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  1. OMG - I watched "Own People" YouTube video...

    I saw that and it made me realise the streaks of light years that Teal is ahead of me and I nearly cried.

    And I realised what she is doing because she loves us and it's not an option for her not to...

    And then I went to a movie with my wife called 'The Mercy' about an english guy back in the 60s, a weekend sailor who decides on whim to try and sail around the world, like Donald Chichester, but this time non-stop and the fastest to claim the fame and the prize money - in an unfinished trimaran yacht of his own design, risking his house and small business to pay for all the sponsors' money in this venture.
    (During parts of the movie this early on you just go "No..." and yet are hopeful of some damn slapping high seas adventure and a happy ending. Being in New Zealand, we know what he had to face - The Roaring Forties massive seas that lie around the bottom of the southern hemisphere that all sane yachtsman dread. The seas are described as "You don't measure the height of the waves by feet and inches - you measure them by increments of fear")..
    Such is his desire to win this race he forgoes sane reasons for delaying because the yacht has serious design and manufacturing faults - and pushed along by sponsors and a pushy journalist, he risks everything and is so far out of his depth yet under public pressure (he has a radio and a commitment to send progress reports back), that he falsifies his Log Journals and radios he's further ahead than he actually is. He gets so far behind there's no hope of him finishing let alone winning. Another guy has already finished and he's the last one that the British Public have their hopes and dreams on.
    He pays for it by taking his own life - the boat is finally found, he's not - the Journals (false one and real one are taken off) and his family pays for it by the ignominy of the husband's and father's failure.
    You wonder what was the point - he had several major chances of stopping but with his family home on the line as a legal document he signed he carried on.
    (It was so sad I had tears in my eyes. I wondered what was the point of making this movie let alone anything else. It was like watching a slow motion train wreck).
    And then came the part where the wife had all the media at her door and she pointed out that their pressure led to her husband being pushed on and on with no way of stopping, with all the public and personal pressure on him to win. Just finishing was not an option, he had to win to keep his house.
    (Watching this movie was just heartbreaking).
    There's a part in the movie that she as the wife of the dead yachtsman says "If you love someone, you love all of them - you can't just choose the bits you like".
    (oh, wow)... 
    The final scene was the widow taking her 3 children to the end of Teignmouth Pier every day, to stand at the end looking out to sea where her husband and their father should have been sailing back to. "Why do we come each day mommy - daddy's not coming home"
    "We come to accept Daddy back into our hearts every day darling, until you no longer feel him come home to your heart".

    And so there we have it - the reason I watched Teal's Insight then went off to see this movie: the similarity of the wife's attitude to her dear, silly husband who she still loved. And Teal, with us.

    "What happened to the wife and their children after this?" was my question to my wife long after we got back home. I am tempted yet not tempted to Google them to find out.
    I can tell you that the winner, the only one to actually finish, donated his prize money to the wife. She remains in total privacy from the public - is all I know.


    Questions from the Audience?

  2. Dear @Nicole Travolta, am I confused - am I missing something here or what..? Where's helping yourself? Uh oh - have since gone to 'check' Nicole Travolta - not only did she join just 2 hours ago but there's a baby in the photo with (presumably) her and bf, yes? But Nicole, you say you're 30 week's pregnant? Your grammar ain't the best either, yet you say you go to Uni... you sure you're not a set up..? And since, I see by your posts Nicole, that you have sent the same message to lots of different topics - so everyone this is a set up!! I will leave what I have said below now because your 'story' just rang so untrue and below is pertinent for other people reading your "shitposts"... Now to what I would have said if Nicole Travolta had been genuine: So what have you 'dissolved' to start anew, anything? Because from what you say above, I doubt it. You say bf apologises to you for what... telling you he doesn't love you? Leaving you to deal with the pregnancy alone? Or because you argue with him? So what have you done apologising for? I'm getting from the above that you want security, a stable relationship for the baby, as well as a loving partner - but where's your responsibility in all this - you've relied on a witch doctor casting a spell - to me that's disowning your part in this break-up as well as disowning the baby you have jointly created. If you said you'd worked on yourself doing Deep Diving and Shadow Work and have 'dissolved' some of your fears surrounding your relationships with people then I'd say "Congratulations dear butterfly" - but I can't. So you lost the subconscious, stable relationship that (subconsciously) allowed you to fall pregnant - who wouldn't freak out at that. But thinking someone else besides you can change someone else is fraught with a great chance of repeating the same disaster. I believe you need to face up that you have a part to play in all this and are possibly irresponsible; very likely scared for yourself and your baby's future; not nearly in control enough yourself; subconsciously wanted to nest build and got pregnant to keep him; and even maybe need a strong partner because you're weak and not in control of your own life - and considering your age, you probably felt that you needed a father-figure. (You work that one out)... If you had done your own inner work rather than rely on an outside influence and came to these realisations yourself (so I'm not saying they are accurate, more of giving you an idea what to look to discover), then I'd commend you. But until you face reality, you may see your dreams fade again and again. I say this with some degree of experience; two marriage breakups, several long-term relationship disasters, long-term fathering from a distance, but mainly because seeing someone put faith in someone else to fix their problem AND broadcasting this short-sighted relief to other Teal Tribers? And, that you see this is a GOOD thing to do?! Wut! All very well to search for perspective but to give over your control to someone else is the way to carry on disowning your own responsibility for yourself. And just so you know, I have re-established my 2nd marriage several times, have close, loving relationships with my 4 grown-up children. It's not easy working on yourself but is worth it. Your choice how this plays out for you and your baby. And just so everyone knows, I have seen others promoting this so-called doctor person before and not said anything but now I'm speaking out... Self Help is what Teal is teaching us. Promote that please, not some spell maker. Nicole, I hope this helps you get your head around what you have said above without you getting all defensive - and I really do wish you and baby well.

