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  1. dreamingskychild


    This is a beautiful video
  2. This is a beautiful video
  3. dreamingskychild


    Thank you Teal! I love you
  4. dreamingskychild


    Much love to you Blake to you Teal and to sweet Winter
  5. dreamingskychild

    Play Time

    awwwww!!!! Looks like so much fun ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  6. I love you! Thank you so much for these videos! I'm glad that you had stuffed peppers and a beautiful hike and company Sorry about the circus horror you experienced! Hope you're feeling loved and warm in this moment xxx
  7. I wish I wasn't broke and could make it to your workshops in Australia this year. Miss you and I bet they are going to be amazing Hopefully you will see more bats!!!
  8. dreamingskychild


    Thank you so much... I feel great sadness and shame as I am codependent. I wonder then if what the codependent needs to do, is completely step back, and stop trying to get love from the narcissist. Honestly even just the thought of this terrifies me ? I am terrified of being abandoned and alone. I am going to ponder over today's message at the safest pace I can. I would love to hear you speak about how to heal codependency in the future if you ever feel called to. All my appreciation to you Teal
  9. dreamingskychild


    Thank you so much for the validation that there are a lot of people that are suffering immensely from relationships right now. I am one of those people and I am grateful for the message that I am not alone in this torturous pain. Much love and appreciation to you Teal. I appreciate your daily updates
  10. dreamingskychild


    You are beautiful. So beautiful and that music... wow. I wonder what it is. Lovely xxx
  11. dreamingskychild

    Story Time

    Wow I loved this Thank you so much Teal. I'm loving you sharing these short stories. Thank you dearly. My life is in ruin and this daily update and the message inherit within, brought me some comfort xxx
  12. dreamingskychild


    Dear Teal, I'd like to make a suggestion. Could you please consider speaking more about possession (of the extreme degree, where it's uncontrollably, terrifying and you feel at mercy to it), and what one can do about it please? Thank you if you can. Lots of love and appreciation.
  13. dreamingskychild

    The Road

    Thank you Teal, this was beautiful. Also, you look absolutely stunning!
  14. dreamingskychild

    The Phantom

    Oh my god, amen sister xD I feel for you so much, holy moly! Very cool to hear more about your past with ski racing by the way. Much love to you and Graciela
  15. YES!!!!! 1000000% RELATE THANK YOU SO MUCH
  16. dreamingskychild

    Mind Games

    You look so so beautiful Teal, I love the colours you chose Thank you for this message today too. I wonder please if you could ever do an article, Ask Teal video, or a daily update where you talk about how to hold space for extreme neurological symptoms (such as losing control of yourself completely (body/mind/emotions), or almost completely, and the unbearable neurological, sensory overload and pain in the brain). These kind of experiences have me feeling terrified that I will die or experience permanent damage if I allow them. I have never heard anyone (especially spiritual teachers) spea
  17. dreamingskychild


    I love you Teal! Thank you for your work <3 You are amazing and beautiful! & holy shit do I relate on the separation anxiety. Glad they'll be back with you soon xxx
  18. dreamingskychild

    The Elephant

    Love you Teal and Graciela, thank you both <3
  19. dreamingskychild

    Autoimmune Disease

    Thank you for the information Teal <3 I would love to hear you talk more about autoimmune disease in the future. I have arthritis (rheumatoid) and medication is not working xxx
  20. Thank you so much Teal, Graciela and Blake <3 I'm at a loss of words xxx
  21. dreamingskychild


    Thank you soooo much Teal. I have severe Borderline, and everything you said is sooooo f*cking on point... I have gone from therapist to therapist, and healer to healer, a different spiritual teacher who was a friend and mentor too. I've been told countless times "I don't know how to help you", I've had people say "you're just not getting better", "what's wrong with you?", "you've got to grow up and join the adult world", "Your needs are too much for anyone" Which has had me immensely internalizing that I am defective and beyond help :'( But what you said about unconditional presence, is absol
  22. Thank you SO much! I look forward to your insights on this <3 I have disorganized attachment style, and I have ever heard anyone describe what it is like better than you have!
  23. Thank you Teal, miss you too <3
  24. Happy birthday Graciela! <3 I hope that you can all go ahead with the plans that fell through on another day soon. I also hope Ale is okay and has a speedy recovery <3 Sorry it has been an intense time xxx
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