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  1. Oh man! This is pretty sad, scary stuff. I am sorry to hear. I know you are not looking for sympathy but this kind of thing goes deep into my body because I totally feel you. Everyone has haters. But this sounds crazy. Don't let it immobilize you. I agree with a comment above. Build your power team. I for one would join it. Big hug xo
  2. Thank you Teal. This popped up for me one year later lol. But it is dead on! Purification is bliss and freedom. Bring on 2017. Much love xo
  3. Great example Teal and well written. Thank you for your authenticity. I was bullied when I was little and we are all bullied at some point when we are adults too. Ugh. It only made me stronger in many ways. Jealousy is such a strong emotion. Spirituality as you know is experiential. It's not book smarts, it's street smarts. Many many people do not have street smarts. School of Life because of their programming. I did come to the conclusion that ascension is unconditional love after 2 years of daily practice. Wow this love thing is really buried eh? So I understand you simply can't tell people to start unconditionally love people lol. What are your suggestions to a spiritual guide/teacher? Baby steps I know. You should write a guide on the phases/stages of spirituality. ? Sorry, if you have already done this... In the meantime I am thinking of questions for your Toronto workshop.
  4. Thank you Teal. This is huge! What an amazing realization. I wonder if The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe activated my spirituality I think I was 11. Hmmm Cant wait to meet you in Toronto. You are true Wizard.
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