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  1. Trichakra

    Thanks for welcome
  2. Trichakra

    What is a moon sign? Hello Guys, I know how sun signs work. All that depends on your birthday. But I never understood moon signs.
  3. Trichakra

    Thanks for this. I will try and will share with you guys.
  4. Trichakra

    What is a zodiac cusp? How do you find out your moon, sun, mercury, Venus, and mars signs? And what is this zodia cusp thing? What does it all mean?
  5. Trichakra

    Meaning of 11:11? Hello Guys, How many of you know the meaning of 11:11 ?
  6. Trichakra

    What's your Vedic Sun Sign? Hello Guys, What is your Vedic Sun Sign? Waiting for reply.
  7. Trichakra

    How true is the Zodiac? By "Zodiac" I am talking about the Zodiac designations also referred to as "Astrology."
  8. Trichakra

    What's your Zodiac? Not sure if this topic has been done before, more then likely it has, regardless I felt like asking. For me I'm a Taurus with Virgo rising.
  9. Trichakra

    My life path is 6 @Tessa Rae Thanks for sharing this website
  10. Trichakra


    dot ??
  11. Trichakra

    Hello, Welcome to the forum.
  12. Trichakra

    Hello, Welcome to the forum.