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  1. Lucie

    It is the movie Teal talks about for the first woman on stage ;)
  2. This guy's shouts scared the shit out of me It was very scary for me. Somehow it feels more real sometimes, that pain and perception, cause I've been fed them the major part of my life
  3. Lucie

    Thank you all for your answers. How do you manage to follow your heart in a human society ? I don't get how it can go along with commitment and social life :0.
  4. Do we need a diploma if we create our own reality ? Because I'm already seeing myself struggling on the streets and I'm become more and more alone because of my belief in following my heart. Do you have this problem ? Like following what feels good makes you alone, because you can't commit because you value following your heart more than anything else ?
  5. Lucie

    I am in love
  6. Lucie

    I'll try anyway :), that's a scary process for me !
  7. Lucie

    Thank you all for your answers
  8. I have heard this again and again in the spiritual community : change your thoughts from negative to positive ones. I never figured how to do it. Now I have the inspiration to ask you advice : how the hell do you do that ?
  9. Lucie

    I completely agree. I found out these days that it is the stories that my mind keeps telling about the sensations that make it worse. Although, I come up with no image or else when I ask myself this question, and so I only follow the feeling process and I feel like it works even if it takes time to process the emotions.
  10. Lucie

    Thank you for your answer. It makes sense, but how do I learn to love this ?
  11. I have a problem : I am stuck in powerlessness and apathy. I don't know how to change my thoughts, I feel like it's impossible. Everytime I try it is like another failure. I've watched the ask Teal videos on apathy, emptiness and hopelessness several times, but positive focus is like impossible for me, or just a little. Visualization takes me a lot of effort and yet I come up with so little or even no feeling signatures. I try to practice healing the emotional body but no sensation or image is popping up when I ask the questions. What could I do to shake myself up from this place ?
  12. Lucie

    What can we do when no answer is popping up ?
  13. Lucie

    Heureuse aussi ! Du nord en plus !!
  14. Lucie

    Thank you all for these answers. Free spirit, the thing is that everytime I ask myself this question, I end up with no answer...It's like I don't know what self-love means on a practical way.