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  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    My name is Angel (yes that is actually my real name!!) and I have decided to be a community host for the state of Pennsylvania. Currently, I am located in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, in Walnutport. I am about 15-20 minutes away from Allentown. I only say this since I am just beginning to attempt the gathering and coordinating processes, and I needed you all to know that in the beginning, I will likely have to focus the majority of my efforts to begin this endeavor on this part of the state. BUT I am more than willing to ALSO begin to coordinate with others who are located in the middle of the state as well as the western part. So PLEASE don't feel like I am going to leave anyone in the state out just because of their location!! However, I do need some help from my fellow Pennsylvanians. I cannot host a community without people--without YOU!!! :) So, please contact me here as I will be checking in regularly so we can begin a community where we gather, share, go through Teal's Processes, books, etc. together, and where we can bond and create connections and relationships which will strengthen us and help us on our own respective and collective journeys. I am so excited to be participating at a higher level now, and am looking forward to bringing us together for fun, learning, growth, and expansion while fostering strong bonds and friendships with one another. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon, and also to meet all of you as well. 

    Many Blessings and MUCH Love to Us All, 

    ~Angel Caldwell~ :5761e0b45d018_EmojiSmiley-08:

    1. TarotJourney


      Hi There!  Glad to see you!  I do reiki, and I love it.  Obviously, I love Teal Swan too.  Hope to hook up with you!  I have done the process, and have had some success.  It would be fun to do it with others.  There's always so much to learn and grow with.  

      I  support the community idea.  What can I do to help?

      Take good care and hope to hear back from you soon.  I don't know if this will generate an email to notify me, lets see!