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  1. I don’t even feel like my career has started but definitely all I am going through is defining. i sense like the most defining moment will be the day I decide to say no to all the stuff I haven’t dared to let go off and focus entirely on creating music, writing, dancing...
  2. marta


    I have lost my sense of free will and power... I have lost my sense of belonging long ago... i have lost my self-love and self-ownership.. I have lost my sense of safety within my body
  3. marta


    I would trust in my artistic qualities, I would ask for help, I would hold on to my value, I would hold the love for my body, my sexuality, my authentic self, I would study art and cocreate more art since much younger, I would discern what is truly loving, truly friendship.. I would love myself enough to follow my inner voice and do what pleases me instead of following a path to find an approval that will never make me feel loved... and I am actually going to visualise going to my teenage years and tell my teenage-self how worthy she is and show her what love truly is Love ,
  4. marta


    Presence dancing poetry
  5. marta


    My self-hate...
  6. marta


    My anger and aggressiveness, no one is gonna walk over me attitude... I don’t need you, fuck you... Thoughts like ‘I am never gonna be loved, I am just gonna wait until this is over since I feel I am never gonna be loved as I am’ Also, kindness and sensual attractiveness
  7. marta


    My feeling of worthlessness and unsafety
  8. marta


    I let go of the expectation that someone or something outside of me will come and save me or make things change. I welcome my decision and my courage and my power.
  9. marta


    I would risk my life for freedom of choice, to protect a life of physical mental and emotional health
  10. marta


    I don’t know what future is gonna come up
  11. I am not willing to give up my freedom, my health, my attunement to nature and my natural rythms, my body and my trueselfexpression. (although i have given all this up since I was born in this planet, I want to reclaim and re-exercise my sovereignty)
  12. marta

    Guaranteed Happiness

    Freedom. Otherwise there is no awareness. Why would I want to live without awareness... It doesn't feel possible to be happy without awareness... It feels lonely. Isolated. No experience of connection nor reflection of self. It is missing of the point.
  13. marta

    What Would They Do?

    Indeed adorable
  14. marta

    Teal Tribe Down

    Uuh I love shadow work homework Thankyou
  15. Is it politically "correct" to call "America" only to one country of the whole continent? Haven't read the whole post yet but looks nice xxx
  16. It sounds like a lot of butter components, how do you serve this??
  17. marta

    Relationship With Food

    I cant "like" the videos anymore, can you?
  18. marta

    Future Telling

    yeiii so cool??. What kind of training is this? I'd really like to learn all this stuff widelyyyy
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