I do like to give advice; but ultimately if that advice seems to suck to the receiver - don't you think there's a valid reason for that? I do not know you as you have pointed out - but I do not need to as you put your own case very well. Your choice entirely on what you take onboard and what you don't. If you react like this then there is a valid reason for it. Your soul is crying out that is obvious. No, I'm not some super-enlightened being (I LOL at that) far from it; just someone else who is concerned and wishes to share his story and perspective. But Baby steps and each piece of the Puzzle as it comes, yeah? So, mirroring? I am guessing you know all about that...? I did a Teal Auckland New Zealand workshop where she got us to do a one-on-one exercise that involved one telling the other about a problem they had with someone in their life, (the second person had to listen intently as they had to repeat it back later), then switching so the second person told the first about someone that was troubling them. Then, the roles were switched - the second person repeated back to the first but this time as though they were the first person and they were telling the problem person what they wanted from them. Then switch around to repeat with the other person/problem. (I hope I am explaining this OK). After the second person finished the exercise was over. Most people in the room looked relieved to be able to tell their story. (As Teal often says, that in and of itself changes the problem).. Then Teal says - so did you get what just happened? People nod as though knowingly and she says - "When you were telling the problem person what was needed in this situation, you were telling yourself what was needed. People slowly 'got' it. Mai-da, I am glad you found Teal - she makes sense for many people. With the information age she has made use of it as a tool to help others. You and I would not be having this conversation if not for the information age. Yet, one to one connection and connection with others is the point of Teal's message. Yes to be authentic and yes to healing yourself - however that comes. I think the basic point of energy healing not matter what form is the impulse of realising where that energy is needed. Isolation is not the answer - that's how we get to this stage where we rant against the world. You are super-smart but don't overthink it. That is definitely Advice. If you feel resentment or anger or like railing against the world for all the above, then Shadow work is for you. Skeptic on energy healing? Tosh, I say - you listen and watch Teal don't you? so it comes in many forms - even words in black and white. But we will see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear and feel what reacts within us - all because we attach meaning to what we experience. (shit, you're doing it again Rob).. So my point here is, you will make it what affects you. My words may anger you but make someone else think something else. Get it? As Teal might say, by expressing yourself in reactionary ways and your thoughts to others is your soul's way of screaming out that integration of a fractured aspect of you is needed. Re-integration will add energy back into your being. We all need it in different forms, is all. We are human and in this 3D reality to learn from feeling. Pain is a required ingredient of this Universe and is there to highlight something to you. Whether you see pain and suffering as a benefit to you or a curse is your choice. Or you could react and think this is all crap; thinking how dare I think I know you - I don't. I know myself though - otherwise we would't be a vibrational match. Just trying to help. Figure that one... If you don't react, then that means something else entirely... ^.^ Wishing you the best too :-) crystal Rob
  4. I like it when people answer their own questions. In reality we should be guided by own inner voice and I like that too. So not sure what has been your 'story' Mai-da for those feelings and really that's fine as I believe the Shadow work you are already doing will one day mean your response will change from the above and mean nothing to you but an "Oh". And that will be a day to smile for you. Expansion to me, is allowing other perspective from your own to be considered and allowed and possibly learned from. Changing well-worn beliefs to allow other possibilities. Where did I read today (Teal's Blog on Venice I think) that Buddhist monks practice making sand sculptures to condition them to the fact that all things are impermanent ... So too, this conversation. Best to you diving deep Mai-da crystal Rob PS: read up on the 5 Reiki Principles that start by saying: "The secret of inviting happiness - the spiritual medicine for all ills"
  5. Well said and thank you. Faith like being told to simply walk off a cliff is something not taken lightly but sometimes is the only way. I did not mean to imply one should simply have blind faith. The point is though, to find your own way after careful judgement, but some things need simply trusting in as well as knowing that this is all in the search of expansion. So many people lose sight of the greater picture and focus too narrowly with limited beliefs. I guess it may come down to what one is willing to learn and the way to do that. Yes, this world is a hard place to learn trust in - yet I bet you have done just that with some people you have met - I have. Almost like no explanation but just simply a belief or faith in that person. Building trust is though, as you say, an essential part of any one touching another. Light
