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  1. Thank you so much, Alex. I must say words truly resonate with me. I don't want to sound spiritually arrogant but I guess there's a chance I might be what you call a ' volounteer soul'. My life has been quite different from the people around me, and I was born with really particular talents. From a very early age I would write in my journals about 'reincarnations', the nature of the soul and stuff most kids don't write about. I couldn't relate with most people, my concerns were extremely profound and 'weird', according to them. My interest were nature, the arts, animal rights. I could learn any language on my own, because I wanted to communicate with people from all over the world. Back to the subject, I have this knowing that he's my twin. It goes beyond my logical thinking, I just know it. But I'm afraid he'll run away from this intensity and I'm finding it hard to trust the Universe.
  2. I've found my twin flame, and it hurts like hell. hello everyone! some of you might remember me as the girl that was asking about the sense of recognition of another person, someone who triggers extreme emotions just by being physically present. I thought that the only people who can understand this situation are here on this forum, who are spiritually conscious and could give me some real advice. I can't ask anyone in my day to day life because it wouldn't make sense to them. So, this all started around venus retrograde season. As I was telling you in my previous post, I started having this strong emotional triggers whenever I encountered this guy, and we didn't even talked to each other...Then what happened was that I decided to use the completion process regarding this feeling and after a while I found the core trauma, an isolation one. Then a couple of days after that, I wasn't thinking of this guy anymore when he reapperead out of the blue, but this time the negative reaction was gone and I felt this urge to talk to him. And lo and behold, it was like talking to someone I've known for all my life, a sense of utter peace and belonging. We would finish each other sentences after just two days of texting. On top of that, there's an insane physical attraction between us. The more I'm getting to know him, the more I am sure of who he is. I'm 25 and he's 22.Our birthdays are 7 days apart. When he looked me in the eyes he saw something that was too much for him. So my intuition guided me to finding more about twin flames and here we are, I know who he is but he doesn't. He's 3 years younger and still quite ...I don't know how to say this but I've been really spiritually active and he's still on a 'lower' level of consciousness. But now I fear that the 'runner' pattern has started. He's started to be distant, aloof, even if he confessed to me that this has been the hardest year of his life and he's not doing well. I'm trying to get closer, not to scare him away, but it's getting nowhere. roadblocks and barriers. Why would the Universe put me in such a hard situation, when I was having the best time of my life? I was feeling confident, at ease with myself, meeting really good friends ,everything was pretty good...And then this. The fact is, I can't even resent him because I know he's not trying to hurt me, I 'm just at a loss about what to do. Should I let him go, even if I know he's in a really bad place? I can't afford to lose my balance and peace of mind right now... If anyone has had a twin flame experience, or simply has a sincere advice please share your thoughts with me. Thank you so much, Giulia.
  3. Giulia

    it's possible that I'm overthinking it. I'm an overthinker in general, after all... But yeah, we keep texting each other and we had coffee together at university...So now I don't quite know if I should make a move or just wait and see what happens next!
  4. Giulia

    Guys...We're texting and he's basically telling me the story of his life haha! I'm so used to prepare for the worst that I couldn't believe something positive could happen in this situation! Now I'll keep you posted, I know some people are quite curious about this story
  5. Giulia

    At least I can say I'm proud of myself because I did something and I've at least tried, I definitely feel more empowered!
  6. Giulia

    hello everyone! I'm back! Well, this is what happened ...we ended up chatting on facebook and I've causally asked if he wanted to hang out sometimes, but he hasn't replied back yet.... I know this thread sounds like a love advice column but maybe you wanted to know if something had changed haha! There's a chance this is the end of this short-lived situation but hey, I don't really know what to think of it..
  7. Giulia

    thank you all for your replies. Please bare with me, I'm quite blocked when it comes to men and relationships. If I knew him already I'd definitely start a conversation, but we don't attend any class together or have any friend in common . for the time being I'm working on the situation by focusing on the negative thoughts and feelings that block me. I'm just starting to see how much traumas I have regarding this topic, but at least I'm opening my eyes to it. to be honest, I'm also curious to see if it was just some strong form of attraction or maybe there's something more behind it...I'll keep you posted if you're interested By the way, he literally stopped in his tracks the other day when we met in the hallway. it was actually quite hilarious if I think about it. I try to play it cool but it's just obvious. it almost feels like we already know each other ...
  8. Confusion around a specific person hi everyone, I hope you're all well. Today I wanted to ask you something regarding synchronicities and romantic encounters. FIrst of all, I should say that in my life, romantic love has been one of my biggest obstacles. Meaning that I just can't seem to be able to manifest a relationship . I'm working on my isolation and rejection traumas from the past, but it's quite the baggage. The thing is, last october I did a completion process session on this situaton. And the very next day I bumped into this guy I had never seen at my college. When we locked eyes it was like everything else disappeared. there was a magnetic attraction between us, and still is to this day. it's just so painful for me to keep seeing him and not talking to him. we've never had the chance to properly talk to each other. we just stare at each other all the damn time like two morons. maybe it's just an illusion, I don't know. my intuition is telling me that there's something big behing all this situation but I guess my blockages are still there. all I can do is keep working on my past negative experiences. My question is, is it weird to have a sense of knowing, an intuition about a person you don't know ?
  9. Giulia