    Teal has finally done it - southern hemisphere training.

    I send Gratitude to the Universe - this has been one of my greatest focusses and desires for over a year now - a southern hemisphere Completion Process training course.

    I have sent my application in - wish me luck everybody in getting accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have NO IDEA how happy and excited this has made me - OMG gosh jeez and all this squealing expletives that can't get type out loud!!!

    I can't quite hold my breathe on this - yahoo!!!!

    Ahh, an - - ticipation...


    Sydney Completion Process_2018.png

    1. Ramses Rodriguez

      Ramses Rodriguez

      Good Luck! I am excited for you too! See it, feel it, manifest it!

  4. Name: Crystal Rob Question: Dear Sea Biscuit, would you consider doing Completion Process training IN the southern hemisphere or does mohammed really really need to come to the mountain? I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  5. Completion Process DownUnder Hi to all Southern Hemisphere Teal Tribe members. Costa Rica is a hell of a long way away from us all and I was wondering if any other Tealers DownUnder also wanted to train as a CP Practitioner? And if so, have a combined ‘shout out’ to Teal to combine her Sydney and Melbourne events with doing a special CP training camp for us at the same time. So Shout out and ‘Like’ as well if you’re keen. Plus I think we should all send Ask Teal questions on this and generally bother Teal Moderators like Graci and whoever you can think of and Sundyer (Blake) about this. Just maybe a combined effort can get Teal to put one on for us; god knows we can use some CP Practitioners down here in the Southern Hemisphere. Light and Love crystal Rob
  6. Thank you for replying Jason. I'm not so sure it is but I do really appreciate someone taking the time to answer with a possibility! Light crystal Rob
  7. Hey @Pastor George et al, I'm coming back to the initial question (and since my name was mentioned, say what!).. it actually doesn't help to overthink some things we say and do - but then again the law of attraction is that we will trigger alright according to the other person being an internal match to how we subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) see things ourselves. No other way to explain it; we are who we are because of our own experience filters. We all react to what others say; can't help it we're human... but it then comes down to how much respect we have for what is being kindly put in front of us to learn from; (remembering here that the Universe is giving us what we are asking for); so if it's conflict and self-justification then that's what'll happen; if it's a mutually agreed disagreement then that's what'll happen; if it's mutual trust and inter-dependancy, than that's what will happen... Remember this is all contacting others to have your opinion heard, respected and then maybe someone else will see some light in what you or others have to say. So Pastor George, yes I learnt from my outbursts; in that it was not my place to interpose my opinion onto someone else; yet there was a sense of care that I felt because someone would blindly treat their body with contempt by what they were eating and simply not realise what they were doing. But in the end, hey, that's theirs to deal with. So I 'cured' that by letting it go. I do like to be contentious somethings though - and I guess we can all be guilty of putting a slap in the face out there... gotta admit to that. So you could say that the outcome to any of these posts and forums is to shine light where we can for others. There are some beautiful examples above this reply from Scot, Mark JM, Mai-da and even Pastor George. So I believe that is actually the key thing here, about how two people or more can discuss something and see both perspectives or all perspectives and take something and learn from it - that being because our own experience filters are unique and we should never blindly just accept what someone else says - the trick is to 'know thyself'. So, with the help of Teal and all the other beautiful people here who take the time and effort to add to forum discussions, I personally thank you all for any contribution you may have. (Back pat yourself). crystal Rob
  8. Hey @barneslinda has the situation developed since then? What have you decided to do? Hopefully hubby sees his part in all this, that has put you in this position?
