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  1. Hi Teal my son and I are in process of testing For Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I have a vascular cross over (open heart surgery connective tissue rupture) with hyper mobility and sub lexing of all joints and dislocation etc. I can completely relate to what you are dealing with from the condition itself to the red tape of the genetic testing specialist etc... . I am wishing you all the best of luck with it.
  2. yup my husband always feeds me if he comes home and sees me in the creative mode cause he just knows i have not even thought about food in probably HOURS and HOURS lol
  3. LMAO TEAL ! I have the Exact same sheet issue I say we burn them all!!!! (Sheets that is )
  4. Wonderful Congratulations!!!!
  5. Thank you Teal for coming to Toronto . It was a wonderful experience. <3 Much Love and Gratitude to you and your Amazing Team
  6. Weird, Sydney !!! (comment above mine here) I also had the same dream except the Baby Aurora was just born! This was a few months ago but the same non the less!
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