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  1. Jenna "LoveBubble" LaMere

    Wow, excellent blog! So informative and utterly heartbreaking to read. With all that you do, it is a wonder you have the energy to get out of bed every day. I will hold this vision in my heart along with you. <3 Thank you, Teal!
  2. Jenna "LoveBubble" LaMere

    THANK GOD!!! OMG, we SOOOOO need a full book/movie/doc/"Ask Teal" or something that explains all the Jesus and Christianity misunderstandings, and make it easily shareable and palatable for today's "Christians" to see, hear, and understand. Can I getta AMEN?!!! <3
  3. Jenna "LoveBubble" LaMere

    Beautiful!! <3
  4. Jenna "LoveBubble" LaMere

    Hey everyone who loves Teal in the Portland area!! I am *)enna "LoveBubble" LaMere....I want to be your friend, so reach out to me anytime. <3