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  1. Crystal Rob

    Dear Teal, this day was coming we know. The feeling is written in your face for a while now but yet you still find some way to be You. “I am Teal Swan and I am married to you all.” And I for one would have it no other way. Love, crystal Rob
  2. Crystal Rob

    There is the way of one step at a time. The hardest thing is trying to put a piece of the puzzle into a place it’s not meant to be. Take the leap of faith and just... try. The best lesson we can ever learn is to make a mistake. If we never try we never fly. Just remember that You are worth it
  3. Crystal Rob

    Hey EJ it’s been a while and I just wanted to say Reps to Garnet about following you and while I know advice is a no-no to you, here’s some advice... You have finally hit the nail on the head with all this and it’s only taken you 375 days. I am un-biting my lip... you have a great way of avoiding what the real deep shadow of you is about. There is no Acceptance here and total avoidance of issues staring you right in the face.. Finally, talking about your father shows all the reasons you are currently in the dilemma you are in. Get out of your apartment or address your real situation which is needing to resolve what your father did to you and how you really feel about it rather than rationalising it with daily blah. Without addressing that you are simply on a turnstile - going round and round without solving anything - you will simply repeat another year of WWSWTLTD? To me, a CP Practitioner for you will help as your ego is far too sophisticated and is continually making you rationalise absolutely everything. The way forward is ‘feeling’ and outside help through a CP Practitioner - that is what someone who truly loved themselves would do; find help beyond their own Ego. You hate the idea of help but that is exactly what you need. This is said in the most helpful and loving, but honest way I can, crystal Rob
  4. Crystal Rob

    You need to let go and just “allow”. The hardest step is the first , but believe, it is all worth it. Ego gets in the way which is the signal that the more resistant, the greater the reward. Teal says that we have to walk into the fire and we have such an automatic reaction to this that it’s such a sure sign it’s exactly what is needed. Take this as a Sign from Beyond. Sent with all the love in the world to You.
  5. Crystal Rob

    Why Yes Ramses, I did - been accepted. Beauty of it is that for the training fee I also get admission to Teal's The Mirror 3-day workshop in Sydney straight afterwards. Three birds with one stone; meet Teal again, get CP training and get to look deep into myself as a Refresher. Bouncing side to side, inside!!
  6. Crystal Rob

    And Scot said: "...Ultimately, it will be your personal relationship..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Blaze35, thank you for your question. More to the point, why is my Profile picture that way...? Back to your questions: 1/ Book: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall published by Godsfield, UK. It's a small reference book 170 x 140mm and part of a series of small reference books Godsfield publish. There are two (that I have in the series) because the second has other crystals in it that the first doesn't. My use: checking out various efficacies they are for (i.e.: their healing purposes). Useful as a reference book. Basically, all the knowledge I can get on something is a driving factor for me. 2/ Personal: I probably 'knew' about crystals when i was younger but it meant nothing to me until a few years ago when I went to a clairvoyant and mentioned I had trouble meditating. She said "Have you heard of singing crystal bowls?" "No", I said. "Oh", she said. And that was the start of my journey with Clear Quartz; probably the most powerful stone you can get. My 8 Chakra bowls are made of 99.99993% crystal quartz manufactured in Utah of all places as that's the purest quartz you can get. Crystal Tones is the company that make them. Some of mine are the original clear quartz only (these days they are infused with minerals or metals) plus I have other bowls of clear quartz infused: citrine Grandmother solar plexus chakra note E, a platinum Throat chakra note G, smokey quartz Root chakra note C, gold coated Earth Star note C# and an Egyptian Blue Pineal gland note A#. I use my bowls to create serenity and Joy for those that come to listen to them. Look on my Profile page under images and you'll see a pamphlet on singing crystal bowls. Basically they help people zone out and I do guided meditations and take people on inner journeys. I call it "The easy way to meditate - Lie down, zone out, float away." So crystals, yeah, daily. I keep an Onyx with me (one Teal played with all day on stage in Auckland New Zealand Syncronicity workshop Jan 2016) and its my 'protector' stone and usually a small clear quartz. When I do Reiki, I will present my crystals to the client to see if there is any they may wish to hold in their palms during the Reiki session. Anyways, as Scot says, the stone may pick you because you will feel something from one stone even if it is in a pile of the same (at a shop). The stone and you will stay together until you don't need it anymore or someone else comes along you feel inspired (wink wink) to give it to. Like the colour you wear from day to day, you can have a connection to a particular crystal. You can either research it and use it for the intended use or - like me, feel inspired to be creative. So my best ever crystal is pure crystal clear quartz and I'd say that you can do a heap of stuff just by the intention you set with it. So multi-use. That clairvoyant knew something of where I was going that pieces of the puzzle are now starting to show. I hope this helps Blaze35. And I wish you well on your crystal journey :-) Light crystal Rob PS: Keep in mind that anything that is part of a greater consciousness, (i.e.: humans, a group of trees in a forest or plants in a garden), a piece of crystal is a part of a greater consciousness of itself and though it is a part and apart from the rest, (scattered pieces) it still has a connection with all parts.
  7. Crystal Rob

