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  1. Ah, a comment if I may - although this may not be the case, but Emily June, who pays for your apartment? You mentioned financial dependancy - is your apartment another example, like your grandma? Scot has some valid points; I especially love the inter-dependance comment. I will now emphasise the all-fruit diet is another way of resistance; and will leave you to ponder. Our bodies need certain trace elements and vitamins and we have evolved past the fruit diet as a species. WWSWTLTD? Examine and research all aspects of what it is to have a healthy diet and choose another way to meet your needs. I hope this is taken in the spirit it is given in. And from me too, much love. crystal Rob
  2. So far I have had three CP sessions with Lanna - more to come! And this is from me, a person who is very introspective, I found falling into Lanna's arms one of the easiest things to do with anyone - she is so responsive and caring. Lanna allows you the time and space to just be and she holds the space for you in the most caring and lightest of ways. It seems the most simple thing but yet is so refreshing. So from someone here, who holds space for others, it is so nice to see the actual effect. I would recommend Lanna for CP to anyone who clicks through to her page - whether as a simple leap of faith or otherwise; you won't be disappointed. Light crystal Rob
  3. @kieranessa at the bottom of the Forum page under Completion Process Practitioners is a whole gaggle of them. From NZ for time difference convenience, I picked Lanna Lake in Costa Rica. As @Eve says, they should let you know if their prices are not listed... that then takes for you the leap of faith to simply choose one. Believe me, you won't be disappointed no matter your choice - all is in alignment whomever you choose. Lanna got back to me with a schedule of fees - she has an introductory 30 min fee to see if you are comfortable with her. Then one and a half hours @ USD $111 which is around Eve's price structure of Euro 60 for the same time. I have had 3 sessions so far and each was different due to the confidence of diving deep Lanna brings to the each session. I also practiced by myself to get an understanding of how it works - this is not a necessary part though for me as I am eager for knowledge it made sense to do that. I'm going to be a CPCP myself next year as Australia region has none - but having faith in your CP'er is all it really takes. I also had another Teal Tribe member send cross notes and insights of each other's journey - that was really helpful actually. Then CP itself with Lanna. And thanks for posting to ask - reminds me I must post a recommendation comment on Lanna's site. As for what happens after, coming back and out of CP was an emotional one these last two times with an overwhelming sense of 'together' and release. I had 2 days in-between 2 sessions. Both the same intense real emotional connection coming back out. Wife says happier Rob after too - so that's good. Seem more calm and grounded. The day in-between was a singing bowl session (that I take); so I'd say that any time you can meditate after a CP session or have some Me time to reflect and integrate fully is always helpful. Oh, and I did two Cutting Cords Teal meditations at dawn before my CP #2 session. Then last night the bowls session. And another single Cutting Chords meditation this morning before my 11 am CP #3 with Lanna. I can't answer the going to work part as I work alone from a home office. Knowing the emotions that surface though (I'm a cry baby) - I'd say that a day off would be due - another way to be kind to yourself; for me, I can glide along or concentrate on work, cry or sing and no-one cares - maybe some neighbours hear me - but they'd just say "There's that crazy guy next door again.." So I guess you could say several intense days but I don't feel that - integration I think is a necessary time though. Also the place for the CP: a complete shut-out; door closed and no disturbance. I guess what you do and how you feel after is an individual thing and you'll be the judge of yours. I hope this helps.
  4. So PM me please with address and phone number (Amazon request) - you can make it parents address or such to protect personal privacy.
  5. Try this then LL - bound to have all nearby angels flocking to you... Hej dobre vyzerá, ako to robíš ..? To je môj Ferrari tam - chceš ísť autom? Myslíš si, že som chlpatá veľká veľká šelma človeka! Chcete a chcú, aby som sa plným rúškom pobozkal?
  6. And Mai-da said: ...and Releasing resistance is easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do, at least in my experience... @LL. talked about a girl he overheard talking to a friend - maybe that was already a manifestation - i.e. an angel come to give him a message, maybe..? Subliminally, LL may be looking for something - so I agree basically with what MarkJM says - I have found him helpful in previous posts. But when it comes to LL, I think he needs to be specific about what it is he wants - or the other way - "Dear Universe, align me with people and souls that are in my best interest, and for my greater good and the greatest good of all" is a nice way to ask. There has been a lot of talk about asking and receiving lately - the best simplest way to put it is... when you become the way you wish to be rather than simply wish it, you will be more in alignment with that vibration. 'Feel' it LL and then do it. "I am this way because I feel this way" - rather what most people think: "I feel this way because I am this way." That's like saying I don't have money and then asking for it. Wrong! Because you already are aligning with the lack of, there's no way the Universe is going to give you something you simply want or are aligning with. The universal law here is what you align with you attract. So be that guy that has an angel at his side, that guy (presuming here, that LL is a guy), that you already have amazing connection with people and they are a moth to a flame. Watch the ego though, too many angels fighting over you and you'll get bigheaded and they will disappear over the hills and far, far away. Last but least - I have a guided meditation class tonight on this very subject of "Are you receiving what you ask for?". Once I focus them on what they truly want (as opposed to what they think they want), I will play for them into alignment and subconscious projection and see where that takes them... I have attached my notes made this morning for anyone's interest. Light Crystal Rob
  7. "Love to own, she would. Not without but within she becomes." (typed in my best master Yoda impression I can muster...) EJ would you like to own it? I am currently pushing against the wave of resistance form a book site so that I can send that same book to someone else I promised. The Universe has seen this site without a different delivery address to the account holder - shite site... and I am trying to re-instate the order with them after they cancelled it. Sheesh. If I find another book site to purchase from, would you like to accept it from me? My present to you EJ; after all you have given me. By the way, this is a common practice of mine - I buy Teal's 3 books and give them away as well - easiest way to 'spread the word' so to speak. But hers come from a much more easy book site than the one I am currently dealing with - shite site. In fact the two I regularly use don't have Metaphysical Anatomy - but I will keep searching for the best place. May the Force be with me...
