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  1. I love you Teal. You are the reason I am where I am today. I feel for your struggle and appreciate your autheticity as you move through it. I stand by you in these troubling times and see the resistance as a reflection of the collective fear. Thank you for shining anyways. I will always support you, and am in touch with my own truth enough to know that no one could sway me from that.
  2. I live in Boulder CO and find the spiritual community is rampant with figment as well. I tend to chuckle it off mostly, but every now and then I get triggered and find it incredibly irritating (or as we say in my community mirrortating). Ive pretty much stopped attending new agey events in town, simply because I find it rather boring to talk with people about ridiculously esoteric topics that they are very identified with and take on as their reality. Its fun for a while and I commend them for being in alignment with their own truth, but I find a lot of them are using it to spiritually bypass
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