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  1. Crystal Rob

    Seeing The Gift

    Teal, I LOVE that colour on you, please wear it more often. I happen to have on a t-shirt of the same colour. That was my gift today, to see you, so thank you.
  2. Chaos is required for change - it's the catalyst for change as humans carry on thinking what they are doing for change works - but it doesn't - it takes major change for human shift. Teal knows this. Reaction to that whatever it is, will determine the final outcome for the human race - whether we learn from it and it's healthy for us or not. Teal is continually looking at the probables on all this and continually looks to change without the cataclysm. It's not false hope, just seeking an alternative to the almost inevitable. Light to you HQ-Lacerta
  3. Ana3 and Pastor George have a sense of it but a lot of you gloss over Teal's message. have you seen how serious teal is in photos these days...? Teal wrote a blog a while back about 'Get ready for the train coming through as it's not stopping' - but it's getting beyond that now. Teal did a new year video about her seeing the future possibility (or probability I can't remember) of a nuclear device dropped in the region of Switzerland/France. It may even be beyond that now too. When you see America through their puppet publicly goading Korea and many other countries you gotta ask yoursel
  4. I miss you brother. We haven't talked in a long time.

  5. Medicines are, like elsewhere controlled by an organisation called Farmac that allow or disallow certain medicines into our country. So we're in the same Catch-22 as everybody else. That's just one hold over us that power mongers have. It's the one industry that's totally world-wide and has the majority of the population stuck. Doctors sit in their rooms and dish out pills - this one counteracts that one. "Next." If the world fell over and we had to rely on native medicines, NZ would have the Maori elders to look to. Also common sense which seems lacking considering Convid is an agressive fl
  6. An instance would be governments are concerned about borders and the flow of money - as Teal said this world is interdependent. If you take a country and it's governors down to a smaller scale to that of a family unit, the mother out of work has consequences - maybe they reduce spending and adapt - the children will not necessarily see any change. But have the father lose his job and not be able to get govt assistance (here it's a 2-week stand down period - although today our Govt announced with Con-vid outbreak the stand down period won't apply - benefits of a small adaptable country)... if
  7. Crystal Rob

    The Truth About Triggers

    So when you look to needing someone for support, please go no further
  8. Crystal Rob

    The Truth About Triggers

    No it doesn't mean it's flawed - but it is wise to utilise an experienced CP practitioner several times so that your personally can get how the process works in reconciliation and how creativeness can compensate for various states of freeze someone doing it on themselves can go through. Often stories are related that it doesn't work - I didn't get anywhere with it etc etc but by using a CPCP you gain in understanding how to use it alone on yourself. CPs in fact are there for a short while to allow single users to be able to perform their own CP - the point being we CPs have an in-built obs
  9. Crystal Rob

    The Truth About Triggers

    Then I'm glad that person is no longer used by you. As Teal says someone who has had the same experience then is capable of being someone who can use that experience to benefit others - CPs attract the very same traumas that they themselves went through. Light to you
  10. Crystal Rob


    Teal didn't say it was from the Blindspot Oracle cards, she said it was a collective human consciousness that we're not aware of (Blindspot Oracle Cards marketing ploy but blindspot nevertheless) - so she would have been 'out there' in the Astral and this would have come to her attention, then realising how widespread it was at this time she brings it to our attention - she mentions "this week".
  11. Crystal Rob


    I have PM'd you Victoria.
  12. I think it was a banana leaf... Try patting a banana and see if it does the same thing.
  13. Crystal Rob


    @The_HQ-Lacerta I am a trained CP since June last year - if you need any perspective, you can always get hold of me: Call or message +64 274 501 586
  14. No greater clarity of thought than seeing and recognising this truth @Lesa Spravka you hit the nail on the head; we in fact, are the progression of our parents and their parents. And I like how you have taken this lesson to your pets. Pets prove an important lesson and it makes me remember that some years ago I, myself gave an observation to a father than had just admonished his son for wanting to jump down from the tourist bus step to the stony ground at the edge of the uneven road (we were overseas on a tourist holiday) but the father thought the bus step too high and worried his son might
  15. It's sad in my eyes, that the change in mentality at TealEye with Completion Process Practitioners now needing to pay to be displayed on the CP website,

    Or should I now say 'advertised' on the CP website, since it now costs each CP personally to be shown on there. That's why there's only 36 CPers currently showing. Maybe others feel like me, they are not being supported enough and have decided CP is not for them or it's now too hard doing it alone. Maybe, maybe not.

    The CP members' website to promote us used to be free. It was meant to be a place people could get help by lots of CPers. 36 CPCPs doesn't cut it, sorry Teal and Blake.

    It used to be promoted at CP training as the hub of trainees and we felt it was going to be supported by the Teal Team. Didn't. Won't.

    Where has been any support forthcoming? All that was done was a message or two and no-one has had the time to develop anything for CPers and co-ordinate them. What started out like a great idea has gone nowhere. Maybe that's why we were meant to pay - so they had funds to back CPers?

    Anyway, the end result for those on the outside though is more my concern.
    There are those out there in need and who are looking for a CPCP to help them, changing the rules and making us pay saying more support will come has resulted in only 36 CP practitioners deciding to be displayed at present - this is out of the 100s that have done the training over the years since Teal started this training, all trainees personally paying the expense of travelling to get trained by Teal and who are willingly out there - people helping people - in some cases out of the goodness of their own hearts without getting session fees, people wanting to help and those wanting help not willing to pay - or unable to pay.
    No mind, that's life I guess.

    In many cases, Completion Process Practitioners are ordinary people - people who work, people who do other things besides therapy work - or, at least ordinary people who have not turned professional who may not necessarily have other skills to fall back on. Ordinary people, trained as a CP who are not receiving a decent income from being a CP is one of the things those who are not professionals (with a therapy business), decide that they'd still like to be available to help others in need; altruism at work.

    Seems no longer; while Blake says they were wanting CPs feedback on the changes, they still went ahead and shut people out of the changed site - and unless a CP signs in again (showing they are willing to pay the monthly fee) they now no longer will show up as a licensed CP on the CP website,

    I am one of those who have decided not to pay - so I won't appear. I decided to also leave the closed CP Practitioners Facebook group. Now I am left to advertise elsewhere - advertise that my services as still available for CP sessions.
    As such, I usually give away my services to help others, have always done and will continue to do so - much like it should be in a community where there are those that cannot afford - and others who prefer to spend their money on other things - that needed help.

    So I'm still here. In the dark.

    The other thing - while I understand self-support is the responsibility of each individual - the Teal Team have huge problems to resolve with the public Facebook group; Teal Tribe. Yes a good idea but facing extreme hostility by infiltrators causing real people in need of support nothing but anxiety and feelings of unsafety.
    In my eyes and some others - the Teal Tribe Forum we could utilise when signed up on Teal Swan, was the perfect place for more private conversations and topics. But that has disappeared, the Forum been taken off for some time now.
    So, where are Teal supporters meant to go to communicate and feel like a family?

    The world is unsafe enough for some people, without these dynamics happening. It's sad, but life I guess. Moving on...


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