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  1. For me, it was to be accepted in my most miserable form and get love from my parents. And by being with friends and having a very strong desire to be with someone just as you describe was a way of coping and escaping from myself. Somehow, even when with people I feel lonely- since I know myself. But it was only the second half of the last year that I realized I am actually being with myself, without any distraction from my shadows. So, if you want to be close with someone it should be based on inspiration and joy rather than distraction or fear or any kind of low vibe. At this point, you may give more time to yourself for diving deep. I strongly suggest Teal's book Shadows Before Dawn. It is about self-love and self-respect. For this, you do not need isolation. Let people be there for you. But at the same time be really there for yourself, feel every millisecond of your life. And see the shift in your relationships.
  2. duygu_s

    Hey hi! I am still in the beginning of trying but I will tell you anyways. But please do your search before using it, because it may affect the baby. One of the hair stylists told me that mixing birth control pills into the sampoo ( making them like a dust and mixing well) works wonders. However when using it only apply to your hair and nowhere else since it makes hairs to grow. When I was buying the pills the pharmacist also confirmed that many people are using them for their hair - but to be safe it is better to disscuss with a doctor. .... aside from that garlic may work too it may stink a little.....
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    Awesome mix, awesome dance
  4. duygu_s

    Yes, I love it. First two episodes were epic and 3rd of December was my birthday. So I accepted the series as my bday present very happy
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    I was about to share the same piece. Here is one more, a very nice ost <3
  6. duygu_s

    Favourite color : Purple (with most of its shades) -It is beautiful and smells beautiful. This beauty is the kind that makes your heart warm and happy. -It has a high vibration and brings nice warm memories as well as spiritual wisdom -It is enchanting Favourite animal: Cats -They are soft, playful and kind hearted although they are wild -They love themselves a lot and that makes them value their life so much that they can survive from many bad conditions -They are loved instead of their selfishly percepted behaviour Favourite form of water: Snow -Pure and white -Cool and peaceful -Can be dangerous as well as healing
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    I was also regarded as a weak person due to my openness about my highlighted emotions. But I also come to think that it is strenght instead. It is just that I cannot be sure whether I catch the truth or make myself believe what I fear time to time. Although the experience tells me that I saw correctly through the occasions, still I want to believe in people's good intentions and honesty. I care a lot about others, more than myself I can say. So every single thing affects me very much. It is not like I am overwhelmed or scared of the outcome but it is like I passionately want to experience positive things; enthusiasm, love, frienship, success yet the outcome is negative or neutral most of the time especially for the last 2 years despite of the endeavor. This makes me think that may be I make wrong decisions when I depend on my sensitivity or intiution. It might also be my confusion about getting trigered or being intuitive. I will try to tune into what I want more from now on. Because right now I am pretty lost. I do not feel happy about being alive, I am neutral. I do not have a strong reason to live after I saw that I cannot have what I really want for many times. At this point may be I need to do some core belief work. Thank you very much for your answers, I get lots of insight from you. And it feels good to be a part of this family <3 Love and hugs
  8. Being intuitive or too sensitive How would you understand whether you are intuitive or overly sensitive? When you share your opinions with others do they ever tell you that you are too sensitive and get things wrong?
  9. duygu_s

    I opt for liquid form of vit D - there are also vegan formulas. You can easily hide it inside a sandwich or salad . However, no product comes %100 natural I think. Other than that, there is a debate going on for sunlighted or uv radiated mushrooms (they can produce D2). I eat lots of mashrooms but I am very deficient in vit D. So I can see the negative effects on my skin and other parts of my body. For fish - the only animal I eat time to time- does not provide enough vit D unless they are wild - not grown in farms. For the fillers and other stuff, I sometimes use reiki and other times nothing. I know that I enjoy cofee, chocolate and many other stuff which include lots of harmful chemicals. Yet, I let myself enjoy the moment they are worth it in my case hihi I also experienced being very clean - after a long period of detox. It is really cool. Since I cannot be that dedicated all of my life I quited restrictions. I understand you in your endeavor, and hope you can find the best solution <3
  10. duygu_s

    I am happy to be helpful to you - so that you feel better than yesterday. There are really nice people in this forum, I like being a part of it. Also, knowing that there are people having somewhat similar issues makes me feel not alone, not weird but just myself. Whenever you feel like it just come Hope everyday becomes better and better
  11. duygu_s

    Just let yourself be whoever you want to be, do not be sad. Look for the root causes if you consider it to be negative, and may be some shadow work. I find her book Shadows Before Dawn very uplifting. After that The Completion Process might help. I am yet to see the effects. - I have found out that all the things I have said to myself in relationships are coming from my childhood. How a hard and disconnected person I am, how can sb love me as I am ... and vice versa. ... Also in livestream, there is Amsterdam synchronisation workshop (https://livestream.com/accounts/2213907/events/6157666). The case of the very last person in this workshop might be partially related to you as well. Teal talks about being a dramatic woman and having men who like drama. Not that I am saying you are dramatic, never. It is just an example of people finding their own match and continuing to be their match throughout the years. It is all related with self worth and a good communication. I am also working on these issues- self-worth, self-love and good communication. Hope you can work it all and find what is best for both of you Lots of love and hugs
  12. duygu_s

    Just be honest with yourself and super trust your gut instincts. If you do not love him completely, I am sure there is a reasonable reason for that no matter how kind he is. And the reason is not always you - not loving yourself. Trust your instincts, and talk with him openly. If you decide to be together then it means you are both going to shift things. - Teal has a bunch of videos regarding the relationships and meeting your needs. If you have not watched them I strongly suggest - Furthermore the way of conveying things matter a lot. I think we need to think more about this issue. As for criticism Teal also has a video. * In my case, I have been into similar situation more than 3 times. Every person was so nice that I was dying inside for not loving them and I thought I was a very problematic person. It was the last time I understood, my gut instinc is very accurate. I found out later that it was very natural for me not to like them (lies, betrayals, all other dirty stuff). Well I also understand why those things are manifested. Sometimes people come into our lives for a limited time and sometimes for a lifetime. I think we have partly power over the time. So find what you need in this relationship to be met and convey it to him.
  13. duygu_s

    It is really hard to watch them when they are sick. I am not as alarmed when I am sick because I know and can feel the cure. What did the vet say about his skin problem? It can also be related with food sesitivity. Mine does not do well with chicken and rice (rice caused skin and fur problems). Actually they should not be getting carbonhydrates from grains or legumes unless they are sick and not able to digest protein completely. However, all kibble food come with a binder of that kind and there are lots of vets around here strictly supporting kibble food as they look balanced. Best is balanced raw food says Dr. Becker and lots of other owners with experience. I cannot directly go to raw (due to parasite issues) but I am trying to transition him into a balanced cooked meal and balanced treats. I am looking into recepies (Becker has a book and a free treats pdf, there are also sites). Here is one more video about food: She has lots of other videos too. May be you can find what you are looking for? She also has a video about kidney problems. If you have a chance a holistic vet might be a good option. Other than that they are lucky to be able to go out I cannot risk mine to go out, the other stray cuties or cars surely harm him. I am trying my best to be a good friend of his I want them to vibrantly and happily survive. Hope your baby gets well really soon, I think he is lucky to have you as a loving support.