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  1. MorganMellas

    Hi Everyone! Of course, I would love for us all to coordinate and create an event. I am in the process of moving house in the next few weeks. I would be able to host a gathering in Calabasas in late June if we want to create something there. Majin, I would be happy to chat about CP! Please reach out to me through xx Best wishes, M
  2. Gathering with kids and healthy food! Hello Everyone! I would love to connect and create a regular gathering--perhaps every month or every other month--to have a healthy potluck dinner with children. I have a desire to create a group where the children grow up and play together and the adults love and support one another. I would love to connect with like minded people! Please reach out to me! More about me: Hi! I'm Morgan Rose ( I have two young daughters, two pups and a fiancé ( I am a Functional Medicine practitioner, Metaphysical Anatomy facilitator and Completion Process facilitator. We practice Hand in Hand parenting. I would LOVE to create a community of like minded people where the children can grow up together and the adults can love and support one another. Please reach out to me via email or via Facebook: I would love to create healthy dinner/potluck gatherings. We live in Calabasas in the surrounding Los Angeles, California area. We're happy to travel!