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  1. Crystal Rob

    Guard Puppy

    Guard dog, sure... this one would love an intruder to death so long as the intruder lay down and did the intruding during the day, on the drive. And don't all dogs love a good ear rub. I'll lie down for you Teal!
  2. Crystal Rob

    A Message For Humanity

    How are we progressing? Teal once said that the most un-reactionary person who is not freaking out over stress, the state of the world etc or what's energetically happening on the planet is the family that constantly sit several times a week at a hamburger joint munching down on their over-sized burgers, fries and drinks, oblivious to what's around them as they are to what they're putting inside them. Your normal empath on the other hand, is way too reactionary - they are picking up on all the chaos and fear broadcast around the world by news channels and things that world leaders are pushing the world towards the brink of. The grind of daily life amongst the Unaware. What is obvious when you really think about it, is that the enemy is not who you think it is - not the would-be high school shooter, not the murderer, not the rapist, not ISIS and not the government; they are merely obvious symptoms of the hidden causation of humanity's slide to yet another extinction. At least this time there will only be parts of the world affected as in 'forest fires' and those that are left affected by what the result is, but as far as "Live long and prosper" goes, better clean off those sunglasses, the house is burning down. @Aisha, thank you for that video link - you are spot on. Teal's message then as you say has been consistent. We have to up our game and awaken by taking in that which confronts us. More and more CPs need to spread the word and get people on track with their thinking and then their Doing. It's doing something that is the key - to progress forward rather than sit back and just say stuff. Sitting is the same thing as waiting for the train of destiny to run you down. (an anaolgy from a Teal blog 'The Train is coming - are you ready?' And as Teal commented in that clip, do what you can, with what you've got, from where you are. I add Now, not later, now. I leave you with a Teal workshop exercise about 'You died yesterday' Teal gets the audience in groups of 3 for each person with 3 minutes to tell the other two how they died yesterday, the exact details of how they died, where, etc, recount what others thought of them dying, who was at the funeral, what would they leave behind that people talked to others about them good or bad, who should they have said sorry to, who should they have said I love you to, what do they regret the most that they left unfinished, what would they have done with their life if they were to do it all over again. Then Teal lets them know, an angel has come and said they can have their life back - they can go back... what would you do, now, if you had a second chance? Light
  3. Crystal Rob

    Not Ready

    Hey Witt, how do I get to see this wayne ker, jeff mathieson...?
  4. Crystal Rob

    Not Ready

    @GabijaCij do you know what Witt is talking about? Since the website revamp, I did wonder about why I had no posts showing any longer. Can some Admin get back about Witt being SDA and me being jeff matheison? Thanks. Crystal Rob
  5. Crystal Rob

    How To Rehab Crystals

    Crystals, crystals, crystals not only makes sense but makes me want to forgo my ego about what I do with crystals and just go with what feels right without the thought behind it. Does that even make sense? Whatever, I too love Teal talking about crystals...
  6. I walk through a cemetery most evenings with our 2 puppies and this time I took my phone so I could take the picture of this quote from Bruce Lee the karate movie star that is engraved on the back of a grave of NZ rugby fullback who made it big in Britain before he died far too young from a form of motor neuron disease that also took my mother. He formed a charity that helped fellow sufferers. I thought it fitting when people feel life has got them down.
    Light to you Jarrod Cunningham RIP

    (I can't add an image I took so here's the quote)

    "If you think you are beaten, you are
    If you think you dare not, you don't
    If you like to win, but think you can't
    It is almost certain you won't.

    If you think you are outclassed, you are
    You've got to think high, to rise
    You've got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.

    Life's battles don't always go
    To the stronger or faster man,
    But sooner or later the man who wins
    Is the man who thinks he can."