  6. Arrivaderci e grazie Teal, caro. Venezia è davvero una città sorprendente e concordo ora con i tuoi pensieri - anche se non al momento della visita avrei capito tutto quello che lei ha parlato. Venezia è davvero sorprendente e non romantico - per questo abbiamo altre città per il tuo interesse! Ciao cristallo Rob
  7. Hey @deniz @deniz and @Mai-da energy healing is in the beholder's interest and more effective the more one believes it will heal. basically that's called Faith. The reason some people who become popular can do this is the total energetic energies that all people who follow lending their energy and belief to it - it becomes a phenomenon. That's not the total answer for those people you mention though, just part of it. I am a Reiki energy healer and have some success with balancing those I attend. Beliefs though, as you surmise are different to illness. Someone ill with the correct focus will be helped. Those with a set belief (skeptical) that one healing method works and another may not will tend to be helped by the method they accept and not affected at all by the method they distrust or are skeptical of. So, what happens. Energy is transferred and used by the person for their Greater good. If that greater good is not what is required by energy healing they won't be healed. I use "healed" in a very broad manner here of course. Same with Sound Healing - which I also do with more success than in efficacy because it is generally in a group situation. Healing though, is a mis-used word in that the person is helped. So Trust and belief that you can be helped is the key. Jesus was an energy healer. Also his life and Works of healing were there as examples that anyone can do the same. So belief pattern is essential. How does one "believe" you may ask... by simply believing and having faith... so the video you attached (which I thought was going to be that woman holding her hands out but turned out to be you), was an example of why 'healing' won't work on you. Some CP and Shadow Work to do there methinks... Back to Shadow Work: Yes and yes. re-intergration of fractured aspects of ourselves works. What is the resulting feeling though... any idea? It's a feeling of calm and a sense of balance. OH! That's just what energy healing and my singing crystal bowls work does - funny that! Summary: it can come in all forms. Bliss and Joy are found in different ways; something as simple as singing in the shower is a form of healing - or watching a singing contest and being moved by the singer's vulnerability and connection to themselves through music. Energy is energy is energy. Music, thought, belief, helping others, helping yourself, fun, joy and bliss - all energy. Reiki or other forms of energy healing and my meditation focus through subliminal resonance of the singing crystal bowls is just an easier form of energy transfer than speech or singing. I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn't do it any shorter - have been learning by Teal that you need to explain the whole thing rather than leave people guessing through piecemeal replies. Light & Love crystal Rob
  8. Interesting thought pattern there @Shack1212. Safe Haven is for taking your trauma child you've gone to rescue to; so they have a place of safety and eventual integration with you in your adult life. So it's an intermediate place for the child to be in; being that you 'destroy' or 'dissolve the previous environment they were stuck in. The Safe Haven is where your rescued child finally feels Joy and safety. I'm guessing you know all about that though - so your question on "reverse haven" is essentially the hell you are already in and the hell you need to rescue your trauma child from. Does that help? So yes, your pain and sitting with it until you can dive deep into the feeling - which will take you (when you ask) to what has caused it. Remember though, you may have several layers to integrate before you get to the Root Cause of it all. Also remember, that you may have several types of pain. So isolating them through feeling flavour becomes a way to label different feelings (Emotional Vispanna). Don't worry, the more you practice all this the better you get. feeling is everything - even pain as it's there for a reason; to teach you something. Depression you rightly guessed, is an overlay of something else, something deeper. Give yourself permission to dive deep. Good luck and well wishes on your journey. Light crystal Rob
  9. Send money now : account: 31-313-313131331-00700. Access immediete if not before. Small joke there kk111 Interestingly all approaches (MM and A7) are correct and yet none of them apply - until you make it so. Take wanting to watch movies and not go to family gatherings (actually besides Teal $200 that was all there was)... that sounds like isolating yourself. NOW, you need to watch anything from Teal on being connected and Oneness and part of All That Is... basically you are linked to everyone else and are part of them. Even me. My love for you says that all things must pass - you will gradually get into a social environment and love it. You will have kids one day and then be part of a Family and want your family involved and love it. So simply put, you are only at a stage in your life where this feels like you need to do these alone and apart things. Fine. Maybe time alone, maybe isolation, maybe just solitude. Yet you have joined Teal Tribe... how interesting. You are moving towards or away from... So have fun on your journey no matter what you do. The idea being, Joy is there in everything - you just need to look from other perspectives; is all. Light crystal Rob ... and of course now your last Reply LOL...
