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  1. Lena33

    Epic workshop!! I loved it so much. thank you immensely:)<3
  2. My deepest gratitude for posting this one<3
  3. Will there be a part of this same workshop posted where Teal explained about schizophrenia? I would really love to re-watch that one if it is possible<3
  4. yay, this is working!! My deepest gratitude<3
  5. love this video so much<3!! Thank you immensely<3
  6. Lena33

    I fucking love you Teal♡♡♡ thank you from the depths of my heart for your existence. This blog was especially close to my heart♡ it was you who thought me instead of rejecting those parts that are perceived as bad, evil to merge with them and instead of seeing them as enemy to realize that they are our greatest friend and ally. My infinite gratitude to you. Thank you immesely for everything that you are♡