  9. Todella totta ja helppo nähdä ... mutta... Hei Ronja, a little cheeky I guess doing that to be sure, no question. The main message mixed with broken grammar making it seem like a cheeky child... so. There are a lot of trees in Finland but luckily to balance that there is also a lot of water. Trees have spirits and also are mischievous with the amount of soaking up of thoughts and experiences. Mostly this is fine but having water around can help balance out the bad experiences people pick up from forests. People experiencing thought fields may mistake feelings from the trees. Finland's forests are old whereas New Zealand forests are relatively young plus we do not have as many thought forms running around as you do in Europe. The rejuvenation and freedom felt here is much different in feeling. We also are an island nation; meaning we have a lot of lakes and sea and coastal - refreshing and balancing. Also, spiritual development it seems to me must be very strong in Finland - the society is not that open so any person wishing spiritual freedom may have few close friends but they I feel, would be strong ones. Does that make sense? There was not much to say really - this is my impression only; that came to me. I would like to visit there one day. The farthest north has been grey Denmark. Welcome Ronja and Ukko to Teal Tribe to both you !
  10. Hey @Annie_30 I believe you are right to question whether everything is yours. There's a way of doing this involving the 'thing' or 'problem', and that is to capture the whole thing in say something a balloon. Once you have made sure the thing and only the thing is 'captured' and mentally seen as a whole thing, ask it directly what part of (that thing) is yours. What isn't yours has to drop away to leave only what is your part in it. Does this make sense? I think it's a common way to look at a problem. Then become fully responsible for your part in it, and do work and conciseness on that. I think the same technique can be done here from what you have described. Also, Teal has an Insight about our thoughts being another sense - have you seen it? She mentions moving through a thought field and picking up on thoughts that we then think are ours... Teal has also previously talked about thoughts or feelings working in a vertical sense - they all happen at the same time through multiple layers or dimensions and vibrational states. Like when you come back into this 3D Reality after being in dream state... you pass through various layers and it can lead to confusion over what actually happened; because we try to put the full and total experience into a linear pattern that makes sense to our own experience in this life. Lastly, there's also the subconscious that tends to fool us. We discover underlying psyche that feels like it is a negative force and is directed against us. This is simply hidden underlying subconscious and sometimes our over-protective ego; so it's easy to get confused is my feeling about this one. A book I read described a Question & Answer session where the judgemental questioner can easily damage the more sensitive answering side - best thing in this situation is to have a guiding, experienced counsellor present so that the damage is limited or hopefully prevented. But how often would we do that - get someone else's help beforehand? We're far more likely to just blunder on and get into that negative self-judgement space. This is a biggie, that's for sure.
  11. Yes, I see what you mean George; habits are hard to kick into touch in the first place; speaking as an observer as well; as the only psyche meds I have had are LSD and Maryjane in my formative, younger years; so not sure you can claim them as psyche meds. "Baby steps" is my usual advice. Thanks for the perspective.
  12. Hey @WireX seems your Post got hijacked - did you get sorted on this one?
  13. Voinko hankkia heinän. Sattuu, että niin monet puut eivät salli mielen ajatuksia, jotka liotavat vettä kuin ne, vaan pitävät niitä hengissä. Hengellinen herääminen on kyky pilkkoa ajatuksiasi monien ajatusten joukosta, jotka ovat päällä, ehdottomasti. se ei ole vitsi, jolloin kaikki ajatukset aiheuttavat järkyttäviä tekoja elimistössäsi ja muillakin ihmisillä. Ajatusten ottaminen veteen auttaa - tasapaino puiden välillä, jotka imevät ajatuksia ja vettä, jotka heijastavat ajatuksia. Henkinen hereillä vaatii oppimiskoulutusta. Suomi on hyvä maa veden ja puiden tasapainolle. Mutta varokaa metsä ajatuksia; olla tietoisia ja aina kysyä, kuka ajattelevat kuuluvat? Ne eivät aina ole omia. Avoimuus on henkisen oppimisprosessi varovaisille suomalaisille, jotka ovat melkein liian järkeviä historiassa.
  14. Hey everyone. Just feeling that being afraid of things is the wrong way to look at it. While I like what Scot says and Garnet says I can’t help but think that that is half the problem. Stop the medication because that is just giving into the fear mongering that society wants you to be controlled by. Start thinking why are these things being put in front of you? Most psychosis is mind fucking because you are not questioning enough or not confronting enough. Turn the tables and say you are right and they are trying to tell you you are wrong. Work the system the other way round. All this is, is expansion. Learn to trust You not others. Question everything but also think of this as a cosmic joke and you are the victim. Then stop that and become the one in control. Take control and determine your own future and focus. You are as in control as you want. Everything is out there, in your way for expansion so learn from what you feel not what you think. Thinking is over-rated anyways. Annie, your dad is your lesson not