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  1. Love you Teal, for you as a reflector, it is not the job to be deeper and closer with the people. The function of your aura is to bounce it off and not to focus deeply or embrace it. Beading is also different than rejecting. You're so designd, and it would be good for you to keep that in mind. (HDS) You can see the whole group and stay here yourself, not in the middle. Can be that I am totally wrong, but I say times what comes to me as impuls. Many of your fans love you because they are deeply connected and because you are super attractive and sexy, cool and intelligent super sensitive and very open. However, they fall into a trap that takes them away from themselves and only encourages them to follow, or to depend on you. Make yourself free from the fans who hang on your lips and comment on every step. Go your way so they can go their way. Everything is impersonal and that is your shield for safety. Your growth has the same value as your students. You learn what you teach, even on a different level. You are in all and all are in you. Everything is perfect! Is there anything like risk at all? The only thing we risk is to experience.
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    Cooking is one of the most wholesome activities. It is a treat for all the senses. For me, cooking is the best meditation. Thanks Teal, I'll try the recipe. Please, if you have some left over, take a picture of "Teals quinoa summer salad". Love Aaron
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