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  1. Teal, It kills me when I see a blog of your SENSATIONAL MIND and SPIRIT.. and no comments. What a deep, hidden treasure you were then (for blogs like this). NOW THE WORLD IS FINALLY LEARNING HOW UNIQUE AND SPECIAL YOU ARE. My abilities are simply ENORMOUS when they are activated.. and your beautiful..uh.. EVERYTHING certainly do. If I can assist you rise to the top of spirituality, please let me know. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Frankly, I think was specifically built to support a Goddess like you. I get your MIND, YOUR SPIRIT, and your STUNNING PHYSICAL PERSONA. They excite me and put me into action! You are a gift. and will always be viewed as such. I love you, Teal. Kiel (J)
  2. WOW. That was quite endearing seeing Teal as just a friendly, very pretty & decent lady & not my image of her as cosmic, levitating, psychic s3x princess.
  3. Great post! Two comments before mine is peoposterous! My list? I am a great lover. I am in love. I am more concerned about you than me. I am pithy. Love, "Kiel"
  4. I enjoyed this. I believe this is a great example of the real, super appealing Teal (in personality) around a good guy she is legit comfortable with. Teal has MANY interesting sides.. but this is an authentic peek into a very positive one! ?
  5. Teal, Free-will is INVIOLATE. Unity is NOT. (which is why Earth exists in first place- as an experiment in separation consciousness and it's emotional ramifications). A person who is not wielding sufficient non-judgmental awareness (due to some false-belief OR emotional-error) creates an irreconcilable energy. It is non-divine but is allowed to be experienced for creator-love does not mandate u acknowledge her nor embrace deeper unity_reality. Illusion and delusion are allowed. Of course, pain and resistance grow over time if deeper truth is not acknowledged, but the free-will individual is given thousands, if not millions of years, to come into divine-love alignment. - This is one reason why I'd like to connect with you.. high-level spiritual conversation that is fun and stimulating! PEACE And LOVE to you!
  6. Starting at 1:02 when Teal stops being brainy..she starts to show her real quirky self & personality and gets CuteAF real fast!
  7. Gorgeous mind you have. This fracture probably pertains to me some. Emphasizing that integration is the highest form of success/achievement is a new thought for me. Brilliant, Teal. Thanks!
  8. Hmm. that was rather sweet. Nice to see 2 friends sharing closeness and joy like that in a meaningful expansive way. THANKS!
  9. MY GOODNESS. I'm not sure if all this new Teal (premium) content is good for me! I can't believe a human being can be this insanely attractive! (mentally, physically, and spiritually) Here is me confronting all this amazing content..
  10. Wow. Your commitment to the relationship and detailed refining of the dynamics of your connection with your husband are sensational. What a lucky guy Ale is! Peace and Love to you.
  11. You shouldn't feel guilty, Teal. You've been strong enough to follow your joy/purpose which hence renders vacations unnecessary. Kudos to you! :muahh!:
  12. Slick, seamless online Donations and Contributor relationship management software. - a high_integrity company and service with 97% client retention rate: see FlipCause_dot_com. Love, Kiel
  13. Okay.. that's actually a beautiful blog, especially the part about someone loving your shadows and darker past. That's the easiest thing to do in the world.
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