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    Dating Advice for Women

    If women are accusing you of sexual harassment when you "make the first move", you are not doing it right and you need to be more mindful of if she wants you to make the first move in the first place. Only a truly disconnected man would say something like what you just said. Women do not want to be pursued by men we are not attracted to, or who give off needy, desperate vibes, or who ignore our wishes and boundaries and have no sense of empathy towards us. Feminism didn't do anything except make people more aware of themselves. You seem to have missed the memo.
  2. Doing mushrooms isn't going to cure your depression. You're looking outside of yourself for answers and the medicines will only tell you to look within, they won't work for you.
  3. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Career Love

    I also feel like I was born too early. But clearly not since I'm here.
  4. You can't feel a beings' pain and still go through with harming it, or you're not feeling their pain, you're blocking it out. Empathy is the natural state of all beings. We block out empathy due to trauma, creating a sociopathic society, which pushes sociopaths to the top and perpetuates a cycle of sociopathy/ numbing out to the self and others. You cannot knowingly harm a being without also harming yourself. You must first dissociate from the being in order to cause it pain, which is the opposite of empathy.
  5. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    We're Our Parents

    Why do you even watch Teal, since you don't seem to absorb anything that she says or understand empathy or shadow work at all. You just live from your conditioning without questioning it ("get over it/ grow up/ enough is enough"). The point is that you can't get over it because it's a trauma that you need to work out. Just saying "enough is enough" only gaslights and ads more damage, making the trauma unconscious and buried to manifest in you life over and over as disease and/ or outside circumstance. Enough is enough. Do some shadow work. All of your comments are the same.
  6. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Unspoken History

    In most cultures, it is expected that everyone is together on holidays. Get some non-white friends and hang out with them on any holiday and you will see! It's a lot of fun. Hunny that is EASILY explained by European colonization! Perhaps do some research. I see a lot of your comments on here and most of them come from a place of challenge, as opposed to a genuine desire to learn and heal your trauma.
  7. SdsjfeEbfkgr


    I LOVE YOU !!! omfg yes
  8. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Sacred Maui

    I can feel how absorbed she is in the energy of the place, what a beautiful place!!
  9. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Agree To Disagree

    I LOVE THAT YOU'RE A LEFTIST. Your views are anti liberal and anti conservative, very anarcho communist. I love you.
  10. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Sex Abuse Course

    Is Teal bisexual because I get heavy bi vibes from her, some of the things she has said make me wonder, lol I love it.
  11. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Late Development Universe

    This, ladies, gentlemen, and NB folk alike... Is what someone who does not trust themselves and their intuition sounds like.
  12. Pride and Prejudice is one of my top 3 movies too, I could watch it over and over and over, and just watched it like two days ago lol. Oh my god, I LOVE Memoirs of a Geisha too. I always loved Hatsumomo's beauty as well, she is so gorgeous.
  13. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Toxic Masculinity

    Thank you so much Teal. I am so glad that you are so incredibly woke and so intuitive. And, you are right. Women's suffering is hidden, and invisible, and no one is going to force men to learn. That is something that men need to WANT to do and then do. I have no idea what it will take, as it seems the majority of men hate women. Many men say they love women, but they really only love women's bodies, they don't love women's issues, our suffering, our ugliness, our trauma, or our faults. Which is required in order to love someone. Men who love women know that what it takes to uplift and empower women is to become truly empowered themselves, as men, because men are not truly masculine right now. They are disempowered, grasping little boys. Truly masculine men exist, and they love this ad. I am thankful to be surrounded by truly masculine men who love women, and to be able to spot these grown boys from miles away, and avoid them at all costs. Users like @Leighton gill and @copper_pyramid are only a few steps behind. These people are easy to call out, but it is important to realize that we cannot make others grow, and that our desire to shame and punish them is a natural reaction to trauma. There is always time for them to learn. No one can make them learn empathy and compassion, that is up to them to cultivate within themselves first, and to have for others second. For people who think like this, I reccommend deeper soul-searching as to why you are attracted to Teal's work, as it honestly seems not to be for you, you are simply not ready for deep introspection, you seem more into conspiracies and tall tales. @deniz you are absolutely right.
  14. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Splits In The Body

    science doesn't actually say that. that study was done on wolves bred in captivity. wolves in the wild do not act in "alpha" and "beta" ways. anything bred in captivity will compete for scant resources, "alpha" and "beta" are symptoms of our captive society, not symptoms of being male. i agree, gender is fluid and differs from person to person.
  15. SdsjfeEbfkgr


    I agree, I'd love to get to know Teal's community better too! I want to know what life is like in her community, I've never been part of a community until recently and I want to know more about the daily issues, and what relationships are like.
  16. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Help The Homeless

    I love you so much Teal, this is real praxis!!!!!
  17. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    360 Degree Mirror

    Freddie Mercury was bi. Your post is great, thanks for sharing!
  18. SdsjfeEbfkgr


    OMG, I skipped thanksgiving this year to sleep. And I chose not to participate because I didn't want to celebrate native american genocide. I had the thought earlier today that I'd love to change the holiday to mean something else. What a great synchronicity
  19. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Childhood Is Prison

    Pink bedroom + John WIlliam Waterhouse prints.... oh my god i LOVE it
  20. "a child is basically disabled from us by day 1" yes, i have always described myself as having been "emotionally crippled" by my parents
  21. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    The Inauthentic King

    It sounds to me like you haven't discovered your solution yet. If you are made unhappy by a "solution", it is just another problem, no?
  22. SdsjfeEbfkgr

    Resistant To Teal

    People are afraid of their shadows, and they are afraid of the fact that they control reality because it means they have to take responsibility for their lives. You are a living representation of that to them, and they hate you for it, but really they hate themselves. I wish people were more open to you. Xx
  23. SdsjfeEbfkgr


    Angelina Jolie and general is someone I've always related to, because she has clearly been through so much pain. She plays amazing villains/ "bad girls" and I love her so much for it.
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