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  1. Nadine

    It was an amazing session I had with Christine. I am very grateful because she guided me with expertise and so much warmth and understanding. She intuitively gave me all the presence an support I needed in order to step into a very traumatic experience. I felt very safe and seen. She held the space for me and offered me her beautiful help. She was so attuned to me that it was possible to go into that memory to its very own core that caused me a lot of pain all of my life. It was a rebirth, and all of the sudden the attachment I used to have was gone. It was magical. I could see how all of my relationship issues were linked to that core-belief/traumatic experience. By integrating and processing on it afterwards I could see and feel how those patterns have vanished. I am very grateful. Thank you, dear Christine.
  2. Nadine

    Andrea is one absolutely great practitioner, and I highly recommend her. I felt so comfortable and understood, she made me feel seen and loved. She guided me through such an amazing process, she has the ability to gently touch our deepest core beliefs, she takes them into her soft warm hands and gives them attention and unconditional love, but also she is your partner in „crime“ and gets the best out of you. She is there no matter what. I am very grateful.