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  1. Dear Teal, You should write a book about your approach to education (not only in general but education for children with spiritual talents in particular). The book would be invaluable to parents, educators and developmental psychologists. Thank you so much, quinn
  2. Searching for Sugar Man.
  3. 1) It's interesting that you both mentioned music. The music at the nightclub that I went to was completely demonic. I did not understand how people would enjoy it let alone feeling relaxed listening to it, unless their previous vibrations were already matching the music so that it felt cathartic to them. 2) I think the fear and despair came from the women as well. I was in the ladies' room and two girls came in, looking at themselves in the mirror. One said, "Oh, my hair is a mess!" And the other said, "I think I look pretty?!" staring at herself in the mirror. Fear of rejection & judgment were the themes there involving everyone. 3) Indeed, the event felt very superficial (or ignorant). It let me relive the "unbearable lightness" of many people's realities that I first felt as a child. Maybe it's natural and healthy for empaths to hide away from the suffering crowd.
  4. That's interesting. I had a very different experience of night clubs. The energy felt demonic and very very dense. The emotions i picked up were fear and mostly despair. I felt paralyzed afterwards.
  5. How do you feel about night clubs? Hi, everyone! I wonder how you feel about the energy in night clubs. I do not want to bias your answers, so I will share my experiences after your responses! Best regards, Quinn
  6. No problem! Do what you feel is right! Best, Quinn
  7. Hi, EarthColours. There is a website called MakeLoveNotPorn. I was touched by the real life sex between the porn star Lily Labeau and her ex and current boyfriends. The connection I observed in those videos was truly inspiring. I was at awe after watching some of the videos. Note: My question about head push was triggered by one of her oral sex videos with her ex boyfriend. The fact that she said "thank you" to him for multiple times made me sad. Her boyfriend's feelings and thoughts about the experience as expressed in the description box above the video were interesting but still confusing to me. Best, Quinn
  8. I think you are right. This post was the beginning of that. Thanks
  9. Thank you very much EarthColours! It's really beneficial to me to hear a male's opinions on this issue.
  10. Thank you! I did not realize I should also communicate what felt good in addition to the negative part. That sounds like a good solution.
  11. Hey, this question can be partially answered by Teal's newest video "entitlement". haha!
  12. Boundary Violation during Sex Hi, all! This is a question related to boundary and intimacy during sex. Blowjobs felt empowering and enjoyable to me until I first experienced what we call "head push". I clearly remember the surprise and a sense of violation when it happened. It has been about 5 years and a couple of things still confuse me regarding this issue. First, are guys aware of/compassionate about the pain girls endure when giving "deep throat" blowjobs? If not, that should be a consequence of our inadequate sex education and education in general, right? Second, given that our sex education is a failure, how can we communicate to/educate our (male) partners about this without distancing ourselves and building walls in the relationship? Note: Looking back, I think my fear of being degraded during sex used to be generalized to fear of romantic relationships. As a teenager, I felt that once a woman gave in to men by being sexually involved with them, she would lose her power & dignity. All these associated memories make me feel that this problem of "head push" connects to a bigger topic about boundaries, power and intimacy in romantic relationships, and even all types of relationships. Thank you, Quinn
  13. Thank you, Teal!