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  1. Crystal Rob

    Dear @Cassi827 have you looked up the meaning of the name? Not saying that’s the point just interested. Yes you can call it a sign but a sign of what? Go into your feelings and sit with why it may mean something to you - what are you wanting this to mean? What Need are you expecting to have met by a relationship with this person. Is there a deeper reason for this? All valid things to ask but also hey, just do it and find out! On that vein of thought, have you done Teal’s “What would that mean to me if that were true” exercise. Another good exercise is one she uses in workshops called “You died yesterday”. Look it up - dunno if you watched the Live Sydney Aust The Mirror event, but it was the first-up exercise. I def know she did it in Auckland NZ back in Jan 2016. If you don’t know it, the idea is it galvanises you into realising you need to do things today not put them off. I’m giving it away here but it takes you through to you realise you missed the opportunity of telling someone you loved them. You missed the opportunity to say sorry to someone. You missed doing something you always wanted to do. So place this person you seem obsessed by into one or two of those categories and ... Many years ago now one of my daughters was in the same situation wanting/not wanting because scared of rejection so not wanting making the first move to a guy who she and he had done the eye contact etc soft flirting etc and mentioned to me this first time talking that he was an exchange student and was going back in 2 months; so what’s the point. I said if you never try you’ll die wondering and maybe regretting it. So she took the first move and it was her first major relationship. I put a lock on her door when I knew and said she was old enough to make her own choices from now on. On this constant name popping up - it could also be a warning. How does that feel - just saying, like if it’s Jesus then some of the above makes no sense but maybe does on another level. If you are poles apart in lifestyle or religious views etc then it may simply mean a yearning for the world to be a better place. So if the name is Donald’ especially if related to ‘Trumpet’ and ‘Clown’, run, get out, move to another country!! So meaning is important. If the name is ‘Justin’ or any celeb; you sorta know it’s a phase of you subconsciously lacking something that they can provide. Meaning the law of attraction or mirroring; its showing you what you may decide to work on for yourself. Choice. Make sense? An advantage here for you is pardon please, but you seem young by asking this - not that it’s wrong as I believe it’s actually brave to ask. And I also see that age is your advantage - try something, doesn’t work; try something else. Time is on your side!! Anyway, the law of attraction has worked here too, me drawn to your question- my personal advancement, my way with the time I have left in my life at my age and learning. (always still learning)... Theres a saying: “Age is wasted on the young.” So take advantage of it, is what I say!! Anyway, I wish you well. Love, Light and Happiness!
  2. Crystal Rob

    Happy Birthday Teal! So on this side of the world it’s already the 16th of June - so I can say “Happy Birthday Teal”. On this day Teal I wish you joy, laughter, happiness and many many hugs asctight as you want! Teal, you gave me a gift which I truly appreciate and am humbled by. When you stood beside me, I have finally been shown the significance. So my gift to you is, if there is anything I can do for you, all you have to do is ask. Have a great day - when the sun finally catches up with your side of the world! In love, crystal Rob
  3. Just had to comment, on Australian tv channel INTV the indigenous Aboriginal channel they broadcast an American Indian programme that at the end I turned off Mute to hear them say that the Indian Elders gave them the possibility of achieving balance through the guidance of ways of living your life and the unhealthy ways to be aware of. The one I have comment on is their belief that the opposite of Love is Hate. The opposite is actually Fear; a state of powerlessness - which is the lower vibrational level of what people commonly think of as hate.

    thanks for reading 

  4. Crystal Rob

    Wow!! Thankyou so much zenzaney (love the name play) - I looked it up and the very intuitive person that gave me this picked well. I am now going to wear it much more often at this point in time as it will support me in my relationship rebuild with my wife. I am currently in Sydney at Teals Mirror workshop after a 3-day CP practioner training course. All well and hunky dory DownUnder and integration well underway. About effing time comments the universe... Love and Light Crystal Rob (now that I have a fuller understanding of why I say that I now say with more conviction than ever).
  5. Hi everybody. I am deeply honoured to now be able to say that I have completed trading and am now a Certified Completion Process Practitioner. 

    I don’t know when Blake will add those who have just passed in the Australian training but expect it soon. Australasia now has CP people in the Southern Hemisphere. While Asanka was here these are Southern Hemisphere time zone people commutes to help with social change. I guess we’ll be up and running in no time.

