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  1. AndrewL

    Nicely said Neptune I agree with that.
  2. AndrewL

    Hmm well Welland doesn't have too much of interest lol - there's a nice walking trail along the canal that's beautiful, and some other hiking trails, but not a lot of things to do as there might be in a larger city I go to Hamilton every so often for the Rawlicious restaurant, as it's the closest raw vegan restaurant to me - they have delicious food
  3. AndrewL

    Hi I was born in Hamilton too, currently live in Welland. I'm 29, went to school for environmental engineering, but am planning for a more service-oriented spiritual career, when the time is right for that. Sounds like you did the right thing with your change in life direction Nice to meet you!
  4. AndrewL

    I have type O blood and I've been vegan for years and love it - so at least in my case I don't agree with the blood type diet stuff I think it's always worth experimenting with diet and seeing what works for you
  5. AndrewL

    I've been vegan for over six years and vegetarian for a number of years before that, and I feel great No health problems from the diet, and I feel it is a much healthier diet - at least for me
  6. AndrewL

    Love and well-being for all
  7. AndrewL

    I'm currently reading and deeply enjoying the book "New Self, New World" by Philip Shepherd. It's all about finding balance and wholeness by moving from isolated head-consciousness into a more integrative body awareness, along with uniting the currently unbalanced masculine energy with the feminine energy of Being. It's very well written, quite enjoyable to read, and full of great insights. I really recommend it!
  8. AndrewL

    Had this raw vegan burger and salad tonight - take-out from a raw vegan restaurant it was quite delicious I find that I feel great since adopting a raw vegan diet - I eat a lot of smoothies at home, and it's always a treat to have something gourmet like this burger from time to time