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  1. Devyn

    I feel like I need an Ayahuasca experience. I've tried so hard to make sense of the way I feel and the thoughts that I think, but it's become exhausting. I've tried 'just being' with myself and letting go of my worries, but they always come back. I practice the completion process, but have so much self-doubt, I often wonder if I'm really making a difference. I hate that I feel like I need to seek something outside of myself to truly understand my inner universe, but that is the reality of where I am at. I'm hoping to find more awareness someday soon. Thank you for sharing, Teal. You continue to be such an inspiration for me.
  2. Devyn

    The work you are doing has absolutely changed my life, and I am so thankful for that. Perhaps it is better to not have teachers/attendees at Philia who are unable to discern for themselves what they feel is true. You have support in me, and I cannot wait to attend a retreat! ?