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  1. marta


    honesty trust belonging compatibility Share creative projects with other people
  2. marta


    start taking action, you are ready, the universe will provide
  3. marta


    Thoughts of self-hate and self-rejection. Lovingly taking care of the part of me that is thinking those thoughts and the part of me that is hurt by them
  4. marta


    The parts of me that hate myself
  5. marta


    healthy food and water and air Medical Medium's information Teal Swan's teachings The Sophia Code My inner guidance The faith in our immaculate sovereignty and being sovereign creators. Faith in the awareness of who we truly are. Faith in the choice of the universe for integration. For my choice to know myself as none of my caregivers chose to know me. My choice to walk the path of self-love.
  6. marta


    for future generations for children for quality of life for respect of all sovereign living forms, animate and inanimate. for love
  7. marta


    Also... I would commit to creating music and writing poetry/songs, share them and collaborate with other artists. I would love that. I feel like I risk feeling incompetent and lost and not knowing how to proceed. I feel like is too late. I am afraid I will be judged... I feel people will sense my self-doubt and will reflect it back to me... There is a part of me that doesnt want to start at all... why? because I just feel incompetent... I am avoiding the risk of being laughed at. Is it worth taking the risk? I need some clarity of what I truly want. cause I want more social incluss
  8. marta


    I would establish healthy and strong bonds with people I could consider my family. I would show myself as I am and allow to be loved for who I am. I would go to the places where I can find these people, I would actively look for these connections and initiate the creation of a community or a net of persons. I would travel to the places where I can find people I can develope trust with and true connection.... I would like to create something with others. Cocreate a mission I can work side by side with other people. That's what I most want. I would COMMIT. I would commit to a project that i desi
  9. marta


    my mom
  10. Oh thank you i needed this piece of advice
  11. marta

    "Let Go" Day

    Oooh I wanna know more about these non physical beings
  12. I don’t even feel like my career has started but definitely all I am going through is defining. i sense like the most defining moment will be the day I decide to say no to all the stuff I haven’t dared to let go off and focus entirely on creating music, writing, dancing...
  13. marta


    I have lost my sense of free will and power... I have lost my sense of belonging long ago... i have lost my self-love and self-ownership.. I have lost my sense of safety within my body
  14. marta


    I would trust in my artistic qualities, I would ask for help, I would hold on to my value, I would hold the love for my body, my sexuality, my authentic self, I would study art and cocreate more art since much younger, I would discern what is truly loving, truly friendship.. I would love myself enough to follow my inner voice and do what pleases me instead of following a path to find an approval that will never make me feel loved... and I am actually going to visualise going to my teenage years and tell my teenage-self how worthy she is and show her what love truly is Love ,

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