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  1. Just like mentioned above, the topic of procrastination really hit me. That really sounds like me. Thank you so much for addressing this! Been dealing with this for years and getting hopeless. I also feel like that topic needs closure though. Can somebody please clarify does it mean that I need to let myself be as spontaneous as I can be? Let myself be that carefree? Or do I need to find win-win solution with other aspects of me (not having routines at all would make me look really messed up to other people)? Although with that kind of strong feelings I don't know how the latter can work. Please help!>.<
  2. Yes, I understand. Too bad:( Guess have to wait for the next one
  3. Hi, I have a suggestion. Is it possible to have the unanswered questions be answered by Teal in some ways? Maybe in writing or anything. Cause sometimes the people asking might need urgent help. But yeah I'm also aware that the number of questions must be a lot. I still don't have a solution for that. Just a thought though... maybe someone else has better ideas?
  4. Just like what some people mentioned here, I wish you'd be more specific on how to recognize the train. Maybe give some real life examples. I don't even know what my rat cage is. I really appreciate what you do however wouldn't it be better if more people get it? I love your teachings but sometimes I'm left confused and desiring a more in-depth explanation.
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