your chain around your neck. He is repaying a karmic debt between you because you once helped him and that is the only inter-generational bond between you as he knows you are better than that but just need some faith in yourself to give you the strength. You are not a victim to what caused his early death. He knows you have the strength to go beyond this with his help but you just don’t realise it and are not asking for his help to guide you so you don’t need pills you need to listen to your dad. THIS is your wake up call. Heed it and find the Joy in being free in living now rather than stuck in the past. You can learn from your dad if you stay open to his whisperings in your ear that you think are just noise but they are not. Teal will help, so now click the Let the Universe Message to see what will inspire you next! (wink wink) Light crystal Rob
  15. Hey @sherythoma98 I spotted JPK's "gnosticteachings" twice now so thought I'd share my perspective on this Post of yours... I hope it may open some avenues that seem to be currently; closed for you... What I say is that you don't know till you know; so why worry about something that hasn't happened? And this may mean you either do know or you are maybe resonating with the same issue yourself. Maybe it is as simple as you have grown into the habit of not asking enough of your partner and he is suspect of a failing marriage? (I'm simply throwing things out here to see if you can question yourself and question hubby in different ways)... Another issue could simply be you have both gotten used to each others' habits... you for instance, may try to have a sexual relationship but force the issue when maybe re-thinking it from a fresh perspective, you may have to treat hubby like a virgin; him being scared of intimacy and unused to having sex demanded of him in this way. Maybe he does have his own performance issues and maybe not. You won't know till you ask - but at this stage please don't use a 3rd Party Counselling session as that'll seem like ganging-up against him and that'll likely close him up not open him up. How do I know all this....? Hmm... So I'd do what Scot suggests and sit down for a frank conversation; allowing any feelings to be honestly and openly discussed. This takes bravery on both sides - this may not be possible; so be prepared for closed, guarded feelings. Getting them out may take time and loving presence on both your parts... Also, Teal's 'Relationship Elixir' exercise... you both write down as many things as you can think of of the neediness you personally have. What often happens is that you may think you are supplying your partner in the relationship when in fact you are supplying the 3rd party in the relationship (The Relationship) itself and not him and he not supplying all your needs to you. Does this make sense? So when you both write down your needs - like "I like my husband to show he cares by getting my car door, shop door and getting my restaurant seat" is your need. Or "I need to be told at least once a day that I am loved". It doesn't matter how obscure or needy this is because it's your needs not what should be or shouldn't be shown. Then you rank them in order of the most important being 10 to the least important being 1. You may have as many important needs as you want - 5 x 10 ranked needs, no 7s and a bunch of lesser needs like rank 3: buying me jewellery on my birthday and at christmas; whereas he may rank that as an 8 or 10. Then swap lists. And discuss. You and he may be surprised. Sex may rank 5 for him and 10 for you. Discuss how you can accommodate him and he you. Maybe it's how you have intimacy so some intimacy acts rank higher than others..? I'm not getting into anything here other than letting you be aware of how issues can subliminally arise without us knowing. Low libido can happen at any age and it can be a mental thing which manifests as a physical thing. (I have Evette rose Metaphysical Anatomy book so if you want I cvan PM it to you - just ask. Not for a public forum I feel... So carrying on where I was, you'll need to examine what it was like between him and you when you first met and the budding relationship intimacy and try to bring this up with him in a neutral environment and in a non-accusing way. We are all different and maybe you did not realise why you married in the first place? What do his parents and he have in common and what do you have in common with your parents if anything..? Look for similarities which often show up in how he believes a marriage should be based on his parents' marriage and vice-versa. Then again, you seem to be on a spiritual path and maybe he is feeling left behind..? Lastly, you have not mentioned children... I pose questions and offer some ideas on solutions - it's really up to what you and hubby decide - whether it's worth 5 years or not; but it pays to totally exhaust all avenues of your relationship before assuming the worst and ending anything. Only after all this has been exhausted will you both know what to do next. I hope this helps. Light and Love crystal Rob