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  1. Apollo


    #31 creating a better world and a better system, being the change I wish to see and helping the world become something worth living for
  2. Apollo


    What's the difference between this one and the "surrender" painting?
  3. Apollo


    Have you imagined it from 1st person perspective? Like, what it would look like through your physical eyes and senses?
  4. Apollo


    The problem is that I don't assume the universe has any involvement in it at all. I assume that everything that happens to me is because I attracted it, and because of that, I don't trust that the universe is on my side at all because I believe it's just more of my bullshit that I, for whatever reason, can't seem to stop attracting. So how are you supposed to know when the universe did it "for you" or when a situation is just a reflection of your thoughts/vibe? I'm kinda thinking that if the universe apparently can't do anything against your free will, then how could it put me here if
  5. Apollo

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    Not exactly sure what my favorite is, maybe Herkimer diamond, or selenite? Rose quartz is also nice, because it's cozy, but energetically I like different things depending on my mood so idk if I have one favorite specifically. Aesthetically, I like clear ones the most, that I know for sure! Can I make a request for an ask Teal episode on sigils, how to use them and what systems work/if there's a database for ones that you know have strong energy?
  6. Apollo

    Best Book Ever

    "The Raven Cycle" is my favorite, along with "Darkest Part of the Forest" and "The Night Circus". All of them are magical realism, it's my favorite genre.
  7. Apollo

    Teal's Son

    Winter is living the dream, I wish that was the childhood I had had. You're doing incredible, I hope we can see this kind of childhood being the norm in the future, it honestly sounds like heaven. Love you!
  8. Apollo

    June 16th

    Happy birthday! I hope today is a good day, thank you for everything
  9. Ironically it's also what draws people to me, so this trait is either a blessing or a curse depending on the person: having strong opinions. Either that makes me stubborn (if you don't like my opinion and you can't give me enough evidence to change my mind), or I'm the most out of the box and original person you've ever met. Free thinker with mountains of proof and amazingly thought out ideas. Revolutionary. Either that triggers the fuck out of people, or it breaks open the door and changes people's lives forever.
  10. Apollo

    What's Ending?

    Hey Teal! Would it be possible for you to teach us the way that you found to bypass the Law of Attraction? I think it's really important right now, because it could help people gain security in these times, and maybe speed up the creation of the new.
  11. I cried with the first girl because I have been feeling EXACTLY the same. I also feel more empowered, because I actually do know what I want outside of the current system. I want food forests and community gardens, and cities to be filled with greenhouses. I want the buildings to be eco friendly and I want at least a partial gift based economy, and I want sustainable living and products. I want automation to take over most of the jobs people don't want to work, and I want a basic standard of living to be provided for everyone, using the resources the earth provides for free. I want
  12. Apollo

    React VS Respond

    Have you considered moving to Bitchute? Or having that be a second platform for "controversial" topics? Also, is the last workshop going to be up anytime soon?
  13. I am the same. I have a positive default option of black people, but my response to Hispanics tends to assume that they are aggressive. I grew up borderline in the ghetto in highschool, in Texas which has a lot of immigration from Mexico, so I understand where that comes from. But I know it isn't fair to assume all Hispanics are the way highschool boys are lmao, especially when families are under so much financial stress/poverty and the effects that has on the psyche.
  14. You could foster cats for a while, and see if you still want one.
  15. This comment is unrelated to the video, but an issue I'm having is with your predictions about where the future is headed. I feel like if that's what we're headed towards, then I won't get what I want no matter what I do, so it doesn't matter how hard I try anyway. I feel like my whole life has been spent holding on to the hope that one day I'll make it, one day I'll see a lovely world, one day I'll have the money and the friends/family I want, one day we'll be eco friendly and in harmony with the rest of the planet, one day I'll be truly happy, one day I'll see world peace. And I've been l
  16. Exactly the same situation for me I hope you get resolution or ease soon.
  17. This collective shadow hit me in the fucking face yesterday morning
  18. Apollo

    Orgy Exercise

    Guys! She finished the Manifestation grid, and I have a trick to help y'all manifest with it! https//drive.google.com/file/d/1C87-lGK3IU5Ju3sPDBtS9mOhES6tY2lk/view?usp=drivesdk (In case anyone is wondering, the paintings are: Manifestation Lightwork Model, Raise your Vibration, Synchronicity, Sirian Solar Invocation, Evoke, and Non Attachment) The first thing you do is download the collage, and pull it up on a different device then your phone, or print it out. Teal says it takes about 11 minutes before the frequencies have the most effect, so just stare at it/meditate with it
  19. Apollo

    Manifestation Frequency

    I have a question that I'm having a hard time with, feel free to answer (this is not directed exclusively to Teal): how do you know if you're manifesting from a place of seeing reality, vs denial? For example, if I see the reality and I don't like it, where's the line between choosing to manifest something else vs denial based positive thinking? I feel like right now the reality I'm being told to become aware of is pretty crappy, but aside from being aware of it, there's nothing I feel called to do about it. I'm using it as an excuse to not think about anything positive coming in the future
  20. Apollo


    Thank you!
  21. Apollo


    Same, I wish she would outright say it so we know exactly what's coming, in detail. Like an Ask Teal episode but outlining physical action steps on what to do, that's easily shareable so the info can spread. But maybe that knowledge would make us more likely to manifest it, so maybe that's part of why she's not telling us. But I do feel like at this point, it almost serves me more to think this is temporary because at least then I'm not absolutely panicking over something I don't know what to do about. Knowing what to do makes it useful, but not knowing makes it a burden.
  22. Apollo


    I actually would like you to clarify the long term results/benefits of this, with a timeline. I am confused though, because you said these liberties won't be given back, but I feel like they would have to be because if this is to induce awakening, people would want more freedoms and liberties. Also, what someone else asked, but what are we supposed to tell other people? All this information is on premium, but even your average viewer doesn't get the amount of information they need to make an educated decision right now. Can you make an info graphic or something we can print out and pos
  23. Apollo


    Yooo good luck fam! Congratulations!
  24. OK so what do we do? If the governments want to take away freedoms and such, what are we supposed to do about that? Where do you find information and how are you supposed to change it?
  25. Apollo

    Tips For Now

    I hope you recover well! Fasting helps the immune system and can help you heal quicker, and raw foods/juices can also help with immunity. Teal also has a frequency painting titled "Immunity" that might help you.
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