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  1. Will tgere be a livestream of this event by any chance? I really miss tge workshop livestreams and the monthly online workshops.. Thanks! Kat
  2. My favourite part of this video are Gabi and Teal's tshirts ????
  3. Holy cow... Thank you so much for this insight Teal... So fascinating!
  4. Thank you sooo much for these recordings! :-) I heard Teal say at the end that there's a day - will that be put online as well? The exercises after the walk?
  5. Katharina Ritschl

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    YES PLEASE make a video about this topic.... I have this SO much - with any tools, literally anything from positive focus all the way through to shadow work... It's quite rare that it feels really good and right to go into it, most of the time it's just this voice going "noooo I don't wanna do this by myself, I just want someone to hold me"..... Which is of course a childhood thing... I feel like I was always being kicked out of the nest too early and then being shamed for not flying... So yeah, I would LOVE a video on this!!! <3 <3 <3 Kat
  6. Katharina Ritschl


    Haha, I got the same exact t-shirt!
  7. YES to posting unanswered questions in Teal Tribe...
  8. This theme has been popping up HARD over the last few days! Had a massive breakthrough 2 days ago and cried my face off when I watched the Houston Workshop recording, especially the part about SHAME. It hit me that I feel so ashamed of being "needy" - needing connection, attention, touch, cuddling - that I struggle to tell my boyfriend what I need straight up. This pops up especially when this need is NOT being met - ie. I ask him to stay over and he says he will be staying at his dad's. It brings up huge rejection and shame because I feel like HE can't meet my need if I don't TELL him my need, but I feel ashamed for having the need in the first place. After having a big cry and releasing a lot of it, I talked to him about it and talked to him about how my fear of rejection is tied so closely to my shame about my constant need for closeness. It was a very good talk :-) I look forward to you writing MUCH more on this subject, Teal! <3
  9. Awesome process and demostration of how cycling through the emotional levels works - thank you!
  10. I really loved that last question And the commitment to relationship issue was so, so fascinating!
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