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  1. KarenG

    I can totally feel for the magnitude of responsibility in getting Philia launched. It takes so much to start a new venture and surround yourself with the right people who do what they do best, and allow you to do what you do best. I am really surprised by the negative comments, which to me on the surface, seem so obviously hateful. If anyone were to question my choices in guidance, I would see that as their choice, to each his own. I am thrilled to be able to learn from you and not only learn, but help you in anyway to feel better. It's an "all-hands on deck" and you have so many people to draw in as resources to support you. It's all going to be fantabulous! xoxo
  2. KarenG

    Stay strong. Reserves are coming in on Saturday. I can't wait and look forward to being supportive. I would write more but I'm on Bart right now ... so sending my very best intention. Xoxo Karen