  7. I have been thinking about this for a while. This, I feel, is nothing new, just it has my attention and interest now....
    People each have a story about what affects them and how and what that then means to them personally, all the while thinking they are alone in how they feel. And so many people write about the same thing, how alone they are and what they have to face - often times, not realising that in our own, separate little worlds we all feel the same way.
    I'm thinking what keeps us separate is the shame associated with an event or way of being that the even and subsequent thought patterns has laid neatly over the top to make each of us feel what we feel and think we cannot ever convince others of what it feels like. Meantime, someone else is feeling the same feelings, going through the same angst but unable to make people realise the pain they are in.

    Then you hear Teal talk about 'Potential' that each of us has if we are able to lift our heads high enough to 'see' further down the track, that things can change but only when you make it conscious to do so; make a Choice to want to change because you now see there can be other possibilities.

    I have seen Teal write about 'potential' and talk about 'potential' but it has taken some time (and the timely Blog by Teal or comment), for me to realise that because Time is a Law of this Reality and not other Realities (you have to have listened to her talking plus understand what she's meaning by concurrent Time and things happening in patterns as opposed to happening in a timely one AFTER the other sequence) to fully grasp what we all are faced with.

    What I am meaning here is that Teal has proposed the thought process to get us out of our Human Collective Dilemma. So who gets it? Who is none the wiser? I'd say most of us may see a faint glimmer of understanding only for it to quickly vanish again by overriding thoughts or our mind saying "Nah" because it's too out there and so we start concentrating on something else, more understandable.
    But my thought on this is that as a Jigsaw puzzle, we are offered what meets the criteria we impose on ourselves and presents the puzzle piece for us to realise where it fits or to discard because we do not see the fit and do not want to acknowledge it or simply have not reached the stage where we see the "Ah-ha moment".
    So like any jigsaw, someone walking along and seeing you 'puzzle' over where it goes will scan around and see the fit and tell you. Some people like help and others simply get annoyed they didn't see it and shoo the person or dismiss them entirely.

    OK, so that's ONE jigsaw puzzle. We like help or we don't. The universe still presents or correct piece whether we take it up and fit it or not; it keeps on presenting the same piece, the same piece and the same piece. Do you get it yet?

    No, OK.
    Imagine two Jigsaw puzzles going at the same time. Tip all pieces down in the same pile. Try to work out where to even start.
    Perfect answer! You have the box lid to match small pieces to - scanning the finished image to see the fit.
    Now take one finished image away. Much more difficult.
    Take the second image away and where the heck do you start!
    Most likely most of you reading this will say you'd walk away. How can you do even one puzzle if you don't know what the finished result looks like! Correct. Even if you didn't think this the body reflex of sinking in disappointment is imagined this end. An Impossible task you'd say. Better things to do you'd say.
    What if "better things" was not possible. What if this chaos of even one jigsaw with the box lid was your Life so far?

    Got your attention? Good. Lost your attention, just stop reading.
    Now how do you know where you're going if the box lid is not there in front of you? And that question is for those whose box lid vision of a future is even partly clear.
    For those that have a scrap of box lid, for those that have a faded half a lid and those that only have a corner of a box lid the going is made that much tougher, harder and more desperate. Even a part of lid can have the average person want to give up. Those are our fellow Teal Tribers or Teal FaceBook users who can't see any possibility of a future and just feel like they are dying.

    (Let's take for granted that we can all live in parallel realities and feel that we can't break through to someone else so they can see our reality rather than just their own...)

    Question: How can you possibly know how to get somewhere if you do not know where you are on a Map in relation to where you need to go?
    (that was a general question that just seemed to be appropriate to ask at this point)

    Back to 'Potential':
    When Teal talks of potential life lines she has used that there are 3 direction potentials at any given moment. The potential of one of 3 lines with a single choice means what is further along is simply a 'Potential' that it may happen or may not happen.
    So if the second line matches the first one, then the 'possibility' of what is to happen is strengthened. If all 3 life lines match then it is going to happen. And that's if those 3 potential choices match again, and again, and again. At any point, if even one of the potentials changes that decreases the strength of that future happening.
    This was discussed by Teal about seeing her own life potentials.