    Hey Sparkling, the burden of thinking others will judge you and condemn you is a very human thing. We wouldn't be people without it and I cannot conceive (though perhaps should) what Teal's world will be like when we are without judgement of what we feel is our shame, fear and insecurities. You may have several levels of the reason why: 1/ your healing practice - what would people think of you if they knew; 2/ your friends; 3/ your Peers; 4/ your family. All are worthy reasons NOT to let anyone know. All are valid reasons why you should. Yes, it will feel like you are prostrating yourself and opening yourself to all the persecution and judgement from others - but what have you been doing in the meantime, all these years; you have been persecuting and judging yourself, moment after moment, day after day when you suddenly remember events that make this so. It's hard but not impossible. MistaRender is correct, a professional counsellor can help. You can find Teal-trained counsellors at the bottom of this Forum page under MAKE CONTACT. You simply scroll through them looking at their faces and their names, trying to gauge who you could trust (them all) and who would understand you (them all again) and who might accept you for what and who you are after you reveal yourself (again, them all). Then you look at where they live around the world to see time zone differences etc and maybe one or two you read their Profiles to see if they are compatible. Now let me tell you a secret - (though you may have already guessed) - look at what human conditions they have listed in their profile about who they can help - that gives you a clue that they, themselves have been through those very-same things and have come out to re-integrate themselves and their energy. So much better than spending years and years exhausting themselves by holding in the same old problems. And yes, the Law of Attraction (Mirroring) means that they then get people with the same problems they had and get to re-live them to a degree but without the judgement they once held on to. it's not an easy road but a worthwhile one. This is what Teal bangs on about time and time again. It is worth it. So, back to CP practitioners - that means when you go to a CP practitioner, they will understand where you are coming from. Not only that, but Teal's CP process is about being unconditionally there to create a supporting and loving space just for you. They understand and can help. It's called never feeling alone again - there is always someone who can be there for you. I think Sparkling, that this is what you wish to provide for others - knowing what walking into the fire is all about - there is no other experience like it for facing your fears. And at the other end, if someone can't handle you if they knew, then they are in the end, not worthy of being called your friend. You will find others who match the new you. So I personally believe that needing to confess and tell people - who, how many and, why? Once you deal with the trauma you have from the story you will tell a CP practitioner, you will no longer be trapped by the 'need' to tell; that is just a symptom of our Society and especially the Roman Catholic Church used that to gain parishioners and the Guilty for their own means a long, long time ago... "Confession is good for the soul", they would say. We have been well conditioned! Confession is interesting in that because once you are in the arms of someone who totally understands you and accepts you, there is no need for constant confession like they'd have you believe. I hope this helps. Light and Love crystal Rob
  8. Any NZ people going to Completion Process training in Sydney this May?

    Hey NZ Tribe: @leilaamber @Courtney @Skgray @Hope_vZ @rahrahroozie @Leah123 @Electric Blue @Samantha24 

    Is anyone here going to Teal's CP training in Sydney?

    I am, so besides the closed Facebook group Blake's meant to be setting up, maybe some contact as "hi" and "hey" could happen beforehand...

    Light and Love
    Crystal Rob

  9. Crystal Rob

    Anyone going to Teal's Completion Process training Sydney late May 2018? @MeMyself @Joey @Merk @Melly Star @Andrew @Almargie @boxofrain @Aristotle @Beccy @Daz @Damian @******** @Yates @Craig @Danielle @UrbanGoddess Hey you guys, here's a call from Across the Ditch - anyone here going to Teal's CP training in Sydney? I am, so besides the closed Facebook group Blake's meant to be setting up, maybe some contact as "hi" and "hey" could happen beforehand... Light and Love Crystal Rob Havelock North, Hawkes Bay wine country, New Zealand
  10. Crystal Rob