  8. It was to do with Soft or Hard option - doing something because you want to, not because you should... I think is how it went. Light
  9. de nada (Edited) Actually WhiteDove, me simply flicking off "de nada" I realise is as flippant and reactive as your insight of what I wrote. Please re-read. I truly hope you one day actually see what I wrote - it was not to go "There, there dear victim, it's OK. There there" it was to jolt you. The message was the polarity of sparklinghuman's. I did ask you to look at it from their point of view... but if you cannot see it in it's truth that's fine - maybe you are not aware of your part in this from the start? Yes, please, do come into your greatness - but do it through being totally honest with yourself and where you have been meandering rather than when you need to be striding forth. Light Crystal Rob
  10. Solfeggio Harmonics and focus... more than 17 seconds of pure same-thought. Ruddy hard to achieve. Anyway, those relaxing brainwave patterns music is the next-best thing to my singing crystal bowls. (wow, I actually said "my"... when any is more accurate...)... I love listening at night to Solfeggio and to Jonathan Goldman. There are others but this is a good place to start. Besides coming here and getting into my guided meditations, use these sorts of tracks and meditate to the=m. otherwise night-time drifting off... cool-as. Chemicals: Ups to you EJ - I was never comfortable with that chemical toxic mix you were looking at moving into and being around 24/7. Bum steer if you ask me - where did all that come from anyway - wanting these sorts of chemicals anywhere near you? Is it standard practice for termites or something? And EJ, just an observation - stubborn child is still scared of being abandoned and so her response is perfectly natural - but, if you think of communication this way... she, via your body, is communicating with you; all the time in fact. It's a bit like listening to a foreign language movie without the subtitles - we try to guess what's said by looking at the gestures and action. Teal's "Silence" Insight may help here - she suggests re-running any episode you like of anybody, even way in the past, but treat it like a movie with Mute button on. So, Feelings: ON check. Mute: ON check. Sit down and watch the show... Oh, and look up Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose. There's a Forum Post about this: Persistent Skin Issues
  11. You go girl. I love Emily's Tale. You tell it like it is and the rest of us sit in awe, wonder, nod and shake our heads at the same time - well I do anyway; all three of me...
  12. Hey Garnet, yes I agree and while I may be over the top in advice - it's Emily June who has her own free will and can make her own choices; with every breath she draws. Emily June, seeing people care about you may not be helpful to your solo journey - but in reality, as soon as you go write your days on open forum you realise being alone in this was never going to be an option. I see that as a positive; knowing life is changing and deciding what you want and choices you want. Just treat these caring people as a little nudge here and there, to help.... wink wink.
  13. @Csj - this question was from some time back - so how are you going these days? Still need to talk it through (typing-text-wise)..? crystal Rob
  14. Hey @Scot I am with you on that one - I know that antibiotics do strip the good bacteria out - have a brother in law that counterbalances pills with more pills; has a mindset that this is the way to health and is shit-scared of where he's heading but won't change course. Talk about taking a horse to water.... So I also, I think Emily June is stripping her stomach - with food acids - meaning too strong for any health benefit as she is causing problems on top of problems. Doesn't that tell you something? It tells me EJ is working at this at all costs. Being the only physical body she has for this life, is that a good thing? What would it mean to me if I couldn't focus on my body? It may mean I have to face my fears. is that a good thing? etc etc I think you all get the message... EJ, please give yourself a break. From the sound of you and your state of health yes, you are slowly killing yourself and it is definitely not out of kindness. Alcohol addiction or any addiction has the same result - going way too far but not recognising it. Yet, your body is screaming at you to stop. So to the sacred question: What would someone who doesn't listen to their body, or other people, and is trying to mend their mind at all costs and therefore their wilful ego at all costs, do? To abbreviate: WWSWDLTTB,OOP,AITTMTMAACATTWEAAC,D? Not so much a sacred question as a necessary change in mindset, maybe? At least this is my opinion.