    Thank you CP support people from around the world that assisted us with a special thankyou to Vera, Beatriz, Ruta and Asanka plus Teal of course. And thank you to Teal’s support team and all the trainees that made it a helluva ride!

    Light and Love

    Crystal Rob


  6. Crystal Rob

    There is the way of one step at a time. The hardest thing is trying to put a piece of the puzzle into a place it’s not meant to be. Take the leap of faith and just... try. The best lesson we can ever learn is to make a mistake. If we never try we never fly. Just remember that You are worth it
  7. Crystal Rob

    Hey EJ it’s been a while and I just wanted to say Reps to Garnet about following you and while I know advice is a no-no to you, here’s some advice... You have finally hit the nail on the head with all this and it’s only taken you 375 days. I am un-biting my lip... you have a great way of avoiding what the real deep shadow of you is about. There is no Acceptance here and total avoidance of issues staring you right in the face.. Finally, talking about your father shows all the reasons you are currently in the dilemma you are in. Get out of your apartment or address your real situation which is needing to resolve what your father did to you and how you really feel about it rather than rationalising it with daily blah. Without addressing that you are simply on a turnstile - going round and round without solving anything - you will simply repeat another year of WWSWTLTD? To me, a CP Practitioner for you will help as your ego is far too sophisticated and is continually making you rationalise absolutely everything. The way forward is ‘feeling’ and outside help through a CP Practitioner - that is what someone who truly loved themselves would do; find help beyond their own Ego. You hate the idea of help but that is exactly what you need. This is said in the most helpful and loving, but honest way I can, crystal Rob
  8. Crystal Rob

    You need to let go and just “allow”. The hardest step is the first , but believe, it is all worth it. Ego gets in the way which is the signal that the more resistant, the greater the reward. Teal says that we have to walk into the fire and we have such an automatic reaction to this that it’s such a sure sign it’s exactly what is needed. Take this as a Sign from Beyond. Sent with all the love in the world to You.
  9. Crystal Rob

    Why Yes Ramses, I did - been accepted. Beauty of it is that for the training fee I also get admission to Teal's The Mirror 3-day workshop in Sydney straight afterwards. Three birds with one stone; meet Teal again, get CP training and get to look deep into myself as a Refresher. Bouncing side to side, inside!!
  10. Crystal Rob

    And Scot said: "...Ultimately, it will be your personal relationship..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Blaze35, thank you for your question. More to the point, why is my Profile picture that way...? Back to your questions: 1/ Book: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall published by Godsfield, UK. It's a small reference book 170 x 140mm and part of a series of small reference books Godsfield publish. There are two (that I have in the series) because the second has other crystals in it that the first doesn't. My use: checking out various efficacies they are for (i.e.: their healing purposes). Useful as a reference book. Basically, all the knowledge I can get on something is a driving factor for me. 2/ Personal: I probably 'knew' about crystals when i was younger but it meant nothing to me until a few years ago when I went to a clairvoyant and mentioned I had trouble meditating. She said "Have you heard of singing crystal bowls?" "No", I said. "Oh", she said. And that was the start of my journey with Clear Quartz; probably the most powerful stone you can get. My 8 Chakra bowls are made of 99.99993% crystal quartz manufactured in Utah of all places as that's the purest quartz you can get. Crystal Tones is the company that make them. Some of mine are the original clear quartz only (these days they are infused with minerals or metals) plus I have other bowls of clear quartz infused: citrine Grandmother solar plexus chakra note E, a platinum Throat chakra note G, smokey quartz Root chakra note C, gold coated Earth Star note C# and an Egyptian Blue Pineal gland note A#. I use my bowls to create serenity and Joy for those that come to listen to them. Look on my Profile page under images and you'll see a pamphlet on singing crystal bowls. Basically they help people zone out and I do guided meditations and take people on inner journeys. I call it "The easy way to meditate - Lie down, zone out, float away." So crystals, yeah, daily. I keep an Onyx with me (one Teal played with all day on stage in Auckland New Zealand Syncronicity workshop Jan 2016) and its my 'protector' stone and usually a small clear quartz. When I do Reiki, I will present my crystals to the client to see if there is any they may wish to hold in their palms during the Reiki session. Anyways, as Scot says, the stone may pick you because you will feel something from one stone even if it is in a pile of the same (at a shop). The stone and you will stay together until you don't need it anymore or someone else comes along you feel inspired (wink wink) to give it to. Like the colour you wear from day to day, you can have a connection to a particular crystal. You can either research it and use it for the intended use or - like me, feel inspired to be creative. So my best ever crystal is pure crystal clear quartz and I'd say that you can do a heap of stuff just by the intention you set with it. So multi-use. That clairvoyant knew something of where I was going that pieces of the puzzle are now starting to show. I hope this helps Blaze35. And I wish you well on your crystal journey :-) Light crystal Rob PS: Keep in mind that anything that is part of a greater consciousness, (i.e.: humans, a group of trees in a forest or plants in a garden), a piece of crystal is a part of a greater consciousness of itself and though it is a part and apart from the rest, (scattered pieces) it still has a connection with all parts.
  11. Crystal Rob

