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  1. Yeiess

    If you think she is a fraud why are you even on this forum?
  2. Yeiess

    Yes, I know about that, I have been suffering from anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts because of it in the past. That's what I meant when I mentioned in an earlier post that these emotions come back sometimes, but not so serious, just flashes. I have been wondering though if I'm committed to life now or even what that looked like, because I haven't been feeling committed to life even if I don't have serious suicidal thoughts anymore. But I have been much more committed to how I feel though , even if I don't have been committed to "doing anything". That might be enough for the moment. Teal is uncovering the subconscious, and to be confronted with life/death topics might not be something that's recognized by the person, especially in front of hundreds of people in an workshop. We live in a physical world, but we have feelings and thoughts that need to be addressed as well. In this busy society we don't always know how our mind works. I think that Teal is picking up on deep despair, and to resolve that you need to get in to it to get out of it. I think that this is what she is trying to do by making people do some introspection to move through it, and going through it might look like having to decide. It can be a relief to actually go through that possess.
  3. Yeiess

    No, no! My choices was about life-choices: what kind of job, what kind of hobby, what city..Things like that. Not if I wanted to die or not. I can see how everyone was thinking that I was trying to decide to live or not. I'm sorry about that. But sometimes the feelings show up and I think everyone can relate to that. I want to live, but life is freakin hard!! Yes! Well, I agree with you! Thank you for your insights. You complemented my understanding of the topic :-)
  4. Yeiess

    Committing to life could mean as Mai-da above said; listen to your feelings as often as you can. I know all about feeling like everything is an effort, I feel you. If you feel like everything is an effort then stop doing it for a while. Right now I have chosen to be committed to not making any choices for a while. Just putting the breaks on. I'ts hard though, because my self-value have always been dependent on how much effort I am doing. Looking forward to see your other post <3
  5. Yeiess

    What a great answer! I have been committed to apathy for the longest time, but recently I chose not to choose for a while and it feels so much better! Even if being committed to life mean something else for someone else I really felt that this was a good take on it!! Thanx :-)
  6. Yeiess

    commitment to life. What does committing to life look like on an practical level? And what does not being committed to life look like? ....
  7. Yeiess

    Yes, I think.... I know... I have to let it go and look for it elsewhere but it's difficult when our realities (me and my parents) are so different. They expect me to be happy when I'm around them. I have stopped trying to talk to them. But sometimes I just need to put up some boundaries, and then I feel ashamed for not being able to love my parents and for being angry at them and because of that I don't feel like I deserve love elsewhere. So I can't ever win. So what do you mean when you say that you can't always get what you want but you get what you need? Can you give me an example on what that looks like for you?
  8. Negative imprint and famiily Should we stop expecting our parents to love us the way we want to be loved simply because they can`t love us the way we want them to because they were the people who brought us in to our negative imprint in the first place? And should we make it a rule to look for authentic love and understanding from other people than our family?
  9. Yeiess

    I had problems with my browser. Now I got video <3
  10. Yeiess

    I get sound, not videos. I can`t see any of the videos.