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  1. Well folks, here goes. I do not share my dreams often, especially on the internet with God knows who, but after reading Teal's, I felt compelled to share my most recent one. Part one...escaped conscious recollection.... The Drifter and The happy sea turtle are the only vague recollections. Part two.... Plays out like watching the movie "Top Gun". Kelly McGillis is kissing Maverick and another man approaches. Maverick rides off on his motorcycle. The other man is a former friend/lover? of Kelly McGillis. He tries to convince her to date him. She declines and goes into a long winded speech like a PSA about not doing drugs. (it was rather funny in the dream). In this version, Kelly McGillis is a seasoned pilot and a badass. She has a rival in the skies and wants to prove her superiority once and for all. She agrees to go on a date with the man if he can arrange a contest in the sky following the "old rules"...heavy implication that the flight rules were soon to change. The scene changes to jets flying with music playing like in Top Gun. A narrator begins talking about the jets and their capabilities. One jet, the newest most advanced jet, is shown. It has multiple cockpits...5 or more....the exact number escapes vision. The scene shifts again.... Part Three.... Cuba Gooding Jr. is wearing a flight suit. He is very happy. He climbs into one of the cockpits, not the lead one of the multiple cockpit jet. He is in the Air Force. It is his job and he loves it. His face lights up and mid flight, he ejects. The plane continues on and none of the other pilots seem to mind. The plane is gone and Cuba pops his chute. He glides gently down looking at the water below. He sees a large target on the water... a preset landing zone. He lands safely and sees several dead bodies floating there. It feels as though he knows them but they are not very partners. He finds a briefcase full of money. He knew it would be there. The dead people were like part of a grand plan to get rich...not in a bad way though. He calls for rescue and ends up swimming to shore. He goes into a house on the beach and calls the drifter from the first part of the dream. Cuba is beaming! He tells the drifter to come get him, and that he is rich! The drifter asks what the address is. Cuba picks up a piece of mail and reads the address. It is in Kansas. Both of them are shocked. "Kansas?! There are no oceans in Kansas!" This realization hits Cuba. He realizes that it must be fresh water not salt water and runs to the shore. He calls out to the water and the Happy sea turtle swims onto shore. They start playing and laughing. Cuba has achieved exstacy! They dance on the beach and the scene shifts again.... Part Four.... The scene switches from watching a the events like a movie and it is me now, watching the events from above, looking at the scene as if it is in a terrarium. A big spider, as big as Cuba comes out of the brush and starts to attack the sea turtle. Cuba is highly distressed by this turn of events and runs to protect the turtle. He fights it valiantly. As he battles the spider, a rabbit, also the size of Cuba starts attacking the sea turtle. The rabbit cannot penetrate the turtle's shell (nor could the spider for that matter). The sight of the rabbit attack distracts Cuba and the spider sinks it's fangs deep into Cuba's chest. Cuba falls. It is not known if he survives. I am watching the scene in disgust. I crush the spider with my bare hand. I feel it's legs and exoskeleton break under the force of my hand. Then I grab the rabbit. I can feel it's warmth, it's soft fur. It claws at me and bites at me. I snap it's neck. I can feel the bones break and then it's lifeless body in my hands. The sea turtle was unharmed. It had only to go into it's shell or into the water and neither the spider nor the rabbit could have hurt it. Then I wake up. I have my interpretation of this dream. It is evolving as time passes. Teal's mention of the Whale as her shadow totem inspired me to add to my analysis. I have found it quite interesting. Here is me stripping away a piece of my armor and sharing my truth with the world. Thank you Teal for sharing.
  2. There is a strong possibility that I have no idea what I am talking about, but here goes.... We are all going to part this flesh. We all have infinite volumes to learn. People react in this way or that when they are hurt or when they are afraid. Some people spout outright lies, some mix truth with the lies, some are speaking the truth from their perspective. I do not presume to know what people are saying. It isn't really my business. I will decipher what I see and feel to be truth with my own abilities. If what is being said to you or about you is false, it hurts, but really, they are only setting themselves up for a hard schooling later. If what is said has truth, perhaps you should analyze their perception in order to further evolve. We will leave this earth. Our essence from this life will echo throughout time. If we are here to evolve, then let us do so. If we are all one, then let us love ourselves, even the critical parts of ourselves. Let us give validation to the feelings of fear and anger so that we might hear their lessons and help them to stop over reacting and gumming up the works.
  3. I have been to Philadelphia several times. It is a sprawling metropolis! I drove for almost two hours west of downtown. I saw an Amish community on my left and a strip mall on my right. I asked a local how far it was to the countryside... He said "this IS the countryside!" There are pockets of diamonds in the surrounding areas. As you drift away from the heart of the city, there are points of epic beauty and high energy! Unfortunately, I must agree with Teal though, Philadelphia is a disturbed, painful place. As to the final quote from the blog... This would not be the first time I have been told I was crazy!
  4. Miss Diana, I truly understand your frustration. Here is my perspective on feeling stuck and not being able to proceed... I see the journey to be much like travelling up a spiral stairway...round and round, the view is all too familiar. It takes a moment (and a good bit of sweat), but eventually we realize that we have been climbing the entire time. All of a sudden, we see that the view has changed dramatically! Sometimes we must revisit old lessons to pick up on what it is that was overlooked or what we were unable to comprehend as we climbed lower rungs. There is progress in the perceived monotony for those who are seeking.
  5. Hello. I am new to this community. I was in attendance at the Portland workshop. I must say....You have chosen your people well.
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