  10. You have started the steps Karina and they are the beginning so you have already changed from where you once were Good luck on the journey and if ever you need someone to be there at the other end just ask. This world will put the right people in front of you if you ask for them. Remember this is a world of Attraction so that what you focus on will be made available to you. People like Teal are so inspirational but just call PM if needed to me Pastor George or others within Teal Tribe particularly CP Practioners - just view several profiles until one resonates with you. I hope to join them next year which is needed in my Southern Hemisphere!! light and love Crystal Rob
  11. Am enjoying the 'chat' from you fellows above; but I for another, am also willing to let Teal say what she has to say when she says it. This means it may not be to the same timing as some of you above want, or are indeed willing to allow - sad judgement methinks... Teal is going into a tough schedule - give the lady a break! Rightly said, @Kitty C and @rawmelody and @michael scordato - Teal is having a momentary break - and in doing so we reflect and change where our thoughts go as a nice respite from everything else. She does not have to be all woe is me and sad about world events all the time. But if you others want to comment on a perspective of massacres and tragedies, feel free to write you own Blogs rather than slide along smug-faced on the coat tails of others. Of go watch the News that resonates with fear and negativity on these things. Go find elsewhere to use your judgement. On another matter, Teal said rightly about Versailles after mentioning other palaces. I commented yesterday that Versailles as well as St Pauls in Rome both annoyed me greatly. Rome was first that I visited then Paris-Versailles. Wandering these places at the height of tourist season was a little much - and I would not care to repeat it. The audaciousness of money and the show of monarchal superiority robbed the palace of much of it's beauty and grandeur. I much preferred Vienna's Schonbrunn palace but then I only visited the gardens by jogging around them rather than visit the inside of the palace itself. Versailles gardens didn't overly impress me for beauty; it was more like bending structure and nature into some amusing arrangement because it suited the powers that be to do so. Anyway I enjoyed Teal's commentary on French castles, with nice photos provided - more so the woodland photo of dear Teal herself at the end of the Blog.... And I look forward to Teal's upcoming change of tempo that she sees Humanity is needing at this point of time.... Light
  12. Interesting.... When that commentary is turned backwards and at the speed of the normal human thinking mind, with added loud heavy metal music and played 100 miles away from where I'm listening - that all makes perfect sense. It's amazing, simply amazing. Can you please comment on Donald again, and the impending fate of Amerika - I'd love your perspective...? Oh, also on total disassociation and disconnection of the soul from the mind... like that one too please; if not too much trouble... many thanks in advance crystal Rob If you get a Meet & Greet afterwards, she will, she will ^.^
  13. Where it's needed @pam88 , where it's needed...
  14. W.W. what can't you get - is anybody out there..? Teal has already commented on the impending internal self-destruction of Good Ol' USofA. As in the words of the Pink Floyd album The Wall: "Time to go, time to go..." Surely Donald's perspective should be enough - not that I know for def but imagine he must have tweeted several thousand times by now... Why should Teal have any better idea than you can figure out yourself. It just is. The people there were a vibrational match. Is it not more correct to simply go love those close to you; realising you may only ever have this one chance to say how you love them. Use your internal emotional guidance system - your heart. Family and friends - enjoy them while you still can. =============================== Dear Sea Biscuit, you go kick some arse! I for one am looking forward to 'Teal Getting Real' crystal Rob PS: Snowy is the vibrational match to Teal's community - not without hard work, mind you.
  15. Hey @Garnet you ain't wrong but methinks delve too deeply. Have you ever met someone that it didn't matter about anything else going on in the room but that one moment or hour that you truly connected with that person? It felt like time and circumstance stood still. No matter that you came with someone else or not that the connection, then and there was all that there was... What is conditional then is the unconditional focus of one directly to another. Meaning: if this ain't present with you then all you can do is simply treat it like a precious moment that can only be a snapshot in a photo albums; nice memory but not an actual life you are now living. I have a cat. He directs my waking and purrs at the slightest pat or notice. But otherwise he is independent and aloof until needing feeding again. Say "male partner" I have two puppies that unconditionally greet me with wagging tails each time I come in the room. Yes they are trained for outside and inside, walking to heel and waiting till told to cross the road, but they do so because they unconditionally wish to. The difference is in who is asking. A bad dog owner won't get the same wanting to please or unconditional love that a good owner will; so I say it is up to what you want out of a relationship and what you are willing to put into it that counts. Bottom line: everything is conditional in this life. The difference being what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not willing to compromise. Unconditional love is freedom for both sides to the extent that you are willing to allow any loss or any gain. That is not the human condition but is an Ideal that people are willing to strive for. Not saying it is not achievable, but if you truly love then loss is not loss and gain is no gain, it just is. They say love can never be taken only given. Receive or give - which would you rather? And so, who truly loves? Light crystal Rob