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  1. Well beauty ain't never been a problem with Teal.. She's just fucking gorgeous. Also, I think I may have an armpit fetish.. ?.. or maybe it's just an everything Teal fetish..
  2. Teal is just intoxicatingly gorgeous. Every time I watch her I feel like her female pheromones are just spraying me in the face.. That said, "I am VERY spiritual." ha-ha P.S. Banana as a cactus (image)... FUNNY!! ?
  3. Kielbasa Johansen


    That's Teal so beautiful & authentic. Thank you for sharing of yourself on this day, Ms. Swan! ?
  4. Teal, It kills me when I see a blog of your SENSATIONAL MIND and SPIRIT.. and no comments. What a deep, hidden treasure you were then (for blogs like this). NOW THE WORLD IS FINALLY LEARNING HOW UNIQUE AND SPECIAL YOU ARE. My abilities are simply ENORMOUS when they are activated.. and your beautiful..uh.. EVERYTHING certainly do. If I can assist you rise to the top of spirituality, please let me know. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Frankly, I think was specifically built to support a Goddess like you. I get your MIND, YOUR SPIRIT, and your STUNNING PHYSICAL PERSONA. They excite me and put me i
  5. I believe you have fear of being judged as imperfect by those you think might consider you perfect. Teal, your perfection IS IN your imperfection! Plus, some people's greatest strength is their absence of being judgmental! My inner child wants to be friends with yours, so you are never alone again. A moody, nightmaring, Teal on meds with STDs is still a perfect Teal to me.. - join my hands to make count four and no more EVER handprints three. Love Kiel (J) P.S. I'd love to live at Philia! (Fyi) I've confirmed i can do it. NOTE: I have not interacted with Teal and don
  6. Kielbasa Johansen

    The Office

    WOW. That was quite endearing seeing Teal as just a friendly, very pretty & decent lady & not my image of her as cosmic, levitating, psychic s3x princess.
  7. Great post! Two comments before mine is peoposterous! My list? I am a great lover. I am in love. I am more concerned about you than me. I am pithy. Love, "Kiel"
  8. Kielbasa Johansen


    Not during initial stages of the consciousness rise.. as people will be sensitive enough to more quickly discern misalignment in their relationship.. but wont yet have deep enough understanding of true-self ( ie. attributes of their unremitting divine spark) to enter into more divinely aligned partnerships. Peace. ?
  9. Kielbasa Johansen

    Coffee Time

    I enjoyed this. I believe this is a great example of the real, super appealing Teal (in personality) around a good guy she is legit comfortable with. Teal has MANY interesting sides.. but this is an authentic peek into a very positive one! ?
  10. Teal, Free-will is INVIOLATE. Unity is NOT. (which is why Earth exists in first place- as an experiment in separation consciousness and it's emotional ramifications). A person who is not wielding sufficient non-judgmental awareness (due to some false-belief OR emotional-error) creates an irreconcilable energy. It is non-divine but is allowed to be experienced for creator-love does not mandate u acknowledge her nor embrace deeper unity_reality. Illusion and delusion are allowed. Of course, pain and resistance grow over time if deeper truth is not acknowledged, but the free-will ind
  11. Kielbasa Johansen

    The Elephant

    @Teal Amazing Painting! Teal Swan! Incredible talent and person.
  12. HEY. I hope you are feeling better now, Teal! You're a spiritual gift to Earth, and deserve consistent love, support, appreciation... and happiness. ? Love Kiel
  13. What a fantastically beautiful mind Teal has! Another bold A+ exposition! - this time on the ridiculous & paradoxical expectations and burdens placed on mothers these days. Someday Earth will move closer to the answer which is the following - and currently in operation in higher-dimensional worlds: (1) Only qualified parents lacking emotional_error should be allowed to procreate. This is for purposes of the collective_consciousness_vibration for children absorb parents emotional error both in the womb and the first years of life. This is not something a society should knowingly propa
  14. Starting at 1:02 when Teal stops being brainy..she starts to show her real quirky self & personality and gets CuteAF real fast!
  15. Kielbasa Johansen


    Gorgeous mind you have. This fracture probably pertains to me some. Emphasizing that integration is the highest form of success/achievement is a new thought for me. Brilliant, Teal. Thanks!
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