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  1. JasmineAmethyst

    I connect with myself. I do the completion process. I meet my needs. But I go out and I don't find people I can connect with. And I feel you didn't really understand my situation - I'm aware of my negative imprint being alone - what's so bad about that? Well at two I made it mean I was unloveable, then my parents got divorced, then my dad sexually abused me, then my mother descended into alcoholism and absolutely nobody was there for me. and I connect to this - a lot. And the more shadows I uncover, the more I want connection, but like a desire, not a need.
  2. JasmineAmethyst

    Actually I think that view of connection is kind of limiting. It sounds like you might have a belief that connection has to be earned, subconscious or otherwise - love, for you, is earned. Secondly, intensity and vision are words applied to me a lot, what do you actually mean? I find myself more isolated than ever in spiritual communities, actually. it sounds to me like you might be afraid of being around others and find solitude safer, an escape maybe? I feel like this too - I think this is the main crux of my situation.
  3. JasmineAmethyst

    honestly yeah I did for a while, my best friend of 10 years basically stopped talking to me after we slept together and I have serious rejection/sexual trauma with that, and it's a state of heartbreak for me. Having said that, I've never had a friend, a true friend, my whole life, or if I did we were separated so I would really love to experience a connection. I do realise there's an aspect of my being that doesn't feel quite enough, but that doesn't overshadow my desire this time.
  4. JasmineAmethyst

    I did watch the second half, I can't find the first. I'm pisces, to a detriment. How about you?
  5. Hi everybody! I've recently dived into my shadows, and even did the completion process. Still, I find the people I talk to - are lovely, are kind, but do not resonate with me. I do not feel a connection, or a "clicking". I feel like I'm always on the outside looking in. But, my negative imprint is, "alone". Despite the sexual, physical, emotional abuse in my childhood and my exposure to alcoholism, divorce, and domestic violence, emotional neglect and being isolated is the root of all these things. All my life I've found myself alone. I'm 18 and recently I've started waking up so it's very difficult to see people of my age who I just can't relate to or connect with, and I don't have any luck with older people, either. Could this be a time to solidly my boundaries? (Please note - I come from a long long line of codependants and my father/abuser, is a narcissist). Or could my being be needing my 3D self to be fully present with the loneliness and isolation I felt as a child? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. JasmineAmethyst

    I have tried both - both ultimately decrease my vibe to be honest.
  7. JasmineAmethyst

    Weed has always made me paranoid, lazy, and hopeless. And I'm very body conscious so my highs tend to not be fun. But different folks different strokes I guess
  8. JasmineAmethyst

    Soul retriveral
  9. JasmineAmethyst

    Hi there everyone! ? I'm Jasmine, I'm writing to you fromHastings. I've lived here for 17 years, my parents moved here from Brighton when I was a baby. I never liked it much BUT, in September I'll be living in Manchester for University. It's nice to hear from the UK lot, I love it.
  10. Hey guys - I would LOVE for you to interpret my birthchart and share any insights you have. Also - reasons to choose so much Pisces influence in your life?
  11. JasmineAmethyst

    If anybody wants to interpret mine, I would appreciate it!
  12. JasmineAmethyst

    Amethyst, Rose Quartz, citrine
  13. I feel so lost, so heavy. I'm ready to find people I resonate with, I'm so tired of swimming the tide and being an amicable outsider, everybody's friend and no ones friend. i wanna connect with people. I want to be challenged. I'm ready. 

  14. I personally think all the women you've mentioned are beautiful, but yes I agree that the beauty standards are so condensed in our society - thin and white equals beautiful and stylish unfortunately
  15. JasmineAmethyst

    Hi tribe. Something you may not know about me is, that I love movies. I love how reflective they are if life, of the world. How they become shadow plays of our society. The spiritual truths we all find within them. The aspects of ourselves we find within them. But today I recognised something that royally pisses me off. It's that beautiful Hollywood fantasy of "wayward" teens and young adults who break away from their family, but eventually everyone reconciles. The reconciliation either sees everyone embracing old patterns with open arms (and I'll be honest, embracing old patterns tempts me all the time), or the family/parents coming forward, apologising, and growing WITH the child. The latter is something so heartbreaking to me. It's heartbreaking because it's something I want and feel in my heart I can't have. Because no matter how much affection I feel for my family, no matter how much affection they feel for me, there seems to be a state of denial, and I can't take it away from them. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, and so it goes. And it breaks my heart that love isn't always enough. Letting go of that fantasy is very painful to me. And I hate that Hollywood feeds this to people. Because it keeps them stuck, and many people who do grow, lose people as a consequence, and grow alone. And that's so, so grossly unfair.