    Hey @Akshara Love, seeing no-one else has answered I had a look on the web and came across this link you might want to look at. This post's subject seems to be up my alley on crystals though I do not have any Moldavite pieces nor any singing crystal bowls in Moldavite - I do have other minerals and crystals in singing crystal bowls for the chakra points this link discusses. It seems that Moldavite does have powerful properties but I can't say about any capacity about opening portals or inviting entities as I guess that is an individual experience like any other is. And I can't comment on Patchouli oil either; except that I like the smell - though that doesn't help you! When you say "open a negative portal", you don't need Moldavite for that - though I dispute 'negative" anyway - to me that is simply the absence of something as opposed to a negative. By that I mean if you are in a 'negative' mood you do things that are disadvantageous or unhealthy for yourself as opposed to doing healthy things. When people say 'negative entities' it simply means that they have a poor boundary issue and feel threatened. If you don't feel threatened you won't feel negative. So if you use the term low vibration instead you'd be more accurate. So you can be matching a low vibration therefore a mirror or match to someone else's. A low vibration means you can be influenced whereas a higher vibration means you are 'above' and 'beyond' that particular vibration. That being said; you would then not be a match for that lower vibration anyway so it would not affect you. One thing I do that may help you - if I feel at all that there's a lower vibration than I want, and it's coming from another entity, I simply command it to leave me alone and go. As you ask, so shall you receive. So the trick is not to buy into any negative vibration in the first place. Harder doing than saying though as we're all physical beings interacting through energy fields. Last, Obsidian is similar to Moldavite in that it is also made from molten lava conditions. I use Obsidian to put a contra vibration out there. Some would say its a protective stone but when you think about it, anything that shields, protects etc is creating another level - so I call that changing the vibration. On chakras, as well as anything else - you can use different crystals, oils or objects and imbue them with an energy to perform something useful for yourself. Obviously the closer aligned the properties of that object are to particular subtleties of what you require, the better the effect. You could try using Moldavite to call higher vibrational energies or entities; it all depends on your state of mind and your focus. I hope this helps. crystal Rob
  11. OH DAY OF DAYS, CELEBRATION AND EXCITEMENT - I've been accepted for CP Training late May in Sydney Australia!!!!!

    And I get to attend the 3-day workshop after as well.

    Won't wipe the smile from this dial.
    It's gonna hang for a while!
    Deep diving starts with hold your breath,
    Then released when I'm underneath
    Emotions rise courageously
    Connective trust Into Me See.
    A helping hand to learn to help
    no longer sitting on the shelf.
    The mirror held up on that wall,
    the staring pit into - I fall.
    The path while not that clear to see,
    face to face with me I'll be.
    And step by step, it's my journey.

  12. Crystal Rob

    @Ramses Rodriguez and @Scot hey guys, just the very need to call it "language" should tell you that it is a translation of your experience to someone else's; meaning one's need for love from another. That implies a need for reciprocation to get love back; hence a need. So does that mean specially targeting someone that we feel we need to express love to? Most likely it does. We're all human and have a physical prescience that needs stimulation. If you take most spiritual teachers' version of what Love means - they're saying All is love; every action, every word, every gesture - and all in-between. Everything else is simply the absence of love. - Scot, I like your idea of building up an experience level - yet we are taught so badly by society what Love is we can't help but get it wrong. That doesn't mean to say it is wrong. After all, that's what learning is all about. - Ramses, to me your 5 numbered points of love - if you take them all and mash them together I'd say that would hit the mark with giving the most. All we can hope for is whatever tool we utilise to show love, that in itself should be all we ever need to do; give love. But that's in a perfect world and this is anything but... The other point spiritual teachers point out, (well Teal does), is that if we fully love ourselves without the need for love in return (meaning a transaction where we expect back what we've given), then that full love inside of us will radiate out to others and they will be automatically drawn to that same vibration. In other words walk the Talk. As inside, so outside. As above, so below. And yet, we are human. That in itself implies certain restrictions delivered by Time and Physical reality. Question: Do either of you do energy healing? The flow of energy through allows a similar state as that of the receiver. The energy drawn from the universe passes through and cannot help but also touch the healer its passing through. That's one reason I do Reiki and also singing crystal bowls. There are practitioners who make a healing modality their living and good on them, but I do not charge for my services unless it's 'Koha' (exchange of some form of payment - common denominator being money to pay for the likes of hall hire to put the event on) or another is that I will accept payment as an energy exchange - which is receiving a session for giving one. The way I concentrate the energy passing through me is to channel through my heart and then on to the person or people. So you could say the heart is the way to love. The mental idea of love is different and a head space thing. So which is the better need? My need for love drives me still. We shouldn't ignore our needs. Yet when people talk of someone dying and their spirit passing and unifying back with Source, most people would say that could be the ultimate expression of Love - yet once integrated back into Total Consciousness or Source, then in knowing all and seeing all, there is no more judgement. But also absence of love. The reason for saying absence of love is that once past death and immersed in total consciousness there is no need for love - that love is a mental point of focus from one separate physical entity within this physical perspective we call life. Once full integration occurs after death - in unification of total energy consciousness, love becomes meaningless. I tell you what though, if Teal could find a way to plug me into her physical experience so that she could focus on True Love in its totality, and have me feel that same feeling - what a ride that would be! I'd be up for it in a flash. So to summarise, I say love means different things to different people and that as a tool of awareness it's probably our most potent weapon we have within this 3D perspective we call life on earth. For all of us, to use Love in all its possible ways, between one and another, in as many varieties as can be thought of, I believe we are aiding Source's understanding of itself - so therefore we are helping ourselves by loving as many as we can and because of that very thing, we are also loving ourselves. Just like a box of chocolates, (typed in my best southern drawl), you never know what you're going to get next...
  13. OMG - I watched "Own People" YouTube video...