    hello everyone, I resonate deeply with the struggle of being lonely, it's been one of my main negative imprints in life. I can tell you a bit of my life story and share some of my experiences When I was in middle school I started feeling deep loneliness and a huge disconnection from people. I was bullied and isolated. I've spent the majority of my adolescence either alone in my bedroom or in company of people I didn't even like. Then I've met some erm, friends, with whom I've spent most of my university period. We didn't get along that much but at least I felt like I had people in my life. What's been the real game changer was going into my 'worst' negative feelings first, and then applying teal's completion process to my main isolation traumas. After processing those deep core emotional wounds things started to get amazingly better. Attracting new people in my life, the right ones, it's becoming easier and easier with time , intention and practice. When you've cleared out some of your shadows I would search for groups in your town that share your similar interest and passions. Facebook groups are working for me, but any kind of social media or website like this forum will do if you can't find people in your immediate sourroundings. You're not alone. we're in the same boat, together. Don't lose hope, even if it's really tough. HUGS from Italy!!
  10. Giulia

    @Tibor @Mark Joseph Middleton @Pastor George Thank you all so much for your replies. I feel like I need to explain the situation more in depth,so thank you in advance for your attention. When my brother and I were growing up, we faced continous traumatic experieces related to our family. There were. and still are, a lot of mental health issues and dysfunctions. To give you an example, the majority of grown-ups in the familt still live with their parents and are not financially-or materially- independent. I've never considered my brother a problem, I think he's the sanest person of the whole bunch. He's extremely sensitive, profound and intelligent. He's compassionate but deeply insecure and we both experienced severe emotional neglect and loneliness as children. He'd do anything to be accepted and he keeps attracting people that don't care about him. I think that the fact that I'm italian and we still live in Italy makes it a bit difficult to truly explain what family looks like over here. We're raised with the belief that our family is our responsability. We have a huge identification with it. We don't usually leave the family home as early as other european and american countries. I kind of felt that he would hit rock bottom. I had to work on myself for 6 years on an emotional level just to be able to 'function' in normal settings without having severe anxiety and fear. I know that he's able to go throught this really difficult time. And I'll be there for him if he feels like he wants to. And I'll always love him , even if he doesn't want any help at all. Yes, some part of me is wishing that he'd just get better, but that's just my projection. This is his life and he has the ultimate choice. Reading other people's experiences is always helpful, so thanks for your stories.
  11. hi all, my intuition has guided me tonight to this forum to ask for some advice. As a family we've recently found out that my 28 yo brother is addicted to cocaine; it al started slowly and now thing are getting worse by the day. I know that we all have free will and if that's the path he's in I can't do anything to 'save him', and I know that he must stop running from his demons and face his deep wounds. Still it hurts so much to be in this situation. I also know that this is a mirror situation of all my family dysfunctions. Like the fact that he's still living at home and I don't know what will happen now. But I've never faced anything like that before....I'm used to deal with my own shadows but not of those whom I love. Do you have any similar stories to share? it would be of great comfort. Thank you all in advance.
  12. Giulia

    Ciao @Valeria.Italy e @Marco Battista ! leggo solo ora i vostri messaggi...Io sono Giulia e ho 24 anni. . Voi come avete conosciuto teal e il suo materiale?
  13. Giulia

    I love this attitude. I've been thinking a lot about this lately...Looking at my parents and their generation, at everything we've managed to create and improve, not only physically but also spiritually. I'm 24 and I love the people of my generation. We're so badass, and don't get me started on the new generation...This kids are just unbelievable. They're so sensitive, wise and conscious, the amazing children of the indigo wave. I see the vegan culture blooming, much more freedom and awareness around sex. I see the dawn of traditional religions. More creativity, beauty and art everywhere. A newfound respect for our planet and the magnificent nature we often take for granted. The fact that we're here, all connected at this specific time, means that these things are going to happen, I don't know the exact moment but we're currently giving birth to this new earth through our desires. And reality will reflect what we've been wishing for for so 'long'.
  14. Giulia

    it feels so weird to see Trump as the new president ...I think I'm going to avoid watching the news as much as I can! Americans on the forum, how are you feeling about this? As a foreigner it would be interesting to hear from you.
  15. Hi @amy f, wow, this must be scary for you! Unfortunately when we enter a negative spiral these things can happen... But I agree with what @Amazawa said, one of the things you could do is trying to get in a better emotional and mental state by raising your overall frequency...(easier said than done, I know ) But again I don't know a lot about these situations, so I send you my thoughts and let us know how things go!