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  1. Uncertainty...This is exactly how I feel... the referendum has divided the country, just like the Scottish referendum did. The latter even created huge arguments within families. Sometimes democracy turns out to be divisive... Most people I know are saddened and shocked by this result. The campaigns for and against Brexit were confusing and indeed polarised. Most people had no chance of understanding the impact of leaving the EU, especially those living outside of London. Triggered mostly by fears over immigration, leave voters just about clinched it. Immigration has its pros and cons: I cherish living in a multi-cultural society - this is what makes this country so awesome! However, I can also see the pressures population growth is creating (+500,000 last year alone, with 330,000 from net migration, just over half of which came from outside the EU and in the last 10 years it has grown by 5 million - and that rate is not sustainable). Economically (and politically) the UK is likely to be in turmoil for a very long time, creating a lot of anxiety and feeling of uncertainty. Thank you for the video! We will need it - and not just in the UK! <3 By the way, as an EU citizen and UK resident for nearly 29 years I wasn't allowed to vote myself. However, Australians staying here for much shorter time could have voted!!
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