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  1. Has anyone here used them? Which one(s) did you use? How did they affect you?
  2. jessc

    I've had acne since I was about 11, I'm now 21 and a vegetarian, and still no change. There are only two things I've found that work for me. 1. Antibiotics that destroy my good bacteria and have unpleasant side effects 2. Visualizing clear skin. It is literally the only other thing that has ever worked for me. However, I often visualize clear skin for about a week, enjoy my flawless skin for about a month, and then get lazy and revert back to pimply vibrations. I recommend you visualize daily, even for just a minute, for an entire month. It would create long term effects in your subconscious mind, and therefore your life
  3. Hi everyone, I was in Mexico early this year and came down with a stomach flu-like illness. A couple days later, my limbs became tingly and I was very weak. The weakness has improved but the tingling still hasn't gone away. After returning to Canada I have seen countless doctors and naturopaths and I've been referred to a neurologist, (I'm still on the waiting list). I've been eating low-fat vegan, but honestly the only thing that's really improved my health is when I get into a high vibration for several days in a row. Also, I recognize these symptoms could very well point to MS. Yes, I have looked at the metaphysical causes of MS. Lately I feel so sadly desperate for a healing, it's practically overwhelming. I've learned so much from this journey already, and I wish that were enough. I feel a profound love and respect for life itself. I'm stronger now than ever before. I love and value my life like never before. But I just want to feel normal again. And I don't want to go through my spiritual healing journey alone, but I can't seem to find the right person to help me.