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  1. Crystal Rob

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    Thanks, but it was still deleted. Why? It was much better than Facebook Teal Tribe; which is rift with problems by the sound of it. I found much more sensible people in Forum than ever will happen in TT Facebook.
  2. Crystal Rob

    Beauty Queen

    Even Teal did a little hesitancy in what she was about to say - mainly because she realised there would be people that may take the same inference as yourself - be surprised about what was being said. It was never any criticism about beauty. Watch the episode yourself to come to your own understanding rather than trying to use mine. Translation is one of the hardest things and misunderstandings unless circumvented, grow the gap wider. Gracie is as lovely in person as she is on video. Teal was using an example that Gracie herself fully realises. That they both have a true friendship is the important part; one cannot do without the other. Light
  3. Crystal Rob

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    Yes Teal and Blake, what was the story behind deleting Forum?
  4. Crystal Rob

    The Point Of Life

    @Pastor George the Big Bang was the point at which Source split or fractured as Teal says, when it pondered 'What am I?" Like, holy fuck. Ever since the question grows not contracts. Going back to Source or Oneness then is explained in my way of thinking as being totally aware you don't know everything - and when I say "you" I mean you 'n me etc as Oneness since identity merges and is lost. * Above, in answer to vatya, has Source been aware before? - Source doesn't know if it has otherwise you'd know, believe me; because you would be unnecessary therefore not a singularity and I would not be typing these words. * Hail Donald Duck! * Skynet has yet to happened before again - you get my drift, human? * Separateness or Singularity or Ego is a Choice we have to take. Teal talked of a 'Choice Point' that one reaches whether something is taken into you as yourself or kept out to keep your Ego and treat everything, the way I see it, as an opponent. So... I now barstardise a well-known Shakespere's Hamlet quote: "To Be (push away, maintain Ego) or Not Be (take in and connect), that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler (folly) in the mind, to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (your Choice in persecution mentality) or to take arms against a sea of troubles (push yourself forward and keep an identity at all costs), and by opposing them, (Resistance) end them (I Win, you Lose) - even mayhaps, to Choose to blend, unseen and forgotten into the Miasma that is non-identity (Oneness)." Light, Dark and everything in-between. Chur
  5. What! Teal has said is there's an actual need for action not for thoughts. Do something, not pray like a powerless victim. Asking God is like doing a positive affirmation that the train bearing down on you will stop in time, all the while, your foot is caught in the tracks. It won't stop in time. In a way, what we are now faced with is: the best you can do is lean as far away from the track as possible, get as flat as possible; and hope like hell that works so the wheels only cut your foot off and it saves the rest of you from being smeared and ground into the dirt. And the Brazilian power monger - he refused the G8 millions and help they offered to put the fires out. Duh.
  6. Read the last chapter in Teal's book 'Sculptor in the Sky' starting page 137. Also, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2v6YhRRU7U To watch the full interview watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F06n2ZI9pz0
  7. Crystal Rob

    Salt Flats Shoot

    I agree, and really, these days it's not that necessary to know everything - and in some cases absolutely a disadvantage to know some things - too restrictive and sets an expectation in some cases. With the internet it is easy to look up stuff so long, as one always keeps an open mind and opinion as what 'your slant' is, is based on your lens of experience. You are intelligent Witt, no doubt of that; there's more to intelligence that's much more applicable than reading or gaining knowledge. I tend to be quite biased but put that down to my age...! Less tolerance for some things and heaps too much tolerance for other stuff. For instance, I was told some years back by a clairvoyant to be "more intuitive". The amount of intuitive grows but so does the amount of mistakes and misconceptions - I guess it comes down whether it is important or not that creates my distinction - drives my wife crazy though... Maybe I come from a family that allowed developing interests in what took our fancy - as my parents both left schooling at ages 16 and 18. My sisters seem to be seasoned academics, were both till recently working for Colleges and both are into writing; one's already published a book and one trying to. I have an inkling I'd like to as well - reinforced by another clairvoyant who did my astrology chart. Wowser. As both sisters go, one has a doctorate and the other retired after lecturing for years, who still does Relief Teaching at her daughter's high school. Both sisters' daughters are also academic; with 2 nieces furthering their university degrees to masters or switching to a new focus - the word for it is professional students I believe... Guess it runs in our blood. I have a spirit guide I call 'Scholar'. I do like to soak up information and how much depends on the subject and my enthusiasm. I am very Teal info-focussed and seem to be able to pull out of my memory something Teal has written, said or videoed in helping others with perspective on their situation. For instance, Teal said once that its not what you know that's important - its what you don't know that you don't know, that's even importanter. (I paraphrase and I jest that Teal said "importanter" as there's no way she'd say that). I guess you could say I'm furthering my bloodline's nuturing and helping mentality - my son is even more so, by being a Facilitator for disadvantaged people, is so well thought of by his charges and by his workplace employers and is loving his job. He's done this type of work for some years now and is an impressive young man; taught me a thing or two about empathy, that's for sure. My mom, his grandma R.I.P. is so proud of him. Light to you Witt.
  8. Crystal Rob

