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    Teal, I am very sorry to hear. Ale was a caring individual during my time at Philia. I can appreciate the difficulty of splitting with him (or anyone) and I wish to send the frequency of receiving to you both that you inherit the earth and all that lies therein. Blessings Teal, I do not expect you to be more than you already are. With Love, Shellie

    This story is in many ways reminds me of my former rejections...I never could understand the difficulties of those with big shadows. I was always optimistic and smiling. I still am in some ways and sometimes but not always any more. I never had any idea how to help someone with a shadow that was somehow visible. After studying your books Teal, I've come to understand so much more about shadows and what they are about. Especially after the Completion Process I even feel as though I could, and would be able to help someone deal with their shadow. It seems like such a thorough process and so well worth making the effort to work it through. Holding space for someone would be an honor. I'm 63 now and hoping that I'll be a Completion Process Practitioner when I grow up. So much love to you Teal. I deeply appreciate your authenticity. Shellie