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  1. Shea E

    Skipping Rocks

    I love skipping rocks! I grew up spending hours skipping rocks. my record is 37 skips. Tribe. what's yours?
  2. Shea E

    Horse Friend

    This valley is full of Alapoosas and Paints... and there are a few wild herds still running free. My invitation to you to come here and check this place out still stands lol you would love it here nothing beats tapping into the collective network of horse consciousness heartbeams!
  3. I was trying to figure out how you had coastal blackberries in semi-arid Utah ?? lol Portland makes way more sense! I know what you mean about various elements having 'more consciousness' - I can really feel the presence of certain natural elements. You mentioned the water in hawaii - definitely! The fog / mist of the rainforest - definitely! I have felt this presence and awareness in certain trees and even rocks. you are working with a client... gotta admit, i wish I could be a client of yours! I would go into debt and borrow all the money to get your help! please let me know if you ever feel like working with me still no contact with my family.. but I feel frozen and like I am not progressing in my own healing. I feel better and better at helping others, and more desperate for help with my own shizz. Thanks for reading this
  4. Shea E

    Environmental Ideas

    oh ya... and re-using plastic bags! just wash 'em and dry 'em... you can get dozens of uses out of ziploc bags, bread bags, etc. and in the end.... as a bag for kitty litter lol
  5. Shea E

    Environmental Ideas

    prayer flags! I wish i could post a photo! I go to thrift stores and find bed sheets in awesome, bright colors.. then i rip them up into squares (which is sooo fun!) . Then I silk screen images on them... then sew them into prayer flags. I am current in production on Rainbow Warrior prayer flag sets I've been wanting to mail you some, Teal & Blake! (&Team) Another thing I do is use broken mugs and dishes for planters (depending on how they break) Clothing swap parties are fun! Everyone goes through their closet and pulls out the stuff they are not using... I am way more prone to passing on stuff that I love, but am not wearing for whatever reason when I see someone else's face light up with excitement for an article of clothing I was otherwise having a difficult time letting go of. good free way to get a new wardrobe! I use glass jars as my tupperware. plastic tastes weird, gets funky, and has to be thrown out. even if something rots in glass, you can completely sterilize it. Fix broken stuff! Sew ripped stuff!
  6. Shea E

    Two Dominant Shadows

    I love bibliomancy! one of my favourites right up there with your yearly forecasts thanks for everything... much love! ~S
  7. a moment I will never forget occurred at a gathering of community members who were collaborating on youth initiatives in my small town. One member referred to the youth who were struggling with things like addiction and family dysfunction as the "throw away kids" - that's when i realized my larger purpose.
  8. Shea E

    Questions With Cassio

    The movie is "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - based on an excellent book by Douglas Addams!
  9. Shea E

    Questions With Cassio

    No way! We have a very similar vision! (Mine is posted right below yours)
  10. Shea E

    Questions With Cassio

    It's great to see you, Cassio! Thanks again for your support at my CP training Virtue? After honesty and understanding, I would add COURAGE. If I had the time and money, I would open a therapeutic farm (or a network of farms) as an alternative to the Foster Care system. A real life safe haven where young people can come when they are ready to face their wounds and heal in community - with therapy animals, art therapy, horticultural therapy, energy work, fresh food, and loving, supportive people. A place to unlearn, and re-learn how to be human.
  11. Shea E

    A Closed Door

    I'm with you, Blake! I love my old bike! And they haven't really changed all that much. But maybe I am fuddy duddy too lol There is something so enjoyable about blowing past someone who is on a $4000 full suspension on my $600 hardtail. maybe that's just my ego talking lol My 'old person' habit is that I like to eat my dinner when I get home from work around 4
  12. Shea E

    Haunted Painting

    4:34 - are those light orbs floating by Teal?
  13. Shea E

    Feeling Supported

    I know that NOT feeling supported looks like telling someone that I feel suicidal, them ignoring that, then texting me a week later to borrow tools and they don't even ask how I am doing. I suppose the opposite of that is when I try to do something, but can't without help (like trying to move my giant antique shelf by myself).. and someone is actually there, able, and willing to give me a hand for a few minutes (without resentment) ... and I don't have to wait a month or more to move that shelf! it just happens when I want/need it to! that feels like magic!
  14. Shea E

    Hunger Of The Pine

    pre-order - done! yay! I even spent extra to get the american cover - very impactful

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