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  1. Jerry Tyfting

    I enjoy this "lose-lose" insight. Then if rarely anyone can be safe then we have got to love the unsafety itself. Love and allow to feel that hurt that might come up as a result of this human condition. Unable to escape it in the long run...then a practice to feel as much of it as possible is in store to hopefully make it a tinsy bit safer than it once was before. To allow the human condition to be felt...that is our practice as sensitive intuitives.
  2. Jerry Tyfting

    Some of my daily used practices are: Vipassana, conscious breathing, shadow work, questioning stuff and resistance release techniques. It varies how much i use each when but in general yea this is what i do every day.
  3. Jerry Tyfting

    Thank you Teal.
  4. Jerry Tyfting

    A shift can be big or small. Lets say there is a belief about not being good enough. Now process it and replace it with something like: i have been good enough to be capable of living for as long as i have and as long as i keep on living and learning i will improve further. Instead of just plain and simple: "not good enough", you now have shifted that into a form of expansion belief which is a higher vibe in general. Big shifts happens similarly but on a much, muuuuch larger scale. If the energies of our planet or galaxy were to shift....well everything else follows along to change with it or be discarded as a "does not serve anymore thing". This effect also happens with those small shifts. If one area changes then all surrounding areas attached or working with it shifts a bit as well.
  5. Jerry Tyfting

    How can you jump on a train you cannot see? its like hearing a faint sound but isnt loud enough to make you point out its direction.
  6. Jerry Tyfting

    I feel afraid of feeling anything at all. Though this have lessened a lot since i became aware of it much more with the body awareness practice where you talk to parts of your body. The swedish culture is one where you "have to feel and express" not too negative because that is uncomfortable, but also not too genuinly positive either because then we take up too much space. "You have got to let others take the stage too". Like nearly every swedish person have been raised like this, it is a social thing almost everyone is aware of but lacks interest in talking about it too much. It is a middle thing where we stay in an apathetic state where everyone is "equal". No uncomfort and no one taking up too much space. Yeaaa no. The only few behaviors that are socially accepted are fun, niceness, respect to be and a sense of positivness (may not be genuine but a facade positive nice-face). Well this is a pretty global thing though sweden in my opinion does take the cake in avoiding the hell out of it from fear as if their lives depended on it.
  7. Jerry Tyfting

    To hold space you got to see the other as a part of you. Like literally recognize anything that makes the interaction seem like you are speaking with part of yourself. This will make you feel a sense of ease around them because you can then see that part of if you love it or hate it that is another thing though. The other person would also feel included as a part of you. This recognition can take place mentally, emotionally or pysically...but the emotional recognition is where it feels inclusive and allowing to be near. In fact...practice to recognize felt perception as much as possible to really fine tune the senses and understanding of how it works. This boosts all felt interactions with everyone.
  8. Jerry Tyfting

    Im a projector and well. It would seem im not supposed to work. Aaand i have the hermit profile too so i better practice more accepting of me being alone than the notion of finding connection with others so much...unless it is invited of course. Weirdly though that i got that cross of kinda feels split but at the same time i can be invited to confront something. If im not i wont be able to do it for long from lack of energy.
  9. Jerry Tyfting

    Awesome job at the core searching . Its ok to think, believe and feel everything you find. It is understandable looking back on your upbringing. I dont have to know yours to know that everything you find is valid. It sound like you are holding some beliefs about good vs bad things too. Know that just by being aware of these cores it takes you out of that "living in it state" making them less of an impact than before. I also see that to make any or all of these processes go smoother for you, you got to find your core beliefs and feelings regarding your capacaty to make things happen. If you dont believe you can change your own way of being then it is going to be a lot more difficult to do any self help practice. As the proof to your brain of your success, you did do this practice, uncovering these things. You can do this, by looking for anything convincing yourself that anything is possible if you so want it to be. Take your time with the following. The belief about the universe might make sure of you not getting what you want, i feel you can go deeper with it. Like: if this is 100% true, why would it be so bad if you never got what you wanted so much? Also if it were a 100% true, what does it mean to you if you held "such beliefs" in your core? To be able to face things we have got to get to the root beliefs and feelings of why we fear facing them in the first place and to release as many resistances until we feel comfortable enough and brave enough to face those fears. For me when i begun facing the emotional things, i held the thoughts...if the current and/or past situation i find myself in is the worst i have ever experienced then nothing could be worse than that, so i got nothing to lose. Since back then i felt i had lost so much already that practicing these things could never make it any worse. Well i have other beliefs now but yea this is what i started with.
  10. Jerry Tyfting

    I met someone during a conscious astral projection once, we talked via skype during the projection and he told me i was really tall and blue. As if i had blue jeans, hmm the rest of the description i cant recall that clearly. He also said that i projected with so much energy that i was unable to sense him any more than i already had. He basically reflected with words what i already perceived.
  11. Jerry Tyfting

    Its ok to feel afraid. Depending on your upbringing and how prominent "negative" emotional states were, you probably were raised unawaringly to "not feel these things". To avoid uncomfort such as fear and death. As most of us do. To ease this it might be beneficial to ask about the feelings regarding fear and death itself. For this you can use the technique Teal presented about finding a core belief. So in this case you can ask yourself why would fear be so bad? Or what does fear mean to you or about you? Then repeat either of those questions with the answers you get until you feel that you have hit the core belief or core feeling involved. The same with the topic of death.
  12. Jerry Tyfting

    Eh well it is more of an understanding and practice of felt perception. Just like normal speech, this too happens energetically or feelingly. How many are aware of this felt interaction that is going on? Thus they might say things that hurts unawaringly because they have no current awareness that it hurts to say such a thing. This is one of the paths i have went on. To consider how others and myself feel as much as possible, it simply was rarely given to me and so i practice giving this consideration to everyone and everything. I do say practice because i still have my copings and issues with harsh behaviors. Got to be honest so i sound more down to earth human
  13. Jerry Tyfting

    Some time since i posted here. Have been mostly on the facebook Tribe. Anyway so yea, i have had several realizations only by learning to feel clearer and to integrate fractured aspects. If you want enlighenment then practice feeling sensations, feelings and emotions daily, period the end. Developing your emotional intelligence is key here, and to validate that you got more than mental capacity. You also got felt capacity. Dont know how to sort out felt things? then put your brain to work to understand felt perception. Dont feel like it? Then drop it. If you dont want to learn about something you wont take in the information as well or at all. The latest sensing thing i found out is that i have cleared enough blocks and integrated enough stuff to be able to feel food items much more clearly. I can even have a conversation with the food. heck i even had a felt talk with a plate i was going to eat on. Not mentally mind you, it was the language of feeling the interaction between me and the world around me.
  14. Jerry Tyfting

    I say yes to that there are others. We all have our inner children with us and sometimes we find those who can satisfy our inner child very well. We never grow "away" from that child, so it does make sense that we also are a match to a parental figure or to be one.
  15. Jerry Tyfting

    You have all right to say everything you say. Know that i feel mildly offended by this. You say they have resistant ways but isnt this view of looking at them resistant as well?