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  1. That was quite lovely and for me exactly what I need to hear right now. "Heart as a gathering place" ... I love that. Thank you Ale.
  2. Name: Porgy Question: What happens to the energy of "protector self" and "vulnerable self" in a fragment after you heal the split? Does it simply merge together in synthesis or dissipate away? I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  3. Hi. How did you go through your core shame emotion? Was Teal the catalyst for you ... or was it something else ... by way of channeling perhaps? I have to say your last post was quite interesting to me. I enjoyed the malarkey comment too.
  4. As an architect I especially appreciate this one .... get busy creating!
  5. Wow, once again, Teal, you have nailed it with the astute observation about "changing" vs "coping". I am facing my buried fears and astounded at how natural it is to become free of old patterns. Thank you so much for your light.
  6. The train is a metaphor for movement and change, a vehicle to transport you from where you are to where you are going, leaving your baggage behind. As we contemplate what our individual train is I feel we should also contemplate destinations … points of light (no reference to George HW Bush). I feel points of light are local, underground, safe, community based and sustainably organized. We can’t all go to Teal’s place in Costa Rica. There’s not enough room. Nor should we need to. I feel the train can simply transport us from one part of town to another, literally, if the light we seek is that close. For others it will be a longer distance. I only want to suggest we focus on creating the points of light we are asking for. I feel those points of light are in the making now. All trains have their destinations.
  7. OK, what do I REALLY want? 1. I want my freedom in space, movement, thought and speech. 2. I want to be among like minded people - those who are spiritually awake and tuned in to source and self. 3. I want to participate in an alternative and progressive way of living. 4. I want to share with others what I have to offer in terms of knowledge, skills and wisdom. I want to share my light.