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  1. petrazbrna

    Self Love Course

    So happy for the course, been waiting for it and bought immediately. Its more than I dared to expected- I'm still at the first model, but boy - what a life changing one it is.
  2. Oh my goodness, what a year ahead! Super exciting and so spot on! 2009 indeed was a biggie for me, deciding and getting divorced. And already had decided to step up and make a blast. Thank you for these insights
  3. Super insightful and fascinating (and beautiful) blog. I do look at the world/ surroundings more attuned now, and seeing things deeper. So happy & grateful for the incredible workshop in Stockholm, shifted so much, and so more awareness. Much love http://www.gitagavare.com/
  4. petrazbrna

    Practical Self Love

    Yay! Im so excited! Finally a real self-love course, can't wait and thank you thousand times in anticipation for the course, Teal
  5. petrazbrna

    Bulldozing Resistance

    Thank you so much for this! This is a biggie, so it's great to know the tools to move forward
  6. petrazbrna


    Happiest of Birthdays to your son Wishing you all the most wonderful day ever.
  7. petrazbrna

    Money Issues

    Happy to see you are safely back home. And thank you for the great tip, have got the meditation already. Much love
  8. I enjoy reading and much appreciate your writings. Beautiful and educating, expanding my horizon. Sorry, you had that experience due to visa and grateful all ended well. Thank you for sharing
  9. petrazbrna

    You Are Me

    I am everything. This totally changes how I look at people from now on
  10. petrazbrna

    Weirdest Gift

    Hahaha! What an experience. Adore that painting, those colours and the lotus flowers <3
  11. petrazbrna

    Horse Riding Magic

    Lots of love to you Teal. The connection you describe you had with the horse is so beautiful. And I am glad that you had it, they helped you. And I know from watching horses on my sisters' farm, how much they also enjoy the ride, and being appreciated. Love animals too - I am just not got rider (I am too scared).
  12. I love this! Why not celebrate our bodies! I have been confused that new age spirituality shames having a body, grooming or dressing up. So, thank you for this update - celebrating the hell out of my body from now on. Lots of love, Gita
  13. petrazbrna

    Positive Suicide

    Thank you <3 This is the message I needed to hear and makes me feel that I am not lost.
  14. Great insight! Well explained and gives understanding about hate groups, can relate also to other hate groups around the world not only anti Teal's.
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