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, a pleistocene era a dry lake bed now a salt pan; one of several near Salt Lake City - they do land speed attempts there, being that the flats are so super-long and, flat. They raced motorcycles and high powered super cars in the end they had jet turbine vehicles. Where have you been...? However, we in New Zealand know because we had a famous Kiwi race there and win: Bert Munro in the Fastest motorcycle under 1,000cc. They made a movie about it starring Anthony Hopkins as Bert: 'The World's Fastest Indian'. I also knew as a kid about a british car driver in 'Bluebird' in 1935 (not that I was alive then but any attempt always looks back at the famous ones).
  9. Crystal Rob

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Godamn everyday Goddess! The dark, leg split dress is the one that got me.
  10. Crystal Rob

    A Message For Humanity

    Maybe Garnet but the point was that people intake stodgy food which is low in vibration or is mind-numbing. Another effect of food intake - talking about what type of energy we absorb - is those that sit in front of tv eating while the evening news or morning news is on, are absorbing the effect of the news they are watching and listening to. This is basically taking into you, the negative or fear that is being promulgated and then displayed on the tv. We have also got used to 'sound bites' while eating and think that is the full, whole truth when in fact it should really lead to people finding out more to be able to have balanced view. How many people do you know take a slice of what someone has posted and attack them thinking that what the sole point of the Whole? We take in energy is various ways, not just eating; we view energy like beauty and absorb it - the opposite is we take in horror, death and riots; we can absorb sunlight or sit in front of tv or computers and get anxious, tired but unable to sleep; we can listen to heavy metal about zombies and death or we can listen to uplifting music that gets us in a creative mood; we can choose to meditate and listen to the sounds of nature or we can have an argument with a significant person... But eating foods that benefit you is what Teal promotes. Her comment about the family eating takeaway foods being the happiest, is obviously about how unaware you can be, based on what you habitually absorb without knowing it. On the other hand, vitally aware people are not necessarily the happiest you'll find because they are so aware of everything that basically, it hurts like hell. Being aware is not for the faint-hearted, nor is deep diving or facing your deepest fears through Completion Process sessions - but at least once you become aware, it is meant to lead to figuring out what you can do about it - from where you are, with what you've got. This is where Teal's books come into play as tools for changing what you habitually have got used to being like, towards an actual conscious choice to be like that (authenticity) rather feel pushed towards it by circumstances, cause and effect. This is where the Completion Process can set you free of feeling like a victim and give you back your own control and choice. Preaching to the Converted no doubt, but I thought it worth mentioning within this context. Light
  11. Crystal Rob

    Guard Puppy

    Guard dog, sure... this one would love an intruder to death so long as the intruder lay down and did the intruding during the day, on the drive. And don't all dogs love a good ear rub. I'll lie down for you Teal!
  12. Crystal Rob

    A Message For Humanity

    How are we progressing? Teal once said that the most un-reactionary person who is not freaking out over stress, the state of the world etc or what's energetically happening on the planet is the family that constantly sit several times a week at a hamburger joint munching down on their over-sized burgers, fries and drinks, oblivious to what's around them as they are to what they're putting inside them. Your normal empath on the other hand, is way too reactionary - they are picking up on all the chaos and fear broadcast around the world by news channels and things that world leaders are pushing the world towards the brink of. The grind of daily life amongst the Unaware. What is obvious when you really think about it, is that the enemy is not who you think it is - not the would-be high school shooter, not the murderer, not the rapist, not ISIS and not the government; they are merely obvious symptoms of the hidden causation of humanity's slide to yet another extinction. At least this time there will only be parts of the world affected as in 'forest fires' and those that are left affected by what the result is, but as far as "Live long and prosper" goes, better clean off those sunglasses, the house is burning down. @Aisha, thank you for that video link - you are spot on. Teal's message then as you say has been consistent. We have to up our game and awaken by taking in that which confronts us. More and more CPs need to spread the word and get people on track with their thinking and then their Doing. It's doing something that is the key - to progress forward rather than sit back and just say stuff. Sitting is the same thing as waiting for the train of destiny to run you down. (an anaolgy from a Teal blog 'The Train is coming - are you ready?' And as Teal commented in that clip, do what you can, with what you've got, from where you are. I add Now, not later, now. I leave you with a Teal workshop exercise about 'You died yesterday' Teal gets the audience in groups of 3 for each person with 3 minutes to tell the other two how they died yesterday, the exact details of how they died, where, etc, recount what others thought of them dying, who was at the funeral, what would they leave behind that people talked to others about them good or bad, who should they have said sorry to, who should they have said I love you to, what do they regret the most that they left unfinished, what would they have done with their life if they were to do it all over again. Then Teal lets them know, an angel has come and said they can have their life back - they can go back... what would you do, now, if you had a second chance? Light
  13. Crystal Rob

    Not Ready

    Hey Witt, how do I get to see this wayne ker, jeff mathieson...?
  14. Hey Witt, how do I get to see this wayne ker, jeff mathieson...?
  15. Crystal Rob

    Not Ready

    @GabijaCij do you know what Witt is talking about? Since the website revamp, I did wonder about why I had no posts showing any longer. Can some Admin get back about Witt being SDA and me being jeff matheison? Thanks. Crystal Rob
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