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  1. CanadianGirl1991

    I resonate with how you feel and what you want/need in a friendship @AbsoluteWave . I would love to connect with you! And when you decide to do a real tribe meetup, I hope to be there! Sometimes it can be difficult to meet considering where we live on this planet where are you from?
  2. Hello! This is for tribe members in Toronto or near by! i have an extra ticket for the band WET. if you don't know who they are, I would suggest listening to "dead water by wet". Great female lead singer. I would describe them as indie pop. If any of you would are interested and would like to join me, send me. Message and/or comment on here! its this Sunday October 23 at 7pm
  3. CanadianGirl1991

    When you feel like a zombie and are shutting down, start to go into that feeling instead! And see where that takes you next. That zombie feeling Is a coping mechanism to keep you away from the underlying feeling. So follow the shutting down and see where that takes you next
  4. CanadianGirl1991

    Toronto workshop-Who's going? Hey! curious to know who's going to the workshop in Toronto on September 25? As well as the documentary on the 23rd? I'm staying in Toronto for a night and would like to meet people from the tribe for the first time! I know that there are two tribe events scheduled-one for Saturday and another Sunday! Dunno the times yet or places But if anyone would like to meet up at the workshop/documentary screening/wherever in Toronto let me know! I promise I'm friendly and not intimidating what so ever haha just interested in connecting with you guys
  5. CanadianGirl1991

    Mine is 5! I believe it's the theme of non conformist. Us 5's can be loners. I myself tend to enjoy doing mostly anything alone. My most difficult ability to master is letting people in and learning how to connect fearlessly! 5's like change better than routine. We enjoy new experiences. We are hard to settle down! if you know any other info about the life path of 5 if be happy to hear
  6. CanadianGirl1991

    I am sending you as many hugs as I can!! i can truly empathize with the way you are feeling, because I have been going through the same feeling this year. That desperately feeling of just wanting a hug, but unable to get one. i believe that hugs/being held can heal a lot of things!
  7. CanadianGirl1991

    Thanks for the cheese recommendation! that pizzadilla looks bomb!
  8. CanadianGirl1991

    What happened with the two men who met for the first time and are twin flames?! I believe it was teals last guest on her stage? The live stream has cut out bits in it. It is not there I am so curious!!! I want to know how the two men felt in that moment
  9. CanadianGirl1991

    @Garnet since I'm part Italian, I eat a lot of pasta, so I will def try nutritional yeast on it! And mmmm cashew cheese. I'll give it a try @Bjork I said no daiya!! Hahaha. But jk, I'll make an exception I have tried the daiya shredded marble cheese which was pretty good, so I will try the mozzarella next. Love quesadillas. @sugarplum I will find that cheese!
  10. @amy f oh wow! I'm from Canada, so quite a bittttt away lol. Well thank goodness for the Internet to connect
  11. CanadianGirl1991

    Hahaha yay I'm glad I'm not the only one this can relate to Oh wow thanks, I didn't know that group existed. I will ask on there and report back! i haven't tried a mozzeralla type of vegan cheese yet. I'll give it a try
  12. CanadianGirl1991

    Hello! i have yet to come across a good tasting vegan cheese that has a cheesy flavour and cheesy texture. I have tried Daiya products which I don't like at all. I have also tried earth island. I found it tasted similar to daiya and had that same 'plasticky weird sticks in your mouth' texture when heated. so if you know of any delicious cheese brands/products that would be lovely! Side note: I have also heard that nutritional yeast can be added to foods to give it a cheesy flavour? Is this true? Is it good? And if you have your own recipes for a vegan cheese please share
  13. Hi Amy! Wow reading your post.. Felt like I was reading my own thoughts at your age. I am now 24. I agree with the previous replies to your post, that self love and challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone little by little will truly help to overcome your fears and anxieties. I too feel alone at times as I am also looking to connect on a deep level with people. It feels rare sometimes to come across people who are willing to connect openly and deeply. It was brave of you to speak your mind on here. what part of the world are you from?
  14. CanadianGirl1991

    I completely agree with you here! Deep conversations really do feed the soul, the need for intimacy, and just overall feel good! I find I get that 'lonely' feeling when I haven't had a deep/meaningful conversation with someone for a while. I begin to feel disconnected
  15. You are right! I love the outdoors and try to be out as much as possible. That sounds amazing. What do you enjoy doing the most up there?