    I saw that and it made me realise the streaks of light years that Teal is ahead of me and I nearly cried.

    And I realised what she is doing because she loves us and it's not an option for her not to...

    And then I went to a movie with my wife called 'The Mercy' about an english guy back in the 60s, a weekend sailor who decides on whim to try and sail around the world, like Donald Chichester, but this time non-stop and the fastest to claim the fame and the prize money - in an unfinished trimaran yacht of his own design, risking his house and small business to pay for all the sponsors' money in this venture.
    (During parts of the movie this early on you just go "No..." and yet are hopeful of some damn slapping high seas adventure and a happy ending. Being in New Zealand, we know what he had to face - The Roaring Forties massive seas that lie around the bottom of the southern hemisphere that all sane yachtsman dread. The seas are described as "You don't measure the height of the waves by feet and inches - you measure them by increments of fear")..
    Such is his desire to win this race he forgoes sane reasons for delaying because the yacht has serious design and manufacturing faults - and pushed along by sponsors and a pushy journalist, he risks everything and is so far out of his depth yet under public pressure (he has a radio and a commitment to send progress reports back), that he falsifies his Log Journals and radios he's further ahead than he actually is. He gets so far behind there's no hope of him finishing let alone winning. Another guy has already finished and he's the last one that the British Public have their hopes and dreams on.
    He pays for it by taking his own life - the boat is finally found, he's not - the Journals (false one and real one are taken off) and his family pays for it by the ignominy of the husband's and father's failure.
    You wonder what was the point - he had several major chances of stopping but with his family home on the line as a legal document he signed he carried on.
    (It was so sad I had tears in my eyes. I wondered what was the point of making this movie let alone anything else. It was like watching a slow motion train wreck).
    And then came the part where the wife had all the media at her door and she pointed out that their pressure led to her husband being pushed on and on with no way of stopping, with all the public and personal pressure on him to win. Just finishing was not an option, he had to win to keep his house.
    (Watching this movie was just heartbreaking).
    There's a part in the movie that she as the wife of the dead yachtsman says "If you love someone, you love all of them - you can't just choose the bits you like".
    (oh, wow)... 
    The final scene was the widow taking her 3 children to the end of Teignmouth Pier every day, to stand at the end looking out to sea where her husband and their father should have been sailing back to. "Why do we come each day mommy - daddy's not coming home"
    "We come to accept Daddy back into our hearts every day darling, until you no longer feel him come home to your heart".

    And so there we have it - the reason I watched Teal's Insight then went off to see this movie: the similarity of the wife's attitude to her dear, silly husband who she still loved. And Teal, with us.

    "What happened to the wife and their children after this?" was my question to my wife long after we got back home. I am tempted yet not tempted to Google them to find out.
    I can tell you that the winner, the only one to actually finish, donated his prize money to the wife. She remains in total privacy from the public - is all I know.


    Questions from the Audience?

  14. Crystal Rob

    Thanks for responding Lenalena; I'll try better next time.
  15. Crystal Rob

    Hey @lenalena , I see see your dilemma. But Blake and Teal have been working on this before this session - Teal's helping Lynne and Blake out with their relationship and she cares for them both; they are a apart of her. Lynne does CP and parts Work and yes, has these things she's working on but Blake distracts and avoids. Pinning him down is Teal's way of loving him - just because he felt uncomfortable and him trying to deflect which he's a Master at - him showing emotion over this was a good thing. Teal and Blake go way back so she does what she does because she cares. What you saw was nothing to do with Teal's anger over the previous question - more like a reaction within you over what used to happen to you in that same situation - so it resonated real deep for you and that's understandable. If you weren't a mirror to that exact-same thing, you wouldn't get triggered by it. Your emotions - triggered by watching this is a good thing too - you're becoming more aware of how you are and what it means and doesn't mean. Personally, seeing Blake is like a pre-cursor to what Teal will be putting me through. Not pretty and definitely the "Hot Seat" is aptly named. I liked the whole session and workshop. Teal, you get better and better. PS: does anyone know Lynne's name spelling? I keep typing Lynne...