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  1. Name: stacy ( breeze) Question: I’ve NEVER lived “middle of the road “ However the vibrations that I align w @ these polarities leaves me too often solitary. I crave integral ENGAGING, CONNECTIONS! Help I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  2. Hi! Hi! hey check it out you two.... ....I am ALWAYS here if u want to talk! imaynot be the deepest or most mature gal ... ...but that’s ok with me! i really love who I am! ”warts , shadows and shadows WITH warts!” get in touch with me nne time! 💚, stace
  3. Teal! GeeezUs! Go skiing already would ya! ?, stace
  4. Teal. 3 words. " Hit the slopes.....!" ❤️, stace
  5. Amazing ECHOES of vibratory BALANCE already bouncing back to me! Call it a Universal "ping" if you will! Setting my ♥ felt INTENTION of not only making CostaRica one of my homes but engaging in a SUSTAINABLE RESONANCE of BLISS & VITALITY once I set up there by teaching and sharing SURFING (& other healing Ocean activities like rock running!) Reach me at bouncehouse3@gmail. thank you for sharing your VALUBLE resource links also! Stay Stoked! ☆♡nOw! ♥, stace
  6. ......thats why I put "home" in quotations..... A "home" is LIKE a "retreat"....a comfortable place to recharge ...and for respite...♡ ( to ME n e way!) ;]
  7. I understand Teal & Ale have a Spiritual "Home" in Costa Rica...'PHILIA' ! ( destined to be a sum if its whole.... ;] howz THAT for setting INTENTION! ♡☆♡
  8. it makes PERFECT sense.... "..... experience the freedom of a broad minded city without succumbing to the debauchery that other taboo embracing cities embody. It is like the light side of taboo instead of the dark side of taboo. "... my experience with Taboo activities/behaviors/perspectives, the DARK side of these aspects are PRIMARILY the by product of the attitudes toward them! Shadow aspect of the darkness in which LESS than authentic masks must be worn for participation in said manners. ( product of Guilt & Shame no? ) thank you Teal. <3 stacy
  9. ....want to "do" a cook book together? ( just put'n out a little forward thinking intention ! lol ) breeze. The Cooking Alchemist SanLuisObispo, CA.
  10. "'s "cook 'n " @ you kid......" the integrational healing that is taking place , is well worth experiencing some " exstistenually prevalent " contrast so your shock/freeze will "cease" to slow your flow gf! "Keep on Trucking"~ R.Crumb, artist.
  11. It's all a matter of " currency prospective " really.....60$ is nothing say to my parents...however the same $60 is 13% of my TOTAL monthly income. Now let's the the contrast in VALUE of the same 60$ set of me they are my parents....not so much! So, can currency prospective = value prospective......hmmmmmm.
  12. Deeply intense. Dramatic & Deliberate...and not surprisingly, very Fortifying & Devoting. Thank you Teal.
  13. Right on the $$!!! I was going to email " Ask Teal" re ?s about Regression Therapy and her thoughts on Disociative Disorder. The NEXT DAY ,when I went to do it Teal had just posted her vid on Suppressed / Regressed Memories! Blessed is her Light! This for me also, is not an isolated occurrence . ive had MANY, like several per day, of these syncretic vibrations. Heres the "rub" however, bc most of the circumstances of these matching frequencies finding each other are based on what I am learning/evolving to, are from the information/ insights Teal provides , my mind/ brain is working OVERTIME trying to make sense of it in the form of asking why/how and the SEQUENCE in which the results are produced! For example, did I think it therefor it happened?! Or are the simulartities and parallels I'm am experiencing NOW (only after discovering Teal in the present), related to the person on which my questions are based on? ( in this case a former lover). I swear the experiences I have had with her , and the outcome (or "symptoms" really), are a part of her ( my former gf)and are SO (loosely) rooted in the experiences Teal has had in her life! It is almost as if I am " living out " some of this vibrational synchronicity in two or more dimensional realities! Dont get me wrong, it is very enlightening , if not INVIGORATIVG , but like I said , my BRAIN is looking for answers....and it's exhausting . any thoughts?
  14. Wait....what!?!? i thought it was "f*ck the Law of Attraction!" ( jking! ) As always.....I am receptive to Teals " PRO spective"