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    Jana is a great facilitator for emotional healing. I came to her with issues about my father and abandonment. By her being present with me I finally managed to be able to be present with myself. She is loving and at the same time as solid as a rock. She was firmly being with me when I felt surrounded by the chaos of my own emotions and thoughts, like a guide that leads you safely out of a storm. She is very intuitive and can perceive and feel energy very well. After the session I felt much lighter and clearer. I am so glad that I got to know and receive help from her. Thank you Jana.
  2. Selina K

    "There is no shame in struggling" Thank you Teal ♥
  3. Selina K

    Working with Kerrie was amazing. We dove deep into a shadow aspect I was working on for some years, but always felt kind of stuck. She encouraged me to look at a part of myself that I didn't feel strong enough to look at alone. Her softness but firmness was perfectly right for this process. We have seen a part of myself that wanted to be seen since I was a child, which was incredibly healing! The session lasted for 3 hours and I never had the impression that she wanted to hurry up the process. She is so patient and loving. I am so greatful that I worked with her <3 I feel safer now to allow my more uncomfortable emotions and to express them. I can totaly recommend working with her and I know now where I can go to when I feel stuck again. Thank you so much Kerrie!