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  1. Thanks, Mark! Your way to perceive is quite interesting! From the practical perspective sounds perfect, but considering the spiritual perspective some questions have been raised in my mind because it apparently contemplates every experience as something sharable and of course in some level it is true, but what about the personal achievements? What about the persons who came to this life to expand the Universe consciousness through "single" perspective? *Maybe that topic would be transferred to "Spiritual Development" area kkkkkkkk*
  2. Of course, I want! Send me a message when you fell impelled to, will be at least very fun. I guess that by learning Macedonian I can impress girls from anywhere hahaha, maybe won't be a bad idea learn too kkkkk Byee!
  3. For sure! It is not easy as saying. hahaha from my perspective if you can speak Macedonian definitely you can speak Portuguese
  4. Hello Mark, thanks for answering! Can you help me to understand this concept of "manifest them when they want"? It's about releasing the resistance, or something else? Hello Mai-da, I'm fine! I will try to do the way you suggested! To explain better. A week ago I went to a place eat some acai. Then, sitting on a table in front of me I saw a girl which made me feel really attracted. While I was eating, I listened to her conversation with a friend and at that moment my mind was blown away, and a thought came to my mind "This is true? A person like this can be real? I can't let it go". She was saying a lot of spiritual stuff and saying things from a point of view that I felt amazingly resonant, but for some reason that day I didn't feel secure enough to approach and start a conversation. After that day I lost much of my interest in many persons I was relating. I definitely find a person which was really interesting for me. That girl changed something inside my mind. Hmmm, so probably make sense to say that if we didn't meet that day, it's because wasn't the right moment, for any reason? ---------- Guys, I have another question since I didn't find explanations for that. At the bottom line of manifestation what really matters is a genuine and authentic desire? After that what I really need to do is to release the resistance to the Universe bring me the things I want? So, If sometimes I see my self feeling that I missing out something is just the by-product of the misunderstanding that I can't lose anything? After all, if I want the Universe will manifest ..
  5. Traduzi alguns no passado, escutava e já escrevia traduzido.
  6. Hello felinemenina! The book's name is Metaphysical Anatomy, Evette Rose
  7. Manifestation Hello guys, how are you? Some days ago I've seen a person which make me feel a really intense feeling at her presence. The situation inhibited me to talk with her. Do you have any way to manifest a person to you when you want? Meditating on the feeling signature of being in her presence can work? Do you ever pass through a situation like this?
  8. That book is so insightful!
  9. Amazing! I imagined something like the things explained in the book, indeed I have to buy a copy. Thank you very much!
  10. Alzheimer Hello guys, how are you? Today I have a simple question. Have you ever heard or have some insights about the root causes of Alzheimer? Is it an attempt to disconnect from some hurts from past life experiences? Peace!
  11. Thanks, Rob! I realised that that the right path turned in the wrong direction, but now it's on track again, I guess at least.
  12. Sometimes feels strange and funny about how all the answers are "inside". Last night I decided to do a meditation on the theme, and I had some insights giving me an amplified perspective. In my case, the "Reader's Block" appears to be a result of a brain's hyper excitement/stimulation which in turn is the consequence of some behaviors patterns used during my entire past life with the attempt to numb some unmet emotional needs that are related to connection and social interactions. In fact, I've been working on traumas and all stuff associated for about years, and this is year feels like that I'm about to finish a step which will put me in a new "life chapter"
  13. Reader's Block Hello guys, how are you? Today I had to face an old issue I've been always struggling during my entire life. Some call it Reader's Block, I really don't know if its the name of what happens to me, but I'm in a specific moment of my life that I have to study a lot of materials and read some books to achieve my life goals. The issue is that when I sit down and start reading, thoughts of many forms get inside my brain, trying to put me out of the studying and I start a really hard fight with them to keep my mind focus and continue reading. The progress is very very slow. I definitely need to solve that, because my life purpose depends on that. I came here to ask if some of you had a similar experience and if you solved by any means. Is it an issue for be healed with the Completion Process? Much love!
  14. The bars of my rat cage. Hello guys, how are you? Today I have a simple question to ask you. I'm living a life situation wich my primary caregivers (father and uncle) are exceeding my personal boundaries, I feel that they act in a way that prevents me from reaching and meet some of deep needs that I have that are completely related to my expansion as a being. My feeling is saying to me some like this "Go ahead, man! Your boundaries should be your priority, your expansion should be your priority! If you need to live a life in wich they are not in because if so, they act with no love, go ahead!" Unfortunately, I've grown in a family completely absent of emotional understanding and the atmosphere that I want to live don't hold space for that. The question is: There is something wrong with the idea of creating a life in wich they are not fully in? Sometimes is clear to me that I have to left my family behind to live the life I want, but also it sounds "bad" or "wrong". Left our family behind is quite different from left any stranger behind I guess. Do you have any insights about that? Love!