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  1. This was awesome!! Loved the videography!
  2. I have been curious to know if you have seen Tully and, if so, what you thought about it?
  3. Awwww, Teal, you totally said 3 of my synchronicity words during this. Well, you do it almost all the time in your Ask Teal's, but this one hit me at a time that I really needed the smile. "Cotton Candy" has been the one that has been working with me the most lately. I friggin' love you !
  4. Jenna "LoveBubble" LaMere


    One more vote for MORE on Ancestral stuff!! Please please to an entire ASK TEAL episode on this!
  5. Teal, THIS is the biggest topic that occupies my mind and debilitates my life and relationships. I can see your pain in not being able to have the answer. So, of course, it is the topic and question I want answered more than anything else that I could think to ask you, so it makes me laugh. Ugh. I will try to have faith that the answer will come and take the pressure of it needing to come through you as a vessel. (Which is hard because I LOVE the way you explain EVERYTHING!) Once the answer is discovered, I am pretty certain it will become my personal life's work to help others with it b
  6. Wow, excellent blog! So informative and utterly heartbreaking to read. With all that you do, it is a wonder you have the energy to get out of bed every day. I will hold this vision in my heart along with you. <3 Thank you, Teal!
  7. THANK GOD!!! OMG, we SOOOOO need a full book/movie/doc/"Ask Teal" or something that explains all the Jesus and Christianity misunderstandings, and make it easily shareable and palatable for today's "Christians" to see, hear, and understand. Can I getta AMEN?!!! <3
  8. Graciela, I am so captivated by your smile! <3
  9. Awwwww, I love this! <3 I am so glad you have a friend like her and are gaining more and more all the time.
  10. I know everyone has been super busy with travel, so looking forward to this workshop being available! Loving shoulder tap.
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