    Anyway, you may now react and say "But that makes for infinite possibilities and it also makes for nothing you ever choose not happening stronger than it ever actually happening!?"
    Bravo! Yes is does. And doesn't.
    We have human nature and some laws that can either help or hinder us. For example there is a human collective nature to err towards the negative. Part of that is social conditioning and part of that is a conditional response most humans have to certain things they confront. In that way, certain mass human population events can be predicted. Certain cycles of human behaviour can be foretold - this is what Future psychics and Soothsayers and witch doctors and people like Nostradamus could predict human events way into the future - some were simply based on cycles of the past and some we accurately written down and cycles observed that could be used as future predictions.
    We also have the six basic human Needs all of us possess: the need for Certainty, the need for Variety; the need for Significance; the need for Love; the need for Expansion; and the need for Contribution. Teal has written about these - she explains each Need in more detail; should be easy to find.
    'Potential' though, I now believe exists in each of us; the potential to be cruel, the potential to be kind, to love, to hate, to hold, to abandon, to be healthy, to be ill. It all depends on our life experience and where along the Path of Expansion that our Soul has decided to drop us back into a 3D Reality to experience what an Opposite of what we have already learned is like.

    To those of you that find you are desperate, know that you are like this for a reason. For those of us that see no point, that IS the point; that is what you want yourself to experience.
    But whatever excuse you make for not participating in Life and finding your Joy, that is not meant to be the end of it... the whole point is that you are meant to suffer and see obstacles - you only truly learn when you make mistakes but have the balls to carry on and keep trying; when you pick yourself up and work towards a strong desire you have - mostly based on not being where you currently are.

    The point though, is to know where you are. Some people have to know absolutely every detail and know every pitfall and have everything planned out so they cannot be tripped and fall. But I have to say here that that is not how life is meant to be lived - safely. Risks have to be taken, the unknown has to be confronted otherwise the 'potential' just falls away. The possibilities that something else could happen even better, is never given a chance.

    'Potential' lies in each one of us. Simple as that. Each Potential you can ever imagine.

    I had a client who did not ever consciously in her memory have a dad as a father figure to her growing up.
    I see my role as helping people because I know I make a better granddad than I did a father. But without being a father I would never have been a granddad.
    To this one client, this person thanked me and said it made this person feel like I was a father to them. I have never heard any higher praise. I am there for this client and this is known that I am there when needed. That means this person has gone through life to this stage wanting the very thing I can offer. Yes, in a partial sense I can be a father when the true one was an unknown - it also allows the experience of the good side of having a father to finally be experienced by this client.
    I think if this client was asked, you'd find that money can't buy this feeling; only the ability to give of yourself can allow someone the potential of experiencing something thought to be never possible. And for that alone, my work so far has been made worthwhile.

    Even the criminal murderer put away for 20 years who has finally been let out, hearing a car crash into a river and a mother call for help for her and her trapped child in the back, can be the saving of a criminal who saves two lives through a selfless act. Was he ever truly just the condemned murderer? Is he now only just a life saver?

    So, what could possibly be your potential given that is may be lodged in what you might call your 'past'..? What possible in-fill can you go back to then leap far ahead - by this Reality's Law of Time standards..?

    Potential lies dormant until you activate it. What creativity or Joy do you need to think of possible to activate your Potential...?

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    2. Crystal Rob

      Crystal Rob

      Thank you Pastor George. Exactly!

      Since CP training June 2018 I have learnt one heck of a lot and have tended to forget the Member Forum and this Update area, in favour of helping where I can with perspective in Teal Tribe Facebook, CP Community and supporting other CPs in a closed CP group. The Teal Facebook group makes me shudder at times with so many seemingly hopeless cases who haven’t got a wit or a woo between them. At least they have age on their side if ever they could stop to think about it but they seem to want it all without the work. What hope our young, eh!

      Obviously not all are like that and yes, it seems as Teal says, her ‘Misfit Toys’.

      Still got to help where we can.

      Good to hear from you. What have you been up to this last year?