    Hey Sparkling, the burden of thinking others will judge you and condemn you is a very human thing. We wouldn't be people without it and I cannot conceive (though perhaps should) what Teal's world will be like when we are without judgement of what we feel is our shame, fear and insecurities. You may have several levels of the reason why: 1/ your healing practice - what would people think of you if they knew; 2/ your friends; 3/ your Peers; 4/ your family. All are worthy reasons NOT to let anyone know. All are valid reasons why you should. Yes, it will feel like you are prostrating yourself and opening yourself to all the persecution and judgement from others - but what have you been doing in the meantime, all these years; you have been persecuting and judging yourself, moment after moment, day after day when you suddenly remember events that make this so. It's hard but not impossible. MistaRender is correct, a professional counsellor can help. You can find Teal-trained counsellors at the bottom of this Forum page under MAKE CONTACT. You simply scroll through them looking at their faces and their names, trying to gauge who you could trust (them all) and who would understand you (them all again) and who might accept you for what and who you are after you reveal yourself (again, them all). Then you look at where they live around the world to see time zone differences etc and maybe one or two you read their Profiles to see if they are compatible. Now let me tell you a secret - (though you may have already guessed) - look at what human conditions they have listed in their profile about who they can help - that gives you a clue that they, themselves have been through those very-same things and have come out to re-integrate themselves and their energy. So much better than spending years and years exhausting themselves by holding in the same old problems. And yes, the Law of Attraction (Mirroring) means that they then get people with the same problems they had and get to re-live them to a degree but without the judgement they once held on to. it's not an easy road but a worthwhile one. This is what Teal bangs on about time and time again. It is worth it. So, back to CP practitioners - that means when you go to a CP practitioner, they will understand where you are coming from. Not only that, but Teal's CP process is about being unconditionally there to create a supporting and loving space just for you. They understand and can help. It's called never feeling alone again - there is always someone who can be there for you. I think Sparkling, that this is what you wish to provide for others - knowing what walking into the fire is all about - there is no other experience like it for facing your fears. And at the other end, if someone can't handle you if they knew, then they are in the end, not worthy of being called your friend. You will find others who match the new you. So I personally believe that needing to confess and tell people - who, how many and, why? Once you deal with the trauma you have from the story you will tell a CP practitioner, you will no longer be trapped by the 'need' to tell; that is just a symptom of our Society and especially the Roman Catholic Church used that to gain parishioners and the Guilty for their own means a long, long time ago... "Confession is good for the soul", they would say. We have been well conditioned! Confession is interesting in that because once you are in the arms of someone who totally understands you and accepts you, there is no need for constant confession like they'd have you believe. I hope this helps. Light and Love crystal Rob
  12. Any NZ people going to Completion Process training in Sydney this May?

    Hey NZ Tribe: @leilaamber @Courtney @Skgray @Hope_vZ @rahrahroozie @Leah123 @Electric Blue @Samantha24 

    Is anyone here going to Teal's CP training in Sydney?

    I am, so besides the closed Facebook group Blake's meant to be setting up, maybe some contact as "hi" and "hey" could happen beforehand...

    Light and Love
    Crystal Rob

  13. Crystal Rob

    Anyone going to Teal's Completion Process training Sydney late May 2018? @MeMyself @Joey @Merk @Melly Star @Andrew @Almargie @boxofrain @Aristotle @Beccy @Daz @Damian @******** @Yates @Craig @Danielle @UrbanGoddess Hey you guys, here's a call from Across the Ditch - anyone here going to Teal's CP training in Sydney? I am, so besides the closed Facebook group Blake's meant to be setting up, maybe some contact as "hi" and "hey" could happen beforehand... Light and Love Crystal Rob Havelock North, Hawkes Bay wine country, New Zealand