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  1. LL.

    The Calling

    Hey Raederle, thank you very much! That made much sense. In fact, a few days ago I went to a CP "session" and I realized I had a kind of trauma with choices, but my adult self addressed my issue after the relief phase, very much like you did here in your post. Now is clear to me that is completely possible to thrive in many areas of our lives which also completely related to our needs simultaneously. I'm feeling much better now :) Thank you again! Love!
  2. LL.

    The Calling

    Can someone help me to understand something? We all have multiple needs, right? But when Teal say that it’s not possible to succeed at something without putting 100% of your energy on that stuff, it won’t make other things which are important to you in attempt to me meet the other needs without energy on it? If that is the case, we won’t meet many needs, in order to succced in one.. It’s possible to put 100% of energy in many things?
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