      Mine has been CP clients from various parts of the world so all done on Skype or Zoom.US late at night after my usual business day. Been away for June to Thailand, Denmark then Canada - all in a month so hectic since we’re in New Zealand.

      Hope you are fit and well!


    3. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      I was recently invited to be on a community advisory committee for the Department of Corrections addressing best practices in Reentry programs to lower recidivism. I also met with a member of the Governor's staff who recruited me to help bring awareness of the documentary Resilience which addresses building resilient communities to help treat toxic stress. If you haven't seen the documentaries Paper Tigers or From Shock to Awe they are all worth watching. The first two address ACE's Adverse Childhood Experiences that can have a life long effect on children physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The third is about PTSD sufferers finding relief through Shamanic treatment.

      Physically i continue to struggle with joint pain and limited mobility but recently changed doctors and hope to make better progress with rehabilitation soon. We continue to live in community but that community is gradually transforming into a more spiritual network of healers and helpers. I have been encouraging the very traditional United Methodist Church I attend to be more open and flexible in its outreach and they are tolerating my newest experiment called Hippie Church. It's an effort to provide a spiritual presence in the wider community by sharing food music and discussion of spiritual questions and issues without any of the structure or dogma found in the traditional church.

      I find the young people i meet to be artistic, intelligent, innovative and energetic. The folks on line are often those who've failed to find support in their physical surroundings and are clearly needy but don't forget we were young and impatient, angry, independent, rebellious in our day and we turned out okay, mostly.

      Be Blessed, safe, sane, and sober, enjoy the ride.

    4. Crystal Rob

      Crystal Rob

      Well you certainly show that despite physical difficulties that we can help others despite what might normally limit us.

      The work you’re doing - I wonder did you ever consider CP training yourself? It sounds a neat fit with what else you have going on, is my thought.

      Have you ever done CP on yourself or others? The miracle with it is the uncovering of subconscious experience rather than what we may think is the cause. Not saying other ways don’t work just that it certainly leads to some interesting and healing results. Once people get clear of the emotional reactions that spiral them downwards they can step by step change habits after the cause has been nullified.

      Be interesting to hear your thoughts as no doubt you would be aware of Teal’s work in all this.

      No doubt you are working wonders anyway, I am glad there are people like you in the world!


  8. Crystal Rob

    Energy Technology

    Teal mentioned quartz which is the stone that all my singing crystal bowls are made of. I double up the energy by using a colour chip inside them; each chakra colour inside each chakra bowl. i double up the doubles energy by having written on the back of each colour chip an intent for healing that the bowl can resonate with. i double up the doubled up double up with focussed meditations as I play for the group that is in front of me for that particular session. Energy abounds.
  9. The cube was the size of a small NZ house; that means one story, 3 bedrooms size. its colour is metallic sheen silver against the golden desert. Made of a shimmering metal not found on earth. So it sort of hovered. It is not transparent and you can’t see inside. The ratio to the desert was 1/500 which I considered small compared to the width of the desert. I had written the word “infintesimal”. The ladder I thought was strange to have here with the cube but as it came into awareness it was upright as a ladder should, away from the surface “hovering” near the cube’s surface. It was on the ground. The colour was white and made of metal similar to the cube. My impression was temporary as though put there for me. The distance from the cube was about 1 foot. The horse was another unusual addition but was brown and my impression was it was passive. It wasn’t tied and the rein was trailing on the ground but the horse would never move anyway. There was no saddle. The horse was a nice addition. The storm was far away, say 20-30 miles and covered a 10th of the desert. It was passing. There would be flashes and distant rumbles but nothing otherwise. The flowers were around the back of the cube. A bed of around 30 flowers in multi-colour reds and yellows. Pretty and tidy and out of sight when viewing the cube from here. How do I feel about the flowers?: They seem pretty but incongruent with the cube; meaning they were there because they were mentioned, no other reason.
  10. Photoshoots are fun - did them years ago in another life as an advertising art director... But hmm, made more fun by Teal herself - and I've known some amazing models. And, yes Teal, we uh- I uh- the camera loves you.
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