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  1. Much love to you Blake to you Teal and to sweet Winter
  2. awwwww!!!! Looks like so much fun ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  3. I love you! Thank you so much for these videos! I'm glad that you had stuffed peppers and a beautiful hike and company Sorry about the circus horror you experienced! Hope you're feeling loved and warm in this moment xxx
  4. I wish I wasn't broke and could make it to your workshops in Australia this year. Miss you and I bet they are going to be amazing Hopefully you will see more bats!!!
  5. You are beautiful. So beautiful and that music... wow. I wonder what it is. Lovely xxx
  6. Wow I loved this Thank you so much Teal. I'm loving you sharing these short stories. Thank you dearly. My life is in ruin and this daily update and the message inherit within, brought me some comfort xxx
  7. Dear Teal, I'd like to make a suggestion. Could you please consider speaking more about possession (of the extreme degree, where it's uncontrollably, terrifying and you feel at mercy to it), and what one can do about it please? Thank you if you can. Lots of love and appreciation.
  8. Thank you Teal, this was beautiful. Also, you look absolutely stunning!
  9. Oh my god, amen sister xD I feel for you so much, holy moly! Very cool to hear more about your past with ski racing by the way. Much love to you and Graciela
  10. Thank you for the information Teal <3 I would love to hear you talk more about autoimmune disease in the future. I have arthritis (rheumatoid) and medication is not working xxx
  11. Thank you so much Teal, Graciela and Blake <3 I'm at a loss of words xxx
  12. Thank you soooo much Teal. I have severe Borderline, and everything you said is sooooo f*cking on point... I have gone from therapist to therapist, and healer to healer, a different spiritual teacher who was a friend and mentor too. I've been told countless times "I don't know how to help you", I've had people say "you're just not getting better", "what's wrong with you?", "you've got to grow up and join the adult world", "Your needs are too much for anyone" Which has had me immensely internalizing that I am defective and beyond help :'( But what you said about unconditional presence, is absolutely true. This is my number 1 need, and it rarely gets met, but if it does, it is a relief and upliftment like none other. It brings me to tears. It is just so sad though, that society is not built for unconditional presence and developmental trauma... For the past 2 and half years, I have been consciously trying to find people to meet my needs, and have asked the ones in my life if they can, only to be abandoned or punished. It has been incredibly traumatizing and debilitating. I truly hope that things change in the future, and that less people will have to go through this emotional agony, starvation and isolation. Anyway, thank you so much for touching on this topic, and thank you very much for liking Borderlines as clients... for being accepting and warm towards us. I hope to hear you speak about this developmental disorder more in the future. All my love to you, thank you so much <3
  13. Thank you SO much! I look forward to your insights on this <3 I have disorganized attachment style, and I have ever heard anyone describe what it is like better than you have!
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